November 29, 2017 News

Birthdays: November 29, Doug Higgins, Tanner Yohe, Arky McNair, Sheri Turner Mills, Sharla Schwien; November 30, Arlyn North, Olivia Anderson, Diane McNair; December 1, Carter Higgins; December 2, Terry Herdman, Marilyn Sommers, Ashlin Rogers, Vern Showalter; December 3, Trevor Steinert; December 4, Mike McCormick, Rashell Mills, Bobby Mills, Jeannie Grimme, Sofia Foster; December 5, Kathy Tomlinson, Mason Weber.

Anniversaries: November 29, Roy and Phyllis Conrad, Fred and Mary Anne Taylor.

Those helping with mass on Saturday night at St. Mary's were Twila Higgins and Michele Moran, preparers for mass; Roy Conrad, sacristan and server, Faith Sharing group, rosary, Michele Moran, singing, Jason Moran and Paul Pavlu, collections, Twila Higgins and Angela Murray, gifts. It was a delight to see Louise and Kathleen (Rourke ladies) and families come as a group. A special thanks to Father Eric. We wished him a Happy Birthday. Our senior parishioner, Arline Rues, was also with us. Mark your calendar for the next mass which will be held on December 30 at 6:00 p.m. with Father Eric.

The funeral for Donna and Harley North will be December 1 in Ellis at the United Methodist Church.

Arlene Gilbert, Marlene Funk, Anita Butler, Carolyn Thompson and Don and DeAnna Bergquist attended the funeral of Lydia Schoenberger at WaKeeney on Wednesday. She was the mother of Verlene Wilson.

Val Musselman, 101, died November 20, 2017 at Ransom. She and her late husband Paul, operated an upholstery business in Brownell.

Reginald M. “Diz” Washaliski, Jr. died Wednesday, November 22 at Locust Grove in LaCrosse. He was a State Farm agent in LaCrosse and Ness City and a farmer/rancher in Ness County.

Thanksgiving dinner guests of Roberta Wierman was Rita Brethowr-Park City, George & Marilyn Sommers-Silver Lake. On Saturday, Nov 25 they motored to Salina for thanksgiving dinner with Ray, Laura, Jerrod, Jennifer Wierman of Bennington, Elliott Schrader of Salina,  Cindy Wierman of Olathe, Jill, Brayden & Hailey Herschbach of Liberty, MO & Shane, Jill, Ivan & Tessa Brethowr of Olathe.

Mary Jane Kaminieniecki, Manning, Alberta, Canada writes that she recently returned home from the hospital in Edmonton, after having a pacemaker put in. Besides the pacemaker she spent an extended length of time in Edmonton for bladder cancer surgery and chemo. It has been a trying year, no rain and the grasshoppers were 4 to 6 inches thick on the ground. They ate up 40 acres of canola and wheat. They had to sell 250 cattle due to the lack of rain and the dried up pastures. For extra income, their son started a hunting business. Many of the hunters come from Germany and Austria. They hunted bears, wolves, deer and moose. She and her husband Ted celebrated 56 years together on October 28. We pray she will be better in the new year.

Curt and Kelly McNair, Travis and Alice McNair, friends Jason and Roy, Nick, Cindy and Evan, all of Colorado were pheasant weekend guests of Arky and Diana McNair.

Guests of Patrick & Angela Murray Thanksgiving Day was Mary McCormick, Hoop & Twila Higgins, Rob & Helena McGaughey, Richard & John Showalter. Good food & lots of laughs

Guests of Diane McFarren Friday were Helena and Rob McGaughey, Amanda Showalter and family, Jason, Jessica Showalter and family, Johnny Mac and Richard Showalter.

Phil Ochs, Charlotte Ochs, Arky & Diana motored to Ransom Thanksgiving Day where they enjoyed lots of good food.

Visiting Roy and Phyllis Conrad from Lake City, Ark. was Terence, Jamie and their 5 year old daughter Amber Sky. Also for Thanksgiving dinner was Rhonda Allen, Precious ( the dog), Karen Matal and Randy Conrad. .

Calling on Sunday from Jetmore was Crystal Hovey and daughter Ali Thompson. David and Ali Thompson had a new baby boy born to them on November 26. His name is Asa George. Never heard the name Asa before. What a cutie!

Roxene and J.W. were Thanksgiving guests of Jean Schutte.

Thanksgiving dinner guests of Roberta Wierman were Rita Brethowr-Park City, George & Marilyn Sommers-Silver Lake. On Saturday, Nov 25 they motored to Salina for Thanksgiving dinner with Ray, Laura, Jerrod, Jennifer Wierman of Bennington, Elliott Schrader of Salina, Cindy Wierman of Olathe, Jill, Brayden & Hailey Herschbach of Liberty, MO & Shane, Jill, Ivan & Tessa Brethowr of Olathe.

Jeff and Anita Butler hosted the Wilson clan for Thanksgiving dinner. Beautiful day to move the chairs outside and visit while watching the traveling bocce ball game being played. Enjoying the visiting was Bob and Marlene Funk, Shari Funk, Babe and Arlene Gilbert, Brett Gilbert, Mike and Kelly Weber, Levi White, Mason Weber with her fiancé Dakota Coates and cousin Shelbie Weber, Mike's mom, Judy Weber, Clayton and Kizmin Wilson with Gunner, Isylee and Presley, and Verlene Wilson. Bryan and Treva Bergquist with Audra joined us a bit later.

