August 22, 2018 News

Birthdays: August 22, Riley Buster, Sara Dome, Dylan Harp; August 23, Laura Martin; August 24, Glenda Pfannenstiel, Derek Derr, Audra Bergquist, Madeline Rues, Sally Buster, Bryson Enslow; August 25, Jamie Casey, Kelli Casey, Brandon Grumbein, Marvin Wills; August 26, Chris Petz, Martin Pfannenstiel, Rodney Taylor, Freddie Taylor, Christi Conner, Gary Walker, Ava North, Lexi Legleiter; August 27, Grace Beisner; August 28, Dena Irvin, Crystal Hovey.

Anniversaries: August 24, Chuck and Cheryl Lamer; August 27, Jesse and Jolene Showalter, Patrick and Angela Murray.


Jail/ Museum News

Alicia Rues and Leigh Barrett dues and Blue and Gold donation.

Gifts The Kansas Clubwomen Magazine - January and February 1948.


The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade, an English novel from 1861. It is part of the collection of Howard R. Barnard #2650 Hampton Public Library with his initials H.R.B and his handwriting. Dewey System 823.39.

The Bend in the River by Susan Gibbs - Kansas 1877 - is a love affair between Shea Hawkshadow, a mixed-blood Cheyenne warrior, and Emma Jorden a seventeen year old orphan from Kansas. Her parents had met with a tragic death. Shea and Emma moved to the Indiana Territory from Kansas and finally to the State of Washington.

First white girl

To give equal time you are probably wondering about the first white girl in Kanas. She is Elizabeth Simmerwell. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simmerwell and their first child. They had been sent to the Shawnee Baptist mission by the Baptist Church to teach the Indians. Elizabeth attended the mission school with the Indian children and the other teachers' children. There was no high school at the mission so she had to go the Westport (Kansas City) to take a steamboat down the Missouri to the Mississippi to attend school in Illinois. She returned to Kansas to teach first the Indians and then in other schools. She married John Carter and they settled in Topeka. Her children never tired of hearing about their mother's early days in Kansas. From Early Days in Kanas by Bliss Isely


The annual Miller family reunion was held at Crosspoint Church in Hays last Saturday. Those in attendance included Gene Miller, Fred and Linda Shirk, Wes and Peggy Bacon, Mildred Mills, Addie Mills, Valerie Mills and Terry, Steve and Arlene Evans and family, Jim and Sharon Pogue, David and Kathy Brundage and family. A good time was had by all.

Addie Mills was an overnight guest of Jay Klee of Council Grove City Lake last Saturday. She had lunch with Christopher Zimmerman Sunday and also visited John Hyatt enroute home.

Shirley Higgins and Jean Oelkers attended the annual stockholders meeting of the Cooperative Grain and Supply Company in Bazine last Tuesday, August 14. The delicious meal was catered by Cuppa Joe in Ness City.

Ramona Funk Smith, 88, Denver, passed July 25, 2018. She is survived by two children & her brother Robert & Marlene Funk.

KSHSAA held an officiating volleyball clinic in Hutchinson Saturday morning. The clinic was organized by Jerry Higgins. There were thirty-two officials attending.

Mitchell, Sandra and Priscilla Jacobs motored to Cedar Bluff Lake Sunday, August 12 where they met and visited with Richard Wittman from Colorado. He had some time off from work and decided to come to Cedar Bluff.

Golf News We had our 3 man scramble at MCC on Sunday, August 19th. 27 golfers showed up to participate. We had to delay the start by 30 minutes because of rain. That’s right. Rain. To top it all, the temperature was in the 70’s and the course was green and soft and beautiful. The dog days in Rush county I guess.

Anyway, we had a great time. Afterwards, a delicious spaghetti lunch was served by the Anderson clan to benefit the McCracken swimming pool. Great food, great cause and good friends. Thanks from all of the golfers!

The winners of the hole prizes were a couple of our senior golfers, Richard Showalter and Dennis Brungardt. Skill over brawn. Way to go fellow seniors! The winners of the tournament were: 1st place Championship Flight—Ty Elias, Sean Peters, and Butch Harp.

2nd place Championship Flight—Brian Yohe, Mike Felder, and Richard Showalter. 1st place 1st Flight—Smoky Fairbanks, Larry Kraft, and Lane Pfanenstiel. 2nd Place 1st Flight—Adrian Ramirez, Devon King, and Ryan Webbs.
The Alexander Fire Department is having a benifit 4 person scramble at MCC on Saturday, August 25th at 9:30 AM. Come try to hit a golf ball in a fireman’s coat!

Also on that Saturday, August 25th evening at 5:30 pm, the Sons of the American Legion are having a taco feed/buffet at the McCracken American Legion. Another situation of great food, great cause, and good friends. Make plans to wear your comfortable eating clothes and to eat you share!

Nicole Tacha celebrated her 22 birthday with a Taco night on Saturday: Lucas Gatten, Phil and Sharon Gatten Luke’s parents, two of his brothers: Brad and Jake Gatten, our family friends Brad and Gina Burks, Cameron, Courtney, Elliott, and Wrigley Horesky. Sunday evening they attended the Toto concert: Mom and Dominic, Nicole, Lucas and his parents Phil and Sharon Gatten.

