October 11, 2017 News

Birthdays: October 11, Julie Stull, Kristana Anderson, Eric Scriven, Katelyn Stull; October 12, Dale Elias, Bob Wolfe, Phyllis Conrad, Todd Borger; October 13, David Norlin, Ryan Wiebe, Brad Lovitt, Richard Hardwick; October 14, Terry Mills, Jason Showalter, Zoe Anderson; October 15, Richard Wittman, Clayton Casey; October 16, Jennifer Lovitt, Paulette Thompson, Georgia Lytle, Eric D. Kerny; October 17, Norma Kober, Megan Conrad, Karen Shumake, Joseph W. Rogers.

Anniversaries: October 11, Craig and Julie Stull; October 12, Pete and Terri Cox; October 14, Frank and Elaine Littler; October 15, Bryant and Kyra Reese, James and Dorothy Hanson; October 17, John and Sharon Irvin, Tony and Tomi Rues.

Our thanks for the kind words from Doria Mills Sandstrom of Tulsa, Oklahoma about our column. Carolyn and Shirley.

Congratulations to Zachary and Spring (Blackwell) Bentham on the birthday of a daughter, Brecklynn Riley, on September 27, 2017. She joins her big sister, Alliyah and brother Braxton.

Mark your calendars for the annual McCracken Fire and EMS's Hamburger Feed on Saturday November 10. They will serve Hamburgers, baked beans, potato and other salads and desserts. A Free Will Donation is requested. There will also be a Give-A-Way with tickets that can be purchased from any McCracken Firefighter for a Savage 17 B Mag Gun or a Daniel Boone Green Mountain Pellet Grill. It will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the McCracken Fire Station

If you like farm fresh eggs, they are available every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Main Street in Downtown McCracken. Clay North is the young man who has this fledgling business. (MELISSA - If this is an ad please bill Clay, he is Ted and Shawna's son)

Can you believe that our grass is green - it looks like Spring. Hope the farmers can get the wheat drilled and the crops in now.

Other events scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2017 for the McCracken Family Fall Fest: Cake Walk 2 to 3 p.m.; Jump House and games for kids 10:00 a.m.to 3 p.m.; Chili Cookoff 5 p.m. - entry fee $5.00; Soup and Homemade Ice Cream 5:30 p.m. Live Auction 7:00 p.m. If you have questions contact Debi at 316-734-1756.

Eric Davis would enjoy your cards. His address is 3820 N. Toben Street, Wichita, KS 67226. He is awaiting test results and needs your prayers.

Carolyn Davenport and Shirley Bundy, Hutchinson spent four days as guests of Celeste and Dale Davis, Piperton, TN. Piperton is a suburb of Memphis. The four days were spent shopping, eating, and relaxing. On Sunday, Celeste took us to the airport and she left from there to go to Amsterdam to spend the week for her job at Fed Ex.

Several Rush Countians attended the Golden Belt Community Concert Association in Great Bend Tuesday evening. The concert was “Inspiration of Broadway”.

1974 History Notes:

$5.30 for a bushel of wheat became a record high on 1/11; MHS Mustangs will play Manhattan, a 4A School in the opening round of Tournament of Champions in Dodge City; Larry Higgins is on the honor roll at St. Mary of the Plains college in Dodge City; Manhattan won over McCracken in the first game of the T.O.C. 75-50; they then defeated Shawnee Mission North 57-52 in the semi-finals, lost to Wichita South 72-43; Miss Debi Baus will participate in the Miss Kansas Teenager Pageant in Kansas City in May; 40 students were absent from school with the flu on Monday; MHS won the Regional Tournament on Tuesday in Ransom. Scoring were Dan Conner, Don Casey, John Elmore, Jerald Grumbein, Jerry Higgins, Greg Hinman, Allen Kober, Glenn Ryan, Steve Foreman. They won the championship over Pawnee Heights 86-43; they defeated Tribune 68-58 to win the sub-state tournament; they placed third in the State tournament by blasting the Grinnell Warriors 63-43.Those participating in the grade music festival were Janet Unrein, Patty Swartz, Cheryl Foreman, Wanda Wright, Kerri Derr, Annette Stafford, Danny Halbleib, Ellen Davis, Lanette Stremel, Karin Seltman, Andrea Dome, Penny West. MHS baseball team defeated Pawnee Heights with scores 6-2 and 13-5. Dan Conner was winner in the first game, striking out 5, in the 2nd Jerry Higgins also had 5 strikeouts with Glenn Ryan having 3 hits.


Patricia Petz

The community was certainly blessed by having a lot of moisture this past week. I had a little over four inches of rainfall. The pond was full and the birds were chirping. It was such a beautiful sight, one that we hadn't seen for a long time!

Monday was a very busy day starting out at the La Crosse Elementary building. Later that afternoon, mom and I ate supper with the ladies that help make rosaries at the Jct. 4 restaurant. After filling our tummies, we went to the parish hall and worked on making rosaries. The military prefers black and/or brown rosaries, so that's what we'll be working on for awhile.

I had received a recall notice on my Toyota van, so I spent the majority of Tuesday afternoon in the waiting room of the Service Center. When they finally realized that they would not have the car completed by 5:00, I was given a loaner to make it back home.

The unfortunate thing about the rainfall is that I don't dare travel down my four miles of road once it has received so much rain. Since I had to sub in La Crosse on Wednesday, my only alternative was to go past the Smoky Hill River and go on the Antonio Road and then catch Highway 183. It takes me almost an hour instead of thirty minutes when I have to go around. I sure wish something could be done to fix our road as many people use it to get to Mc Cracken, Ellis, or Hays!

After attending mass on Sunday, mom and I had lunch at Tracy's. Then we traveled to Bison to celebrate Gratton Dalton's 12th birthday. Gratton is the son of Bob and Jendee Dalton, the grandson of De.Wayne and Vicky Foos and Robert and Mary Dalton, and the great-grandson of my mom, Mary Steitz.

Jendee had prepared a “feast” for all of us to eat followed by cake and ice-cream. After Gratton's presents were opened, I hit the road for McPherson. Angie had invited me to spend Monday with her since she didn't have to work. So, I don't know what we're planning to do, however, I know I'll just have fun playing with my grandsons, Drake and Grant. It seems like once you become a grandparent, it's so much fun to be with them and participate in as many of their activities as you can. We all need to remember that you're not guaranteed tomorrow, so do what you can to enjoy every day that you have. Have a blessed week!

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