September 13, 2017 News

Birthdays: September 14, Bob House, Jerry Dugan, Nathan Swanson; September 15, Mark Reinhardt, Sheila Brown, Colby Stull; September 16, Lavona Suppes, Qui Quach, Pam David, Elizabeth Ohmes, Linsey Swanson; September 17, Ashley Taylor, Anthony Taylor, Jennifer Betz; September 18, Linda Bittel, Pat Keener, Cindy Wierman, Rhett Dodd, Dwight Eisenhour, Carolyn Schadel; September 19, Barbara Baus, Jeff Butler, Mikaela Brackney.

Anniversaries: September 16, Allan and Donna Hill; September 17, Bryan and Michelle Yohe; September 19, Ron and Ruth Crawshaw (50)

Congratulations to Ron and Ruthanne Crawshaw, who will celebrate their 50th anniversary, September 19. We request a card shower for them to P. O. Box 114, McCracken, KS 67556-0114. They were married in McCracken.

If you have items that can be used for the bingo at the Firemen's fund raiser please contact Allie Ault or Sally Irvin

The Jail/Museum has received a check from Your Cause, LLC (General Mills) from Michael Harp. This on-going funding is very much appreciated.

The McCracken Library has hired Catherine Casey “Cat” as assistant librarian. Welcome! The library hours for Wednesday evenings will be 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Library has the X-Box up and running.

We enjoy seeing pictures on Facebook of our former assistant librarian, Callie Weber.

The McCracken Main Street Literary Society had their first meeting for the Fall. Those attending were Shirley Higgins, Anita Butler, Ruthanne Crawshaw, Catherine Casey, Suzanne Randa, Carolyn Thompson and coordinator, Susan Rebel. The question for the week was “Who has provided a kindness to you?' All are invited to attend on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. at the library. You may read any book and share about it.

The trucks are lined up around the City Park to have the wheat cleaned for planting. We pray for a general rain so that the wheat can get a good start.

History of the Santa Fe Trail by the late David Clappsaddle, who marked the Big Timber Crossing on the Fort Hays - Fort Dodge Trail at Hampton.

For the next few weeks I will relate some of his information from the booklet A Self Guided Auto Tour of The Fort Hays - Fort Dodge Road.

“During the first four decades of its fifty-nine year tenure, the Santa Fe Trail was repeatedly shortened as it eastern terminus was moved progressively westward from the original. Missouri River Landing at Franklin to Fort Osage, Independence, Westport and finally Fort Leavenworth. Subsequently, in the next decade, successive sections of the trail were topped off as a series of prairie ports were established along the westward expansion of the Union Pacific Railroad Company, Eastern Division. On September 7, 1873, the newly named railroad began track construction at Wyandotte, Kansas. Work progressed slowly along the north bank of the Kansas River with rail service finally reaching Junction City to June 1866. Immediately, the little town near fort Riley became the railhead for the Union Pacific and the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe Trail. Freight, mail, and passengers, previously routed down the established route of the Santa Fe Trail from the Kansas City area through Council Grove, were shipped by rail to Junction City and thence transported by wagon and stage coach over a military and stage route. This route ran westward to Fort Harker along the north bank of the Smoky Hill River to Fort Ellsworth and then southwest to Walnut Creek where it struck the main trunk of the Santa Fe Trail. This, overland traffic on the original route of the Santa Fe Trail west of the Walnut Creek came to a halt.” To be continued.

The above article and subsequent articles will give you a feel for the progress of the Trail when you come to the program at the McCracken Public Library for “Women Writers on the Santa Fe Trail to be held on Saturday, September 23 at 7 p.m.

Marty and Tina Mills celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary by attending the State Fair. Addie also brought a cake for them last Sunday.

Addie Mills was a Saturday overnight guest of Jay Klee at Council Grove City Lake. She also visited with Chris Zimmerman on Sunday.

Mike, Susan and Shannon Keith and Carolyn Thompson had dinner at Old Chicago with Eric, Alyssa, William and Elizabeth Dennis of Plattsmouth, Nebraska after the KSU - Charlotte Football game at Kansas State. Eric, a former band member, played in the Alumni Band at the game and attended the 25th anniversary celebration for the band director Dr. Frank Tracz. Shannon gave them a tour of her dorm, Welfald Hall.

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