August 29, 2018 News

Birthdays: August 29, Karin Casey, Daryl Casey, Ella Prosser, Lynn Miles, Sean Bookstone; August 30, LeAnn Knight, Wilfrid Higgins, Brendon Peach; August 31, Kayla Diane Irvin, Kellynn Petz; September 1, Celeste Davis; September 2, Lacey Bookstore, Mike Peach, Ashley Higgins, Sandy Irvin, Bill Cole, Andrew Casey; September 3, Ruth Crawshaw.

Anniversaries: August 29, John and Melanie Zeller; August 30, George and Marilyn Sommers; September 1, Eric and Sarah Washaliski, Barry and LeAnn Knight, Terry and Carol Herdman, Rob and Helena McGaughey; September 2, Marty and Tina Mills.

Jackie Joe Klee celebrated his birthday at Centennial Towers in Hays on Saturday.  Aunt Addie Klee brought ice cream and cake.

From Early Days in Kansas. The Meadowlark was elected as the state bird by the school children of Kansas on Kanss Day, 1925. In a vote it received 48,395 votes. Children loved the Meadowlark because it never complains. It never is cross and never scolds, not matter what sort of weather. It likes to sing and its song is always cheery. Many birds fly away when snow times comes, but the Meadowlark lives in Kansas the year around. It eats both seeds of weeds and in the spring eats worms and bugs. It can be found in every county of Kansas.

The Class of 1956 of Great Bend High School met Thursday and Friday in Great Bend for their 80th birthdays. It was the 62nd anniversary of their graduation. Some of those who attended were Jim and Barbara Hoskins, Don and Carolyn Witte, Morris and Judy Johnson and Carolyn Thompson. A decorated cake and ice cream was served after their meal. Out of 166 graduates, 71 are deceased.

Shirley Bundy, Carolyn Davenport, and LeAnn Knight, Hutchinson,, and Denise Fuller, Miltonvale were weekend guests of Lanette and David Kaster, Overland Park. LeAnn and Denise celebrated their August birthdays with the Kaster's great food and lots of hospitality. We had a great uber driver to take us shopping (David). Joining us Friday and Saturday evening for dinner was Travis, Tina, and Katie Elias....and Rennat,

SUNDAY, SEPT. 9TH 8:30 am 2 PERSON SCRAMBLE $50.00 PER TEAM Weather permitting on all tournaments. We will make all weather decisions at the time of tournament. $$Prizes on all tournaments. Amount depends on number of golfers. Questions ? Lance McCormick ---- (785) 394-1422.

The McCracken Public Library is pleased to announce the additions of Valerie Anderson and Janice Stull to their board. The board is always looking for new ideas and input from the community with that said please let us know if you'd be interested in joining us for Movie Day/Night. Let us know if afternoons or evenings work best for you and what movies you'd like to see. Drop by the library or contact a board member with your suggestions. Board members are Anita Butler, Linda Sloan Dale, Lynnette Doornbos, Valerie Anderson, Janice Stull and Austin McGaughey. Mark your calendars for our next soup supper, November 17th. Jim Hoy will be sharing Kansas Legends and Folktales.

Last Sunday Tanner was invited to a Jennings mini-family bar-b-que in Kansas City. Tanner and his friend Alyssa Talbot along with Cameron, Courtney, Elliott and Wrigley, Jeff and Liz Jennings, Jamie and Dennis Shell, Clinton and Tara Swan, Nick and Sylvia Jennings, John and Michelle Jennings were among those who enjoyed burgers, brats and lots of laughs..

A memorial for Carol Faye Bible and her son Scott Bryan will be held in the McCracken City Cemetery Saturday, September 1, 10:30 a.m. Come and share their lives.

Jerry officiated in Halstead on Saturday, Alyssa Larson, daughter of Milt and Sheryl Foreman Lawson was a member of the Smoky Valley Team.

A great crowd attended the Sons of American Legion Taco Dinner held at the American Legion Saturday evening. There were a nice number of golfers that played in the tournament.

We just read on Facebook that Reba Davenport Baker died, no details. Reba was a good friend. She will be missed. Prayers.

History Notes

November 1989: Hester A. Yawger will celebrate her 100th birthday, November 26 with a reception in Colorado Springs; Carl A. Wahl, 72, died October 30, 1989 in Paris, Tennessee; Lorraine Ryan, USD 395 school board member, was recently appointed to the state’s outcome accreditation task force by the Kansas State Board of Education; James Robert Rixon, 55, died November 15, 1989. Terry Musil, LaCrosse High school head football coach was named Golden Belt Coach of the Year; Chris Casey was named to the superior achievement honor roll for the first nine weeks at WAVTS in Wichita..


Patricia Petz:

Good News!  Angie, my daughter, was heartbroken that they had to leave the farm without their dog, Tessa.  Apparently, Angie was a mess at work on Monday, so her best friend, Jennifer Bonham, was able to get them the day off and along with Jen's brother, David, returned to the farm in hopes of finding Tessa.  They returned to the place where they had found Bella, the other German Short-haired Pointer, and luckily found Tessa trapped between a barbed wire fence and a pond.  When she heard Angie calling her, she came running! Everyone was beyond excited! Since Monday was such a cool day, I had made homemade chicken noodle soup, beer bread, and German chocolate cake to celebrate.  Angie returned to McPherson a very thankful and excited lady!  

I needed to have my Toyota car window replaced due to it cracking from a cold morning during this past winter, so I went to Hays to have it completed.  While I was waiting on the new windshield my grandson, Nicholas Petz took me to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Guiterrez's.  We had an awesome dinner and then headed to Grainfield to pick up a trailer.  We were able to get in a lot of visiting and had a good time together.  

After my appointment, I headed to LaCrosse to attend a  Parish Council meeting in La Crosse. Later, I stopped by my mom's and had a nice visit with her. 

Friday afternoon, I picked up my mom and headed to Colby.  After setting up that evening we had supper with a group of vendors at a Mexican restaurant.  Hardly anyone was able to eat all of their meal, they had served so much on our plates.  Saturday morning, mom and I were ready for the Sunflower Festival and Craft and Vendor Show.   There were over 40 vendors and many people attended the show and enjoyed the activities at the park.  Just as we were getting ready to close down, Dan's cousin, Jerome Petz and his wife Melanie, spotted us and we had a very nice visit. This was such a nice show because they had Boy Scouts who helped unload and load our cars.  It was worth the tipping that we gave them.  I wish all of my shows were like that! 

On our way home, we decided to stop in and visit with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz in Ellis.  After our visit, mom and I stopped at Hays at Applebee's for supper.  Our Bacon cheeseburger and fries was so BIG that we couldn't eat it all. We had such a nice weekend together and I was tired, but I decided to go on home that evening.  

Mom and I attended mass on Sunday and said our good-byes to Father Kumi who was returning home after being here visiting for a month.  We had lunch at Tracy's, watched a Hallmark movie, and then I returned home.  My dog, Boomer, was so excited to see me after I was gone for the weekend.  I guess those pets really do miss us as much as we miss them!

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