November 22, 2017 News

Birthdays: November 22, Gracie Tomlinson, Tyler Seltmann; November 23, Martin Shapiro, Blayke Mintner; November 24, Cory Betz, Seth Packard; November 25, Lorenzo Sabatini, Stacey Schkoda, Robby Anderson (Shane's); November 26, Terri Cox, Ted North, Richard Showalter, Brian Walker, Faith Desbein, Father Eric Gyamfi; November 27, Cody Prossser, Opal Mills; November 28, Amy Jacobs.

Anniversaries: November 25, Dave and Sharla Albers; November 28, Bob and Paulette Thompson.

St. Mary's Catholic Church in McCracken will have Mass at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 25. The mass is for Spencer Ryan Higgins, son of Lennie Higgins. Father Eric Gyamfi will be the celebrant. All are welcome.

Kathryn Kochenower celebrated her 104th birthday. She is the grandmother of Lynn Kochenower. Kathryn recently had two surgeries, a gall bladder surgery and then was in ICU until they could remove stones not removed in the other surgery. She is recuperating in Richmond Nursing Home and when she is stronger will return to her home in Ottawa.

It was nice to see Gerald Crotinger in Walmart. He has moved from Great Bend to Hays.

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A fried pheasant, rabbit were served with mashed potatoes and homemade gravy by John and Roy Langdon Thursday evening at Roy’s home in McCracken. Those attending were John Brown, Mike Conner, Shirley Higgins, Tracy Bryan, Christi Schneider, Clarence Morris and Jim Weaver.

Bob Fear returned home Friday after spending considerable time in Wichita for surgery; in Wilson for therapy. While in Wilson, Albert and Gary Sam Oller were visitors.

We congratulate Addie Kershner on becoming a Kansas Jayhawk. She received a scholarship for rowing next year. Rock Chalk.........

If you want to spend your wheat and milo $$, you may buy a 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster for $460,247.

I read this in the Hutch News, Opinion by Jim Schinstock entitled: Ever Wondered why.......Stuffed eggs are called “deviled eggs”? When they were first introduced, they were covered with pepper so hot they reminded people of the fires of hell. Soft drinks are sometimes referred to as “pop”? Carbonated soft drinks were originally sold in bottles with corks. When the cork was removed, pop!

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History Notes

December 1946: McCracken high school basketeers defeated the LaCrosse High School five here Friday night 24-18. The game was slow with only 12 field goals being scored by both teams. McCracken seconds also defeated the Leopards 17-12. McCracken Grade School Midgets won a game from Ransom Friday with a score of 35-9. The Regulars won 25-19. The unveiling of the Serviceman’s Plaque was held at the grade school auditorium. It lists 148 servicemen who took part in World War II. The plaque was sponsored and bought by the New Era Club and was assisted by the American Legion. A.F. Donecker was in charge of the ceremony. It will hang in the post office lobby. Six gold stars names on the plaque were those of Gilbert Campbell, Walton Gilbert, Harley Janke, Francis Lovitt, Glen Gordon and Eugene Davis. The *’s represent killed in action;

Jan 1947: Rush County still has nearly two hundred men in uniform. With Vernon Kisner leading the way with 20 points, Schoenchen high school’s basketball team defeated McCracken 40-28 in a REN league game Friday night. Tied for runner-up in scoring were Dome of Schoenchen and Shiney of McCracken, each with 10 points, followed by Thompson with 9.


Patricia Petz

Here it is... the middle of November with so many things to do and so many places to go before the holidays begin to make things seem even more hectic!  My busy week started on Wednesday as I subbed at the La Crosse Elementary Building.  I had fun working with all of the different students and enjoyed seeing the many teachers that work at LES.  After school, I stopped by to visit with my mom, Mary Steitz, and then headed to the farm to visit with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz.  After nice visits from both of these ladies, I headed home to make more rosaries for our military personnel.

There can't be any more fun than seeing your grandchildren and having them introduce you to their teachers.  Mom and I left Thursday morning to head for the Lincoln Elementary School in McPherson.  They were celebrating "Grand Parents Day" Thursday afternoon.  Drake Timson, son of Trent and Angie Timson, had invited his grandmothers down to visit his second grade classroom.  Drake is so lucky to not only have his grandmother, but also his great-grandmother, Mary Steitz to partake in this special event.  We met Drake in the Library where he was choosing some of his favorite books to read and then we followed his class to recess.  When we finally made it to his classroom we each received a very nice poster from Drake.

Everyone should visit a preschool classroom and see how the small children are so busy learning and having fun with their teachers and classmates. Grant, who is now 4 years old, attends the preschool at Lincoln Elementary and I was able to help out Friday morning in his classroom. Thanksgiving stories, Legos, play dough designing, singing and dancing, and recess seemed to fill our morning. They are definitely very busy youngsters as they are all different unique individuals.  

Friday afternoon, Grant, mom, and I set out for Salina to set up for the annual See & Sell Craft Show which is sponsored by the Girl Scouts. It was held at the former Bicentennial Center, which is now called "Tony's Pizza Events Center."  When a Show starts at 8:00 in the morning, it is always easier to set up the day before.  I didn't know how successful we would be setting up with a 4 year old, but things went pretty smoothly!  

Saturday morning came very early for mom and I as we traveled from McPherson to Salina. The Show was a huge success with many vendors and lots of people to spend the day at the Events Center.  The Show ended at 4:00 and shortly after, the Timson family arrived to help mom and I load the car as we had to head for Russell that evening.  By 7:00, we were once again unloading the van for another show at the Russell Fairgrounds.  The Zeta Mu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi were hosting their 45th Annual Christmas Holiday Show. Needless to say, we were both exhausted when we finished setting up and headed for a relaxing evening at the Fossil Creek Inn.  

Mom and I enjoyed a much slower pace at the Russell Craft Show on Sunday.  There were many vendors with different holiday displays and customers that enjoyed doing some holiday shopping.  Once we were finished with the show, we headed for Hays to pick up a few things for next week as we prepare for our Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Mom and I were blessed with such an amazing week and we'd like to wish all of you a very "Happy Thanksgiving." 

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