September 5, 2018 News

Birthdays: September 5, Ashley McGaughey, John Elmore; September 6, John Zeller, Jean Oelkers, Morgan Deines ; September 7, Alicia Rues, Holly Anders, Jessica Casey, Eli Morgan, Trevor “T.J.” Steinert; September 8, Gerald Barnes, Daryl North; September 9, Taylor Deines, Haydn Legleiter; September 10, Thomas House, Trenton Herdman, Ron Johnson, Don Johnson, Ryan Higgins; September 11, Norman Pfannenstiel, Juanita Caviness, Robert Halbleib, Gareth Baus, Vic Parsons.

Anniversaries: September 5, Marvin and Virginia Schneider; September 6, James and Kerri Elsen, Kiel and Sarah Emerson, Chad and Crystal Foust; September 7, Harold and Janet Herdman; September 8, Leigh and Alicia Rues Barrett; September 9, September 10, Todd and Tambra Pfeifer.

Corrections: Kallynn Petz' name was spelled incorrectly on August 31. Hal and Sherry Petz Witthuhn's anniversary was August 26. Easton Windholz birthday was August 13


Catherine Arline Rues' life was Music, Music, Music. Father Eric said at her funeral “When one sings, they pray twice””. Music was part of her impressive funeral service. Those providing the music were organist, Barbara Reinert of Ness City, former music teacher at McCracken; friends Robb Baker and Becky Crowl of Topeka. Arline's daughters, Alicia, Rose and Cathy brought up the gifts. Her son, Tim Rues gave the eulogy. She is also survived by her sons, Tom and Tony and her loving grandchildren, Celeste (Barrett) Pavlich, Catherine, Alex and John Casey, Madeline and Lily Rues, Shelby Bowers, Emma, Kate and William Rues and great-granddaughter, Alexis Pavlich. Roy Conrad was the server for the mass and Phyllis Conrad was the Eucharistic minister, Carolyn Thompson was lector. Casket Bearers were Bruce Davis, Brett Gilbert, Martin Higgins, Lance McCormick, Mark McCormick, Aaron McGaughey, Austin McGaughey, Terry Showalter and John Zeller. Burial was at Trotter Cemetery, Lewis, Kansas by her husband Al, her parents and grandparents. We loved you Arline.

At the dinner they had a slide show of pictures of Arline's life and a display of her many accomplishments including the appearance at Carniege Hall in New York City. While watching the slide show they could enjoy the dessert bar prepared by Debi Schuckman.

It was a delight to see and visit 98 year old Florentine Schuckman at the dinner.

Arlene Gilbert showed me two pictures of the band Arline organized when she came to McCracken High School. One is of the Wilson twins, Arlene and Marlene in uniform and one is taken on Main Street with Arline Ingraham leading the band. In the background is the Anderson garage.

When Barbara Reinert was the music teacher at McCracken she organized the Madrigals. So many of those members were at the funeral so she could connect with them again. A picture of that group is currently at the Jail/Museum.


I just finished the book I mentioned “Bend in the River” It is worth reading. It includes the history of the “Breakout” of the Indians on the reservation in the Oklahoma Territory and their trying to return to their home in the north.

Our sympathy to the family of Alvin Loy Keatley who died August 31at Goodard. He is the brother of Jeanette McCormick of McCracken. The funeral was Tuesday, September 4 at Fitzgerald Funderal Home with burial in the Bazine Cemetery

Ben and Nancy Anderson have renewed their membership in the Jail/Museum They are the benefactors of the museum because they had it restored. It is dedicated to his grandparents who raised him..

Todd Barber received an award, the second highest award given by NASA. It was awarded at a ceremony in Pasadena. Todd does a tremendous amount of outreach for JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab). He has gone to dozens and dozens of schools in several states, and when the kids write thank you notes, he answers every one of them. He has given several programs for the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson.. He is a member of the National Speakers Bureau, and has given speeches all over the country. In July, he gave a presentation in Australia and is often asked to give JPL tours for special groups, congressmen, and foreign dignitaries. He loves his job, and considers himself lucky to be working at JPL. Todd is the son of Rick and Tena Vogel Barber.

The Jennings crew was here this weekend adding a deck to the front of their house. Those working on the project were Joe Jennings and Adrian, Clinton Swan and Blake, Pete Jennings, John Jennings. They arrived Friday evening and left Sunday morning.

Roy and Kathleen Langdon and grandson Cory, Columbia, Missouri came to the funeral services for Arline Rues.

