August 23, 2017 News

Birthdays: August 23, Laura Martin; August 24, Glenda Pfannenstiel, Derek Derr, Audra Bergquist, Madeline Rues, Sally Buster, Bryson Enslow; August 25, Jamie Casey, Kelli Casey, Brandon Grumbein, Marvin Wills; August 26, Chris Petz, Martin Pfannenstiel, Rodney Taylor, Freddie Taylor, Christi Conner, Gary Walker, Ava North, Lexi Legleiter; August 27, Grace Beisner; August 28, Dena Irvin, Crystal Hovey; August 29, Karin Casey, Daryl Casey, Lynn Miles, Sean Bookstore, Ella Prosser.

Anniversaries: August 24, Chuck and Cheryl Lamer; August 27, Jesse and Jolene Showalter; August 29, John and Melanie Zeller.

Lynn Kochenower last weekend went to Rush, Colorado with Linda McCowan Waite of Pawnee Rock and visited her daughter and husband, Sarah and Jason Boyer and grandchildren, Hayden and Olivia.  They stayed at the Ranch.  Gary Paul joined them for supper.
Saturday Lynn Kochenower drove down to Hennessey, Oklahoma and enjoyed a Rodeo.

We wish Father Matthew Kumi 'Godspeed' on his trip back to Ghana and many years of service ahead in his home country. The Liebenthal picnic provided for a wonderful send-off.

Anita Butler enjoyed a quick trip to Denver this past weekend with a couple of friends from Rolling Hills Zoo. One of the friends was already in Denver at a rhino conference and shared some interesting information. Two of us were zoo educators and we found some of what she shared with us very interesting one of which is Homeland security is now tracking illegal animal parts: bear gall bladders, rhino horns, ivory tusks, etc ., as the money is being laundried by drug dealers and ISIS. The highlight of our weekend was a trip out to Keansburg’s Wild Animal Sanctuary. Definitely a must see, 720 acres home to lions, bears, foxes, hybrid wolves, tigers and even llamas. Most were rescued from roadside attractions, illegal pets, and circuses. Their enclosures ranged from the size of a small backyard or up to 20 acres-depending on the animals' comfort level.

Naturally the next day found us at the Denver Zoo, a definite contrast from the previous day but still very enjoyable. Naturally being 'zoo' people we found the animal enclosures, signage, and enrichment items very enjoyable. Next year we're talking about going to Fossil Rim in Texas. We'll see!

The Kansas Rockets, Hoisington Baseball Team coached by Zach Higgins and Danton Riedel were treated to the Royals-Cleveland Indians game Sunday August 20. Two vans took the boys to the game and they saw the Royals win over the Cleveland Indians.

McCracken Golf Course 2 Person Scramble Sunday September 10th -- 8:30 am $50.00 per team. Taco Bar after tournament - free will donation. For more info call Les 785-230-4433 or Lance 785-394- 1422.

Monday, Shirley and Carolyn attended their Dream session at the home of Carol Heiman in Hays. Others attending were Christine Wagner, Kathleen Kuchar and the hostess, Carol.

1952 History Notes:

McCracken loomed up as the REN dark horse with victories over Schoenchen, Bazine and Alexander. Team members are Charles Jacobs, Richard Gordon, Dight House, Harold Juvenal, Tom O’Loughlin and Pat Keener. In the final minutes of the REN tournament McCracken was playing with only three men on the floor after losing three team members via the foul route. With less than a minute to go, the spark-plug Richard Gordon sank a long shot to give the Mustangs the game, 54-53. McCracken was awarded third place with the win. ( if memory serves me right, I think MHS was playing Bison.)sh The McCracken High School band will parade down Main Street Saturday afternoon. MHS was ranked fourth in the State in scholarship tests. 1952 graduating class: Charles Jacobs, Barbara Davis, Patrick Keener, Catherine Cain, Richard Gordon, Shirley Lovitt, Allan Thompson, Walter Rogers, Bernard Rourke and Patricia Klee. First graders enrolled: Michael Andrews, Claudia Barnes, Jimmy Lee Dixon, Dwayne Foster, Mary Ruth and Ernie Gaschler, Gary Hines, Peggy Janke, Jerry McCormick, Jimmy and Johnny Muller, Ralph Pfaff, James Rogers, Laverda Serpan, Bill Zeller and Richard Koel. Edith Pearson, teacher.


Patricia Petz

Well, this past week certainly went fast! Since my grandson, Grant Timson, decided that it was his turn to stay with Grandma Pat, we had many things to accomplish.  Monday was spent in La Crosse taking care of many business issues, attending mass, and visiting with Great Grandma Mary.  After mass, we decided to eat at the Jct 4 Diner and Benny and Ardis Viegra joined us at out table and we had a nice visit.

On Tuesday, we visited with Great Grandma Dolores and enjoyed playing with Grant's cousin, Brooklyn Petz.  Later that afternoon, we enjoyed "swimming" in the hot tub, eating popsicles, and playing many different games of Tic-Tac-Toe, Go Fish, and Bed Bugs, at the house.  

On Thursday, I needed to make a run to Hays so we decided to make our first stop at McDonald's for none other than a "Happy Meal."  After a great lunch, we were off to the Sternberg Museum.  We had an exciting time seeing the new exhibits, the Rattlers, and the famous T-Rex.  The last time we had been to the Museum, T-Rex was sick, but he was feeling much better on Thursday and although Grant wanted to see him he had no desire to be any where near him.  The Discovery Room is always a fun place for the children to explore and of course the fossil digging pits are an excellent addition for that hands-on experience. After doing some shopping we had to make one last stop for supper.  Where did we go?  Why, McDonald's of course!  My poor baby was so tired after the long day that he fell asleep on the way home. 

Friday evening, mom, dad, and brothers Tyler and Drake arrived. It was a very late evening, but everyone was happy to see each other.  

I was up bright and early Saturday morning as I had to head to Logan for the Dane Hansen 44th Annual Arts and Craft Show. The morning went by very quickly, but then it got very warm in the afternoon.  I hadn't had a show for awhile, so my body wasn't quite used to the strain and I was quite tired by the time I had loaded everything up.  

Angie, my daughter, and Christi Schneider, have been best friends ever since they were four years old.  For the past several years, they have met up for a "Spa Day" for their birthdays.  After a nice relaxing afternoon at Rock Haven, everyone met up with them at Guiterrez's in Hays.  We had a nice evening with Christi, her friend Tracy and son Joeby, and of course Angie's family, Trent, Tyler, Drake, and Grant.  

After lunch on Sunday, it was time to say good-bye to my kiddos.  Of course, Grant would have loved to have stayed with his Grandma, and it was so sad to see him go, but he will be starting preschool this coming week, and many new experiences are waiting for him.  Later in the evening, Kelly, my son, and my grandson, Nathan, stopped by after a fun, hot day at the lake.  They were more than happy to eat some left over fried chicken and home-made ice-cream.  I had such a fun and busy week.  It was so nice to be "retired" and be able to do the many things that I have done and not worry about preparing for school! 

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