September 6, 2017 News

Birthdays: September 6, John Zeller, Jean Oelkers, Morgan Deines; September 7, Alicia Rues, Holly Anders, Jessica Casey, Eli Morgan, T. J. Steinert; September 8, Gerald Barnes, Daryl North; September 9, Taylor Deines, Haydn Legleiter; September 10, Thomas House, Trenton Herdman, Ron Johnson, Don Johnson, Ryan Higgins; September 11, Norman Pfannmenstiel, Juanita Caviness, Robert Halbleib, Gareth Baus, Vic Parsons; September 12, Logan North.

Anniversaries: September 6, James and Kerri Elson, Kiel and Sarah Emerson, Chad and Crystal Foust; September 7, Harold and Janet Herdman; September 8. Leigh Barrett and Alicia Rues; September 9, Bill and Barbara Baus; September 10, Todd and Tambra Pfeifer.

The Faith Sharing group of St. Mary's will meet for their first class on Monday, September 11 at the Rectory at 10:00 a.m. All are welcome.

On the front page of the Ness County News there is a picture of Brandt Rogers. He is the new Ness City Elementary School 4th Grade teacher and also is the Ness City High School Boys basketball head coach. He is married to Haily (Gilbert) Rogers who is the High School volleyball coach at LaCrosse. Congratulations to both Brandt and Haily. They live in McCracken.

Tessa Jacobs is the assistant volleyball basketball coach at LaCrosse. She also lives in McCracken.

Dorothy Crotinger Graham and Bub (Gerald) Crotinger stopped by Charlie’s station and visited with Priscilla last week, another visitor was Marlene Wilson Funk who stopped by for a chat.

Pris had an unwanted visitor in her back yard this past week. You always look down at the ground when you walk around in the summer and she noticed a snake in her back yard by the gate......hollered at Mitchell, he came and killed it and it was a rattler. Watch your step.

Jeff and Anita Butler along with their new puppy, Dot, enjoyed a visit to Wamego and spent the day with their daughter Ursula and her boyfriend Nate. They enjoyed a delicious brunch at the Friendship House (think Kirby House in Abilene) toured the town and just had a nice all-around visit.

Don’t forget the golf tournament this Sunday, September 10 at McCracken Golf Course. Start at 8:30, 2 man scramble, $50 per team....lunch- -fabulous tacos. See ya there!!

Clinton Swan, Josh Pierce, Ben, J.J. and Toby, Jim Pierce, Josh’s dad came Saturday evening for a short visit to the City.
Gary and Donna Stark, Bre’Anne, Russell, Garrett, Carlos and Matt Hernandez were also in McCracken for the weekend. The boys went dove hunting.

Cameron, Courtney and Wrigley spent the weekend in Springfield with Dominic and Kayla Weskamp.

1980 History Notes:

State Farm Softball team finished the season 47-11 record, earning 8 trophies out of 8 attempts. Team members: Craig Cooper, Mike Conner, Steve Foreman, Chuck and Jerry Higgins, Don Irvin, Doug Higgins, Lonnie Irvin, Terry Peters, Ronnie Randa, Les Rogers, Rich Showalter, Rod Taylor, Rich Higgins, Brad Lovitt, Dave Davenport and Jim Rein. Sponsor, Diz Washaliski; MHS football team defeated Quivera Heights 14-8 through the efforts of quarterback, Jeff McCormick; MHS girls dominated Saturday winning 4 matches in 8 games, defeating Hanston, Ingalls and Jetmore. Sizzling heat has gripped the state for 3 weeks. It was 107 last week; Danielle Higgins was a winner in the Toddler Contest at the Rush County Fair; In the Hays Daily News, November 2, a feature appeared about Hung Pham, No. 55 for the Mustangs football team. Phan and his 10 year old friend Kim Cao escaped from Saigon, Vietnam and they now make their home with Philena Baus.


Patricia Petz

Monday was a very special day for my youngest grandson, Grant Timson.  He started Pre-School at Lincoln Elementary in McPherson.  He was so excited that he wanted his "Grandmas" (Grandma Pat and Great-Grandma Mary) to take him to school along with his mom, dad, and brother, Drake!  After we took Grant to school, mom and I headed back home for the week.  There's never a dull moment at the Timson house!  

I officially started back to school by subbing on Tuesday at the La Crosse High School and Wednesday at the Elementary building.  I had a fun time reuniting with many former students.  I was even able to meet several new students.  As I understand there are two new exchange students at LHS.  I loved hearing their accents.  

