December 13, 2017 News

Birthdays: December 13, Rosemarie Schwindt, Janice Rein, Cory Malloy, Krisopher Taylor, Kassi Taylor, Christina King; December 14, Garrett McCormick, Rachel Irvin; December 15, Nancy Wiebe, Treva Bergquist, Sonya Conner, Carla Rodeman, Colby Chestnut, Holly Gilbert; December 16, Tammy Sewell, Mac Hayes; December 17, Linda Dale; December 18, Anna Cooley.

No anniversaries:

Paul (Whitey) Moses, 91, passed away Saturday December 2, 2017 in San Antonio Texas. He was born August 15, 1926 in McCracken, Kansas the son of Garrett (Peck) and Pearl Mullins Moses. Funeral services were held Saturday December 9, 2017 at the Mission Park Chapel South, San Antonio.

On December 5th, Ellinwood Grade School held their annual Christmas concert. It was a cute skit with the lower classes doing a pajama "night before Christmas" and the 5th and 6th graders doing a traveling Christmas vacation to different states wearing different attire for that state. Quintin Elias is a 5th grader and he was going to Texas for Christmas wearing his cowboy hat and boots. Attending was Ty Elias, Dennis and Jeannie Elias, Carolyn and Dave Davenport, and Tina and Danny Fisher.

When Callie Weber worked in the library, she and Ruth Crawshaw pulled the old library cards in the books that were discarded; she gave me one that had the names but no date except the last one: “Now We Are Six-Milna”, those who read: Genola Suher, JoAnn Ryan, Beverly VanWinkle, Dr. Spomer, Dicky Shiney, Lawrence Morris, Bobby Roughton, Junior Spomer, Goldie Higgins, Blanch Pratt, Miss Lovitt, Mr. Shiney, Orin Webster, Reva Rodeman, Cheryl Davis, Lynette Legleiter 11-3-65.

If you have not driven around town to observe the Christmas lights, please do so. Tessa Jacobs’s home looks like a gingerbread house, Janet and Harold Herdman have their wonderful decorations on their house; they aren’t the only ones who have decorated. The City Park was decorated by Mark McCormick, Layne Morgan, Scott Keener, and Chris Ault, a good job guys!!

Johnny Mac and Richard Showalter beat Lance McCormick and Kevin Anderson in a game of golf played Saturday, December 10, 2017 at McCracken Golf course, temperature 65*!

Bob Funk was featured in an article in the December Kansas Country Living magazine. It featured the Dirt King tricycle, designed in the late 1970’s. In 1983 Bob Funk and Jim Funk (not related) purchased Midwest Contracting and added it to their business. There is an excellent picture of Bob in the magazine.

McCracken Town Team Baseball (Cont’d):

In May of 1907, McCracken joined the Wheat Belt League. The league was made up of teams from Geneseo, Claflin, Bushton, Hoisington and Bison. Cost for game admission was 25 cents or 35 cents for a double header. Unfortunately, very few records were found in order to include specific games or individual play performances of those early teams during the 20’s and 30’s. Following the war, young men were anxious to return to the diamond and local fan support peaked during the 1947-49 seasons. Booster trips were taken to area towns such as Alexander, Brownell, and LaCrosse. Fans followed one another in their cars, and upon arriving advertised weekend tournaments to be played in McCracken. Local booster ads for the 1947 season included: McCracken Implement Co.; Dell Klema’s Locker and Grocery; May—Anne Dress Shop, Polly Doerr; Beer and Cold Drinks; Anderson Brothers, M & M Dealership; Gertie’s Café, Gertruce Brackney; Citizens State Bank; Whitis Confectionery, Vic and Tillie Whitis; Farmers Co-op Business Association. Players were outfitted with jackets embroided with McCracken on the back. In 1948 the Western Central Kansas League was formed with teams from Hays, Loretto, Ness City, McCracken, Russell, Odin, Wakeeney and Damar. McCracken’s town team was led by manager, Syl Scheideman, and talented players named Irvin and Foster joined forces with a band of new outstanding ball players; Conner, McGaughey, Higgins, Dome, Younkin, Gilkinson and Dennison. These players became synonymous with the golden age of baseball in McCracken. The final standings ofPostseason local All-Stars in the 1948 season included: Fred Foster – catcher; Paul Gilkinson – right field; Glenn Conner – infielder; Chet Irvin – utility player; Frank McGaughey; 1st base; William Rice – left field; Dale Younkin – pitcher. (cont’d)


Patricia Petz:

My week began at the La Crosse High School subbing in the Government and History cl;asses.  I enjoy watching the CNN10 news with the students as they learn so much about things that are happening in their daily lives.

Monday evening a group of us ladies met at Tracy's, had supper, and then we met at the Parish Center and made rosaries.   Because of the holiday season, we will not meet again until the first Monday of February.  I usually make many rosaries in the evenings, so it will be neat to see how many I can make by then.  

I was able to spend Tuesday at home as I began wrapping some of my Christmas presents.  Although I love buying Christmas presents, I have a tendency to put the task of wrapping the presents off.  I love watching my grandchildren unwrap their presents, so I guess it's worth the challenge that I must meet. 

Wednesday began early as I was called in to sub again at the high school.  It's always a challenge to get ready and get to school on time when you receive a call early in the morning.  Mom and I decided to eat supper at Tracy's before I headed home for the evening.

I was up bright and early on Friday to attend mass, as it was a holy day of obligation.  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception according to the Catholic Church, is the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary free from original sin by virtue of the unforeseen merits of her son, Jesus Christ and is celebrated on December 8th. 

I'm having an early Christmas with my family on the 23rd of December, so I decided to make bierocks ahead of time.  This is usually a several hour process, so I began making the bierocks after I returned home from mass.

Later that afternoon, I headed to Hays to set up at the Big Creek Crossing Mall for my last show of the year.  It will be nice to have some weekends off and not be in a hurry to travel some where as a vendor.  

The Holiday shopping event was well attended not only by 40+ vendors, but also by customers who wanted to find that extra special item for themselves or for family and friends.  It was one of the nicest shows that I've seen held at the Mall.  There were several other vendors from Rush County who attended this event, and of course my mom was a tremendous help to me throughout the day.  

Sunday morning, mom and I attended mass at St. Michael's and then we decided to try a new restaurant that I had heard about.  Although it was several miles from La Crosse, we would strongly recommend "Made From Scratch" in Wilson.  On Sunday's they provide a buffet filled with salad, DELICIOUS  fried chicken, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, and fresh homemade rolls.  There were about ten different homemade pies and homemade ice-cream to choose from, however, mom and I were unable to try any desert because we were too full. Give them a visit when you are in the area!  

After leaving Wilson, we traveled to Hays so that I could work on completing some Christmas wishes.  I invited my grandson, Kameron Petz, to meet with me so we could find his special gifts.  Sometimes it's much wiser to let your grandchildren pick out what they want ahead of time!  After stops were made at several stores, mom and I headed home so that we could get ready for our busy week that is ahead of us.  May your days be filled with much happiness as you prepare for the reason for the season.  God Bless! 

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