October 18, 2017 News

Birthdays: October 18, Stacy Moran, Michael Harp, Linda Kenyon; October 19, Frank Littler, Casey Shaw, Pat Miles; October 20, Larry Buster, Kyra Reece; October 21, Cindy Petz, Kevin Casey, Brady Whitis, Sonny Showalter, Angela Murray, Chris Ault; October 22, Kevin Anderson (Shane's); October 23, Terri Everhart, Brandon Mills, Donna Hill, Stephanie Anderson, Mary Peach; October 24, Doug Keady, Aiden Anderson.

Anniversaries: October 21, Aaron and Lesley McGaughey; October 23, Josh and Hannah Enslow.

Welcome to the McCracken Family Fall Fest from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 21 at the McCracken Grade School.

Our sympathy to the family of Mildred Sauer who died on her 92nd birthday, October 12, 2017. Mildred's connection with McCracken is that she was the office nurse for Dr. James Makinson which was located in the McCracken Hotel. The office opened in December 1947.

Bryan, Treva and Audra Bergquist and Verlene Wilson, were hosts to friends at the KSU-TCU football game in Manhattan on Saturday. Luckily they were in a suite so didn't get wet during the event, however, those who tried to go to the RV misjudged and were drenched. It was neat to meet Shannon Schmidt of Ellis. Her husband Dick used to be the manager of the elevator here in McCracken.

Our Main Street McCracken Literary Society met Tuesday. Those attending were Priscella Jacobs, Kathy Holopirek, Ruth Crawshaw, Anita Butler, Susan Rebel, Carolyn Thompson and Shirley Higgins. Kathy read three fascinating books, one of which was about the sending back to Mexico of immigrants during the Hoover Administration. That also happened during the Eisenhower Administration.

Shawn McKinney had a stint put in due to some heart problems this week. He is home and is doing fine. He will be on medication.

Darin Murray had a double wammy this weekend. He watched both KSU and the Chiefs lose.

Glad Allie Ault is home after her back surgery. What a way to to end a vacation to Mexico!

Al and Judy Hugh were in Wichita for the weekend to visit family, Wanda Luft, Deb and Joyce Luft. They enjoyed going out for a seafood dinner.


Patricia Petz

Columbus Day, which is on the second Monday of October remembers Christopher Columbus' arrival to the Americas on October 12, 1492. Columbus Day has become a federal government holiday where a lot of different agencies are closed.  Since my daughter, Angie, did not have to work at Emprise Bank on Monday, she invited me to come down to McPherson and spend the day with her.  After we picked up her son, Grant, from preschool we headed to Salina for lunch.  We enjoyed our lunch at Red Lobster along with Angie's friend and her mother.  The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping and looking for Halloween costumes for the boys.  Grant is planning on dressing up as a Minion and Drake will be some kind of scary monster. 

I left McPherson on Tuesday morning as soon as the boys headed off to school.  Then I headed to the La Crosse High School to help out at the Library.  The Central Kansas Library Association was helping the school pull books that were older, damaged, or needing to be pulled. That evening, mom and I had suoper together at Tracy's.

Friday was another day back at the High School to help with the students during several different English classes.  I was able to learn several new words that are not used in my daily vocabulary. A very nice challenge! Later that evening mom and I had supper at Tracy's.

Saturday came very early as I traveled to Oakley for their Annual Girls Day Out. Unfortunately, it was very foggy and I had to travel slower than I usually travel.  The craft show had over 80 vendors and it was very well attended.  Coming home was a big challenge as the wind picked up enormously.  I did everything I could to keep my van on the road.  

Sunday morning was spent at St. Michael's Church attending mass.  Afterwards mom and I enjoyed lunch at Tracy's. (It seems like we ate there a lot this past week.) Throughout the afternoon, we watched several movies and then attended the visitation and rosary for Mildred Sauer.  Mildred had been a very dear friend of my mom's for many years.  She will be greatly missed by her family, her friends, the church, and the community.  May she rest in peace.  May you all be thankful and blessed throughout the week.

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