History Notes

On a personal note; I remember on August 18, 1944, our family received notice that my uncle, Francis “Fritz” Lovitt had been killed in action in France during WWII. The grocer, Del Klema delivered the telegram to the farm. The family decided not to share the news of his death with my grandmother, Mary Lovitt, as she had a stroke. I remember the day being hot, windy, and very dry with a layer of dust covering the yard. I was 10 years old, but can recall the events of that day as if it were just yesterday.October 1989 Jonathan Gilbert Chapter of the DAR was held in the new McCracken Library. In honor of the 50th anniversary, Representative Pat Roberts sent the chapter a flag that had flown over the US Capitol building; Raymond and Dorothy Weltmer will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on October 29. They were married October 26, 1939 in St. John; November 1989: The “Cubs” co-ed volleyball team placed second in the Bison volleyball tournament. Team members are Bob Archer, Neal and Amy Jacobs, Duane and Linda Moeder, Jerilyn Stull and Diane McFarren; Ann Elias Scheuerman, 54, died October 13, 1989; an early freeze, light yields and light test weights are words to describe this season’s milo harvest; Mary Ann Moran and Fern Fischgrabe were recognized for their years of service with the Senior Companion program in Hays; Cecilia Wheeler Irvin is the new postmaster of the Inman post office.


Patricia Petz:

Monday was the last day that Drake could stay at the farm with me before he had to head back to school.  After we took care of a few things at home, we packed up and headed for Great Bend, where we enjoyed lunch at McDonald's. We picked up a few school supplies and then headed to McPherson so that he would be in time for football practice.  Unfortunately, it began to rain shortly after we got there and the practice was cancelled.  I decided to spend the night and traveled back home early Tuesday morning.  Because of all of the recent rains, the drive was so beautiful.  The fields and pastures couldn't have looked any greener.  It sure was a change from the usual dried up and brownish color that is normal during August. 

I will be needing to renew my teaching certificate next year if I want to continue to be a substitute at the schools.  So Tuesday, I attended the Inservice meeting at the High School.  Both sessions were very enjoyable and I was able to leave with several good lessons for the upcoming year. It was great to be able to visit with and have lunch with teachers that I had not seen since May. 

Mowing was a priority on Wednesday due to all of the nice rains that we've been having.  I couldn't believe how tall the grass had gotten and it took me nearly the whole day to get through it all. 

By Thursday, I needed to make a trip to Hays to get my tooth looked at.  I don't think that there is any thing worse than a toothache and a headache that goes along with it.  Fortunately, the x-rays didn't seem to show anything, so the Doctor just put me on an antibiotic to take care of the infection in my gums.  I hope that will take care of it, because I don't like pain very well.

A lot of students started back to school either on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this past week.  I don't know about the kids, but I think the summer went by just too fast!  My grandchildren seemed to be super excited to get back into a routine and be with their friends once again.  Kameron Petz started his 6th grade year at Hays Middle School and Kallynn Petz began her year as a junior at Hays High.  Tyler Timson will be attending K-State as a freshman, Drake Timson will be a third grader and Grant Timson will be a Kindergartner at Lincoln Elementary in McPherson.  I enjoyed seeing all of the families posting their children on Facebook for their first day back pictures.  

I never would have believed it, but I had to sub the second day of school due to a teacher having to take their child to the doctor.  I got along fine and the kids didn't seem to mind that I was their teacher. After school, I visited with my mom for a awhile and then I needed to get home to take care of some things.

I left very early for the 45th Annual Dane G. Hansen Arts & Crafts Fair at Logan on Saturday.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  The weather was nice and a lot of people came out to show their support for this event.  After the show, I met my daughter, Angie and her family and Christi Schneider at Guiterrez's for supper.  Angie and Christi were celebrating Christi's birthday by going to Rock Haven to be pampered.  After our meal we were invited to Wes and Sandy Oakley's in Hays to help celebrate my great-grandson's fifth birthday.  We enjoyed cake and ice-cream with Easton Windholtz and his dad Nathan.  Others in attendance were:  grandparents, Kelly and Melanie Petz, Nicholas, Kallynn, and Kameron, Tim and Christian Nunnery and family, Seth and Brandi Oakley and family, and Trent and Angie Timson, Drake and Grant. 

Unfortunately, Sunday became a very stressful day. The Timson's always bring their pet dogs, Tessa and Bella, German Shorthair Pointers, to the farm. They were left out early in the morning to go to the bathroom.  However, when we checked for them an hour later, they were no where to be found.  They were searched for for nearly ten hours, when Bella was finally found by my son, Kelly and grandson, Drake, about four miles east of my farm. Needless to say, everyone was overjoyed to find Bella, but we were so saddened that Tessa could not be found.  Angie, Trent, and the boys had to head back to McPherson heartbroken, so that they could go to work and go to school on Monday.  We will continue to search for and pray that Tessa finds her way back to the farm.  Angie and Trent have had Tessa for over nine years and is just like part of their family.  Isn't it amazing how you can become so attached to your pets?  I hope we'll have good news to report next week! 

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