This was a week of not having to make any evening meals at home.  Wednesday evening, mom and I ate at Tracy's and enjoyed each other's company.  On Thursday evening, I traveled to Hays to have supper at Applebee's.  We celebrated my granddaughter, Kallynn Petz's 16th birthday.  Those that were able to celebrate her birthday were her mom and dad, Kelly and Melanie, her brothers, Nathan, Nicholas, and Kameron, Nick's girlfriend, Kylee Fall, and myself.  It was a late evening, but a very enjoyable night. 

I had business to take care of in Hastings, Nebraska on Friday, so my faithful mother, said that she would go with me.  We had a very nice drive going to Hastings, and we were able to bring back a little bit of rain that caught up with us on the way home.  Once we reached Hays, we decided that it was time for supper, so we ate at the Golden Corral before going home. 

Saturday and Sunday was fun going to Cedar Bluff Lake with Kelly and his children.  After reaching the lake, we enjoyed a nice picnic cooked by our chef, Kelly.  After enjoying hamburgers, hotdogs, and smores, we headed for the lake.  Those of us who enjoyed the weekend were: Nathan and his son, Easton (who has to be the bravest 4-year old ever), Nicholas and his dog, Titus, Kallynn, and Kameron.  It certainly was a boat full.  Besides enjoying the beautiful day, the boat ride and tubing was a blast!  The kids even talked me into tubing!  Nicholas said, "Grandma, I'm so proud of you.  You have to be the coolest Grandma ever!"  Of course that made my day, and I was pretty proud of myself for staying on as long as I did!  I couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend to spend with this family.

Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday of September.  The first Labor Day was held in 1882 by the Central Labor Union to create a holiday for workers.  It became a national holiday in 1894, simply because it gave us a holiday to celebrate between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving.  Today it gives workers a day of rest and it celebrates their contributions to the American economy. I enjoyed my day by resting and watching movies at the farm.

Tuesday morning everyone was back to work and I even had a job to sub at the La Crosse High School.  I enjoyed helping several students and it even helped me review how to solve some algebraic problems.

That evening, several ladies met for our first rosary maker gathering for the new year.  We started the year with a pot luck supper.  Over the summer I had taken home some beads and made rosaries that are going to be given to people in hospitals, rest homes, and to our soldiers.  After they were bundled, I discovered that I had made over 250 rosaries. Those of us who met Tuesday evening were my mom, Mary Steitz, Maggie Dechant, Ardis Viegra, and Rita Oborny.  We are needing some additional hands, so if you would like to get out of the house, and join us in a very worthwile casue, we would love to have you meet with us.  

After completing many errands around the house, I left early Thursday afternoon for McPherson.  My grandson, Tyler Timson, was running in a cross-country meet in Hesston.  I was amazed to see how many runners took off at the same time. Tyler placed 13th out of 56 senior boys in a 5K (just over 3 miles).  What a run!

Friday morning was a very busy day as Trent and Angie were leaving for a convention in Las Vegas. I needed to get the boys to school by 8:00.  Grant is in preschool and Drake is in Second grade.  After I dropped them off, I had some errands to run and then I returned to Lincoln Elementary and I helped out in Grant's pre-school room.  WOW! What a busy group of four-year-olds. Eventhough Grant ate lunch at school, he thought he needed to make a stop at McDonald's.  A few hours later, we were headed back to school to pick up Drake.  We then proceeded to the park to feed the starving ducks, play on the playground equipment, and hunt for the McPherson Rocks, a fun game of finding painted rocks that are hidden for any one that wants to join in on the fun.  

Saturday was even a busier day for us in McPherson.  We had to get up early and head to Grant's Complex.  Drake had a flag-football game and Grant had a soccer game.  It sure was fun watching the four year olds as they raced to one end of the field to the other.  After the games, we had to head for the barber shop as the boys needed to get their hair cuts and designed for their school pictures next week.  After lunch, Drake, Grant, Tyler and his girlfriend, Katelyn Beam, and myself all headed for Salina to go to the Rolling Hills Zoo. We had a very nice time, however, most of the animals were in their shelters by that time of day. The boys enjoyed the train ride and I did, too.  It saved a lot of miles by foot! We headed off to bed fairly early that evening as we were all very tired!

Sunday morning was filled with relaxation.  After lunch, we headed to the McPherson High School gym so that Drake could attend his basketball practice.  I think he's really going to be a pretty good basketball player by the time he's in high school.  Before going back to the house, we had to make another stop at the park to feed the ducks.  The ducks just love the bread that they are fed and besides it was a beautiful afternoon.  

Angie and Trent made it back home from Las Vegas and their return trip was much more enjoyable than their trip there. It's great to have them back home and I headed back home as well.  This was a fun week-end, but I'm glad I don't have little boys to get ready for their events any more. What a busy life!

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