November 15, 2017 News

Birthdays: November 15, Aaron Hale; November 16, Adam Taylor, Twilla Grumbein, Robert Thompson, Sr., Emma Rues, Kevin Miller; November 17, Layne Morgan, Hailey Herschbach, Brayden Herschbach; November 19, Madeline Petz, Jennifer Anderson ; November 20, Bruce Barnes, Verlene Wilson, Lance McCormick, Ellen Moran, Micheala Ehrlick, Marietta Kirk, Marjorie Sloan; November 21, Sandy Gilbert.

Anniversary: November 16, Richard and Corrine Baldwin.

Mulu Bannister and Katelyn Engel were cast members in the musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame performed by Hays High School last weekend.

Judy Hugh and Carolyn Thompson attended the musical Oklahoma at Ellsworth High School on Sunday afternoon. Susan Keith was a pianist for the performance. Shannon Keith and Mike Keith also attended.

Susan Rebel and Carolyn Thompson attended the Dominican Bazaar at Great Bend on Saturday morning.

The breakfast on Saturday morning for the Veterans and their families was delicious. Our thanks to all the Methodist ladies for the food and decorations. Thanks again for the service rendered by our Veterans.

The town was full of pheasant hunters this past weekend, but the misty weather was uncomfortable They did have the opportunity to visit and have good food at the Firemen's Feed. It also slowed down the milo harvest.

The hamburger feed sponsored by the McCracken Volunteer Fire Department Saturday evening was a success. John VanMeter was the winner of the 17 caliber Savage rifle; Garrett Hernandez was the winner of the T Daniel Boone Green Mountain Traeger. Congratulations to both of the ‘fellas’ for participating in the raffle.

Hoop and Twila Higgins went to Lakin Saturday for the week-end and attended Pheasants Forever Banquet. They were guests of Rich and Mary Lou Higgins. Their grandson, Luke Higgins from Rock Springs, Wyoming spent the week with them.

The week end found quite a few hunters in our village. Roy and John Langdon, Columbia, Missouri; Gary Stark and his crew from Kansas City; Jeff Jennings and his friends also from Kansas City were here.

Grandson Luke Higgins from Rock Springs, Wyoming spent the week with Twila and Hoop Higgins.

History Notes

Sept 1946: Schools all over Rush County seem to have larger-than-ever enrollments, according to reports coming into the office of H. Manahan, County superintendent. Alexander high school has an enrollment of 43; grade school 67; LaCrosse high school 189; grade school 190; St. Michael’s grade school 105; McCracken high school 34 and grade school 94. Harvey Manahan, 56, superintendent of schools or Rush County died suddenly at his home in LaCrosse on Tuesday.

October 1946: Bazine high school is dropping out of the REN league and has become a member of the Ness County activities league. Orville Young, LaCrosse, has been appointed Rush County superintendent of schools to complete the term of H. Manahan. Bison high school has cancelled its remaining football games for this season because it doesn’t have enough players to make a team. November 1946: The annual cost per pupil in all Rush County schools for the 1945-1946 term amounted to $150.82; McCracken’s basketball players for the coming season are John Elmore, Jimmy Higgins, Warren Irvin, Donald Greenway, Richard Shiney, Willard Thompson, Wayne Irvin, Tony Schliitter, Robert Thompson, William Spomer, Kenneth and Duane Brackney, Julius Unrein, Calvin Wilson; More changes in school district boundaries are being made this week by the School District Re-organization Committee as they began ‘working’ on schools in the central and eastern part of Rush County.


Patricia Petz

Things usually get very hectic around the holiday season, but it appears to be getting more hectic sooner than ever. I began Monday morning by subbing at the La Crosse High School.  I had a fun day working with the students in the Math Department.  After school, Mom and I met with a group of ladies at Sub and Sodas for a nice evening meal and then we were all off to the Parish Center to make rosaries for the military.  When we make the rosaries for the military, they have to be all black or brown.  They're not the prettiest colors, but that is what they have requested. 

I'd like to wish a Happy Anniversary to my brother, De.Wayne and his wife Vicky.  They celebrated their 43rd Anniversary on Thursday.  I hope they are blessed with many more happy years together. 

I substituted at the Elementary Building on Thursday.  It was nice to see all of the students that I worked with as it had been awhile since I had seen them.  After school, I headed home so that I could do a little housekeeping as my son-in-law, Trent, was coming out to do some pheasant hunting.  I heard that he was able to get a few birds this trip!  I'm sure that made him happy as well as his two dogs that he brought along.

On Friday morning, Mom and I were able to attend a mass for Danny at St. Michael's Church.  Father Eric was the pastor and there was a nice attendance for the mass, so Dan should have received many prayers offered up for him. 

Later in the afternoon, Mom and I were off to McPherson to see Angie and the boys.  Angie had some nice homemade chicken and noodle soup waiting for us and then we had a nice evening playing with the boys, Drake and Grant. 

Saturday morning came very early for mom and I as we set off for the 2017 Prairie Patch Craft Show in Gypsum, Kansas (Southeast of Salina).  It was an amazing show!  There were three gym floors filled with unique crafts from many different vendors.  I failed to pick up a brochure, but I heard that they had over 200 vendors.  They use the money that they earn to support and help their school with many different projects throughout the year.  Bob and Lynn Litson from La Crosse, also had a booth with his unique leather craft works. When we got back to McPherson, Angie and the boys along with mom and I went to Golden Dragon for supper.  They have a nice buffet if you ever are around the McPherson area. 

On Sunday morning, Mom and I attended mass at St. Joseph's Church in McPherson.  Father Hien is such a joyous priest who always brings gladness to your heart.  He reminded us that throughout this month of November, that we are to pray for all souls in our daily prayer and especially at Holy Mass.  May all the faithful departed, especially those among our families, friends, and in our parishes, inherit the eternal life of heaven where we all hope to be with God and with them forever in perfect peace, joy and happiness. 

Angie had heard of a great pasta restaurant in Newton, so after church we were off for lunch. Tyler, as well as Drake and Grant were able to join us for lunch today. Mom and I left for home shortly after we returned to McPherson. Unfortunately, mom caught a cold from all of the cool air so I hope she's able to recover quickly.  She really pushed herself this week with all of her cleaning and other duties that she had to accomplish before she set out with me.  Mom's are great, but my mother, Mary Steitz, is one AWESOME lady! 

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