What a beautiful service for Arline. The services were held at our beautiful St. Mary’s Church in McCracken, the officiant was Father Eric Gyamfi and music was provided by Robb Baker, Becky Crowl and Barbara Reinert. Interment was at the Trotter Cemetery, Lewis, Kansas.

Daughter Kayla had a nice surprise this week-end, both daughters, Lindsey and Nicole were home in Springfield for the first time in a long time.

Gary Stark, his grandson Garrett Hernandez and daughter Samatha Stark came for the weekend. Gary bought the former Sylvester Conrad home.

Don’t forget the golf tournament to be held this weekend, Sunday, September 9 beginning at 8:330 a.m. a 2 person scramble, $50 per team. With all the rain we have been receiving, the golf course is beautiful.

We received another nice rain Sunday, what blessings we have received this summer. Kansas looks like ‘paradise’.

History Notes:

August 1990: Roger and Brenda Legleiter are parents of a daughter, Lisa Lynn born July 20; congratulations to Dr. Martin and Cathie Ryan Shapiro on the birth of a daughter, Lauren Ryan, born July 25; Layne and Kerrie Morgan have a new baby girl born July 27, Katlyn Grace; congratulations to Rod and Bernie Taylor on the birth of a girl Whitney Ann born July 27; Alvin and Ruth Janke will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception in St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Bazine; county population for the last ten years; Alexander 1979 – 124 1989 100; Bison 1979 319 – 1989 290; LaCrosse 1979 – 1721 1989 1490; Liebenthal 1979 160 – 1989 150; McCracken 1979 353 – 1989 260; Otis 1979 427 – 1989 400; Rush Center 1979 253 – 1989 180; Timken 1979 134 – 1989 90; The US Census Bureau shows a loss of 676 people in Rush County; air surveillance by law officials turned up a cultivated drug plot worth an estimated $70,000 in northwest Rush County; September 1990: cellular telephone is coming to Rush County. Coonstruction has begun at Albert and Ransom on radio towers; Linda L. Irvin Urban and Gerald J. Bittel were united in marriage, July 14, 1990 at St. Michael’s Church in LaCrosse; today’s wheat market is $2.32.


Patricia Petz:

Rain, rain, and more rain!  It's been beautiful but a very trying time to keep up with the mowing.  

Wednesday was spent subbing at LHS.  We practiced the new ALICE system with the students and it seemed to go very well. After school, I visited with mom before heading home.

BEWARE!  If you have a dog, you may want to keep it away from my farm. I think I'm jinxed! A couple of weeks ago, my daughter's dogs were lost. However, by luck they were
found within the next couple of days. This past Thursday, my dog, Boomer, was accidentally hit by a truck.  Unfortunately, he loves to chase vehicles and got to close to this one.  
We had to take him to the vet and he determined that he had a broken pelvic bone.  There wasn't too much that they could do other than give him some pain pills and an antibiotic.
Sure did feel sorry for him but he appears to be getting along much better. 

Since I don't have to get up early any more, I have a real adjustment to make when I'm called in to sub.  Things have to move around a lot quicker.  I had a fun day at LHS on Friday.  The speeches made during Speech class were fun to listen to and a couple of the Literature classes were reading about the Declaration of Independence.  I hadn't read this for a long time.  It is a very challenging writing.  Everyone needs to take a look at it to renew your rights as an American citizen.

After school, I stopped by my mom's to visit with her and her company.   Sharon and Henry Staley, a neice and nephew of mom's, from Salina were here to celebrate a 50th class reunion.  It was nice to visit with them.  It sounded like there were a lot of activities planned for their class.  

After visiting with them, I headed to the Janousek Funeral Home to help the Faith Sharing group say the rosary for Arline Rues.  Arline will be missed not only by her family but also 
by her friends of the Mc Cracken area. 

This definitely was the weekend for company.  I heard that my cousin, Darryl Depperschmidt and his girlfriend, from Mississippi were here visiting.  I stopped in to see them at De.Wayne and Vicky Foos's house. It was so nice to see Darryl as it had been several years.  I was just in time to have some delicious food that Vicky had prepared.  

Saturday morning came very early as I had to leave for the Hoisington Downtown Market Labor Day Celebration to set up my booth of magnetic jewelry. The weather and attendance was very nice in the morning but by mid afternoon, the heat and the wind were not very appreciated and the attendance dropped drastically.  By the time I had packed up, I was exhausted.  I stopped by to visit with mom in La Crosse before I proceeded to the farm.  A nice shower and my bed were welcomed early that evening! 

Sunday morning, I attended mass at St. Michael's, had lunch with mom, enjoyed an afternoon nap and made rosaries the rest of the evening.  Wishing all of you a nice long weekend break!

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