August 30, 2017 News

Birthdays: August 30, LeAnn Knight, Wilfrid Higgins, Brendon Peach; August 31, Kayla Irvin, Kallynn Petz; September 1, Celeste Davis; September 2, Ashley Higgins, Sandy Irvin, Bill Cole, Andrew Casey, Lacey Bookstore, Mike Peach; September 3, Ruth Crawshaw; September 5, Ashley McGaughey, John Elmore.
Happy 91st Birthday, Hoop.

Anniversaries: August 30, George and Marilyn Sommers; September 1, Eric and Sarah Washaliski, Barry and LeAnn Knight, Terry and Carol Herdman, Rob and Helena McGaughey; September 2, Marty and Tina Mills; September 5, Marvin and Virginia Schneider.

McCracken Public Library will host 'Women Writers on the Santa Fe Trail'.a presentation and discussion by Leo. E. Oliva on Saturday, September 23rd at 7 p.m. at the McCracken City Building. A soup supper and desserts will precede the presentation from 5 pm to 7 p.m at the McCracken City Building. A Free Will donation is suggested. The program is made possible by the Kansas Humanities Council.

Some of the first women to travel across present day Kansas were travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. The presentation will look at the adventures and reflections of four women who wrote their own stories. One woman traveled with her husband's wagon train in 1846, while another traveled back and forth five times between the age of 7 and 17. The most famous woman to be discussed, however, was Julia Archibald Holmes who later became the first women to climb Pike's Peak in Colorado.

Leo Oliva is a historian with a research focus on 19th century Kansas. He is the author of 'Soldiers on the Santa Fe Trail', six books for the Kansas Fort Series, and a founding member of the Santa Fe Trail Association and Fort Larned Old Guard.

“Women who traveled the Santa Fe Trail provide a different perspective than men, with more intimate details about the environment, other travelers, and their own feelings,” said Oliva. “Each of these four women had a unique experience. Their letters, diaries and memoirs still inform and enchant us today”.

' Writers on the Santa Fe Trail' is part of the Kansas Humanities Council's Kansas Stories Speakers Bureau, featuring presentation and discussion that examine our shared human experience - our innovations, culture, heritage and conflicts.

For more information about 'Women Writers on the Santa Fe Trail' in McCracken, please contact Ruth at the McCracken Public Library at 785-394-2444.

Those attending the 50th anniversary of the Hays Arts Council Art Show and the 33rd Annual Fall Art Walk on Friday evening were Tammy Horesky, Jean Oelkers, Shirley Higgins and Carolyn Thompson. They first were at the Artist @ Work Studio to see the the works of Diana Unrein entitled AQUEOUS, recent paintings. She, James and the family were there. Up the street was Galen Schmidtberger, strumming and singing. One song was about John Denver. He was a former teacher at McCracken and played the guitar for St. Mary's Church. They were then on to the Hays Arts Council. Photographer, Jerry Crotinger had a black and white scene. He is formerly of McCracken. Kathleen Kuchar showed her painting that was actually painted 50 years ago. She is part of the Dream group and former professor at the FHSU art department. Both Michael (political painting) and Joyce Jilg(cat silver jewelry) had items there. He had an art gallery in McCracken in the Masonic Hall building.

Bobye Montonye, Castleton, came Wednesday afternoon. She visited the Jail/Museum and the McCracken City Cemetery. She left Thursday for Colorado to visit her 92 year old aunt, Carmen.

In conjunction with the McCracken Fallfest, scheduled for Saturday, October 21st, there will be nothing scary about the McCracken Scarecrow Fest. Join in the fun by stuffing and dressing your own handcrafted scarecrow to be displayed in your yard in McCracken, or add Fall decorations. The Fun starts October lst with judging the day of Fallfest. The winner will receive a prize. Start planning now and building your scarecrow or fall decorations, Great family fun. For more information call Rose at 785-250-6002.

Memberships, Donations, Blue and Gold Club and Memorials to the Jail/Museum:

Blue and Gold Club: Wayne Irvin and Kimberly Irvin Thompson, Loa R. Straw, Tammy Horesky and Carolyn Thompson.

Memberships: Mike, Mary Beth, Zach and Brendon Peach, Ness County Historical Society, Frederick and Louise Otero, Bob and Marlene Funk, Marilyn Sommers, Nita Caviness, John and Janice Stull, Jerry Higgins, Harold and Janet Herdman, Diana K. Hart, Shirley Higgins, Dorothy Graham, Bob and Charmaine Wolfe, Dan and Kim Townsend, Debra Rogers, Frank and Sarah Foster, Harold Juvenal, Alicia Rues, Leigh Barrett
Donations: Frederick and Lousie Otero, Thomas G. Rues, Shirley Higgins, Bob and Charmaine Wolfe, Dan and Kim Townsend, Debra Rogers.

Memorials: Vic Higgins, Lonnie Irvin and Wilma Washaliski from Jerry Higgins; Gail Keady from Dorothy Graham.