Guests of Priscilla Jacobs for Thanksgiving were Neal, Amy, Mitchell, Sandra, James, Joy, Chad, Crystal, Anton, Kaden, Virgil and Lou Windholz.

Ty and Quintin Elias traveled to Hutchinson on Thursday to have Thanksgiving with Carolyn and Dave Davenport. The nice weather allowed everyone to go to the Dillon Nature Center in the afternoon to check out all the new additions they have added. Ty and Quintin took in the early morning Black Friday shopping at Walmart (Quintin's favorite store).

Guests of Shirley for Thanksgiving were Chuck, Zach, Jerry, Jodi, Tanner, Jenna, Lindsey Tacha, Teresa Lovitt, John, Tammy, Kyra and Bryant. The girls put up the Christmas lights outside and the tree inside. .

This is hard to believe for November 23!! Mitchell Jacobs and crew went fishing Thanksgiving afternoon and caught a ‘bunch’.!!!Saturday Shirley motored to Russell to visit with John, Tammy, Courtney, Cameron, Elliott and (dog) Wrigley He is a keeper, the baby that is.

Friday Hoop and Twila spent the day in Lakin with Rich and Mary Lou Higgins. Jake and granddaughter Hayley Robertson, Carly and Coy, Wheatland, Wy were there visiting with the Higgins’.

Doug Higgins was in Topeka Saturday to do his sports broadcasting for Hutch Radio covering the Bishop Meige and Andale playoff football game.

Funeral services will be held for Reginald M. (Diz) Washaliski Saturday, December 2 at the Lutheran Church in LaCrosse. A luncheon will be held at 3:00 in Rush Center.

Those from Kansas City hunting here this week-end were Pete, John and Jeff Jennings, John Paulakovich, John Upton, Larry Golubski. Jeff cooked some great ham and beans and invited me to come across the street, he is a good cook.

Thanksgiving guests of Layne and Kerri Morgan were Pat Derr, Debi Rogers, Allen and Bailey Morgan and family, Michael and Jerridy Morgan and family, Zach and Katlyn Unruh and family, Angela, Jake and Laynee Jo.


Patricia Petz:

The weeks seem like they keep getting busier and busier.  Monday was spent in Hays getting car repairs taken care of and doing some Thanksgiving shopping.  I was also able to spend the evening with my grandson Nicholas and his girlfriend Kylee Fall.  We had supper at Gutierrez's and then Nick had to show me his new apartment.  He had it so nicely decorated with his Christmas tree already up and many festive decorations.  I always enjoy spending time with Nick!  

Many people from the McCracken community enjoyed Tuesday evening together by playing BUNCO.  I even won a nice surprise by having the most Buncos.  We usually bring a light snack to share and I was able to get an awesome recipe from Pat Derr for no bake cookies.  They were a hit at Thanksgiving. 

My mom, Mary Steitz, was a real angel by hosting the Thanksgiving day dinner and supper at her house.  She was up early preparing the turkey and dressing. Trent and Angie Timson and their family, Tyler, Drake, and Grant, arrived for lunch.  Then for supper many others joined us.  We had Kelly and Melanie Petz and their family, Nathan, Nicholas and his girlfriend, Kylee, Kallynn, and Kameron, De.Wayne and Vicky Foos, and Jeremy and Lisa Foos and their family Cody and Morgan.  It was a house full, but God blessed us with a beautiful day for the kids to play outside.  

Since Angie had to be back to work on Friday, she headed back to McPherson after supper and Trent and the boys came home with me for the weekend.  While Trent and the boys looked for good hunting areas mom and I headed for Hays to go Black Friday shopping.  We picked up many things that the kids had pointed out that they wanted for Christmas.  Our car was full when we got back to La Crosse. As I understand, mom still had enough energy to make it to the Christmas Kick-off held at Grass Park. She was disappointed that she didn't win any cash as most of her family members did. Angie made the trip out to the farm after she finished working in McPherson to join us for the rest of the weekend.

As the year winds down and I only have three more shows to go, I had to leave early Saturday morning to set up for the 17th Annual Christmas Bazaar in Wakeeney. It was so nice to visit with Verlene Wilson. I hadn't seen her for such a long time.    After the show ended, Trent and Angie and the boys met me at the fairgrounds and helped me carry out my supplies.  Then we headed to main street where they had their annual Christmas Tree-Lighting ceremony.   Of course there wasn't any snow on the ground, so Santa arrived on a horse and carriage.  The boys really got excited when they saw him.  We were joined by Christi Schneider and her friend Tracy and his son Joeby.  Then we motored to Hays to eat at Gella's.  After a full tummy and lots of visiting, my body was really feeling tired.  I was so glad when we made it home. 

Trent and Drake and their dogs, Tessa and Bella, went hunting on Saturday and Sunday.  They got quite a few pheasants and quail.  I'm glad that Trent new how to clean them because I certainly don't! Sunday afternoon, Angie, Grant, and I went to Grandma Dolores's house to visit with her.  It was such a nice weekend and I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  We are all truly blessed!

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