On Sunday, August 20th, MCC held a 3 person scramble golf tournament. 15 teams participated. It was hot and dry, but everyone stayed well hydrated and had a good time. Peals of laughter and good- natured heckling could be heard throughout the course. Here are the lucky winners: CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT 1st place: Chris Irvin, Chad Irvin, and Brian Yohe. 2nd place: Sean Peters, Ty Elias, and Mike Felder; 1ST FLIGHT 1st Place: Gerald Washburn, Darrell Patterson, and Dylan (I didn’t get a last name on Dylan, but he carried them all day long! Darrell even jumped in front of Dylan to take a stray golf ball off his head so Dylan could continue. Impressive teamwork!) 2nd Place: James Sloan, Kevin Anderson, and Nick Roach. (James and Nick had so much fun, they each bought memberships!) 2ND FLIGHT 1st Place: Shelby Burk, Jan Keith, and Mike Legleiter; 2nd Place: Ryan Webs, James Webs, and Trevor Keller

Men’s Longest Drive: Chris Irvin Longest Putt: Dylan Gross Closest to the Pin: Mike Legleiter Women’s Long Drive: Jessie Berg

After the tournament, the golfers were treated to a wonderful Taco Bar served up by Rose Diehl, Cathy Casey, Norma McNair and Anita Butler. It was EXCELLENT! Thank you ladies! On a sad note, reports are that Kevin Anderson hurt his back carrying his 2nd plateful of tacos back to the table. However, on the upside, he thought it could help his golf swing.Our next tournament is Sunday, September 10th at 8:30 AM. It is a 2 Person Scramble. $50 per team. Mulligans will be available. Another world famous Taco Bar to be served after the tournament.

McCracken Golf Course 2 Person Scramble Sunday September 10th -- 8:30 am $50.00 per team Taco Bar after tournament - free will donation For more info call Les 785-230-4433 or Lance 785-394- 1422.

A baby shower was held for Courtney Horesky in Claflin at the Community Center Saturday afternoon. Some of those attending were Tammy Horesky, Russell, Kayla Weskamp, Springfield, Nicole Tacha, Columbia, Lindsey Tacha, Ness City, Shirley Higgins, McCracken, Kyra Reece, Logan, Jodi Higgins, Hutchinson.

The McCracken City Library is pleased to announce the hiring of Catherine Casey as their new Assistant Librarian. Catherine comes with a love of reading, 2 years’ experience as student library proctor at her high school, years working with small children and knowledge of technology. Tessa Jacobs is also new to the library and is serving on the board. The Board is excited to have both and look forward to their new ideas!

Ken Burns and his production partner unveil their latest documentary, The Vietnam War, a new 10-part, 18-hour series, September 17 on PBS.A celebration of Tammy Horesky’s retirement was held in Russell Saturday afternoon after the baby shower for Courtney. Those attending were: Shirley, Jerry, Jodi, Tanner, Jenna, Cameron, Courtney, Wrigley (dog), Bryant, Kyra, Payton (dog), Chuck, Zach, Kayla, Lindsey, Nicole, (Dominic home with the dogs), Jerome and Janelle Lang, Tom and Deb DeHaven, Hoisington, Brent, Kristie, Brock and Bryce Homeier, Janae Talbott Russell.


Patricia Petz

Monday brought a nice surprise after mom and I got to mass at St. Michael's Church on Monday morning.  There was going to be a mass for Danny held that day and instead of one priest there were three; Father Kumi, Father Eric, and Bishop John Brungardt.  It made Danny's mass so special. I couldn't have been happier.

After leaving mass, mom and I headed for Hays. The Sternberg Museum played a part in the national eclipse event hosting many different activities throughout the day. Mom and I were shown how to make our own pinhole projection viewers, which proved to be quite interesting to see the eclipse. Later someone gave us their glasses and the eclipse was even more spectacular.  Although Hays was not in the totality zone, the moon covered 94.6% of the sun during maximum exlipse at 12;59. 

Friday afternoon, mom and I headed for McPherson to spend the night with the Timson family.  Saturday morning, Angie, mom, and I left for Kansas City.  Our first stop was at the Cheesecake Factory.  We had a delicious meal and we were completely stuffed, but we couldn't leave without tasting one of their 33 different flavors of cheesecake.  Our next stop was on my bucket list of places to see because I had heard so much about it.  Back in 1856, the Steamboat Arabia sank suddenly in the Missouri River near Kansas City, after striking a submerged tree. All 130 persons survived, but over 200 tons of frontier cargo was lost including dishware, china, tools, guns, hardware, clothing, beads, buttons, French perfume, medicine and bottled foods.  Excavated in 1988-89, the largest pre-Civil War artifact collection in the world has been preserved and is on display at the Arabia Steamboat Museum. This museum was amazing to see all of the different items that had been preserved and they continue working on 60 tons of materials yet to be cleaned.

The Historic City Market was located right behind the Museum, so we walked around the area.  Unfortunately, many were getting ready to close down their booths, so we did not get to see many of the vendors.  I had never been to the Union Station in Kansas City, so Angie drove mom and I over to see it.  There were many activities going on at the time, but because of our time element we were unable to see the different events. 

That evening, mom and I attended the beautiful outdoor wedding of Brandon and Laura Foster in Weston, Missouri.  Laura is the daughter of Gary and Karen Schmidt of La Crosse. Laura was a former second grade student of mine.  My how time is flying! 

 We had decided to drive to Kansas City and back in one day, so we arrived back in McPherson just before midnight.  Boy, were we getting tired.  Mom and I attended mass at St, Joseph's Catholic Church in McPherson, Sunday morning.  That afternoon, Angie, Drake, Grant, mom and I did some shopping and then we had to visit the ducks at the pond. McPherson recieved about an inch of rain in the morning and it turned out to be a beautiful day to have fun with the boys.  For some reason, the boys wanted to watch "The Wizard of Oz" that evening, so our weekend ended with pizza and a movie.

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