August 16, 2017 News

Birthdays: August 16, Kari Groff, Ann Schutte, Tena Barber, Gary Anderson, Leslie Underwood, Hattie Enslow, Silas Albers; August 17, Megan Janke, Howard Yost, Sharla Albers; August 18, Chuck Lamer; August 19, Ann Baus, Robin Pfannenstiel, Kerry Desbein, Samuel Hurt; August 20, Pam Seltman, Carl Rosenlund, Nicole Tacha; August 21, Angela Moran, Ursula Butler, Brandt Rogers; August 11, Riley Buster, Sara Dome, Dylan Harp.

Logan North spent last week in Colorado at FFA Chapter Officer Leadership Training. Logan is the 2017-2018 Secretary for the Ellis FFA Chapter. After the work was finished, fun activities included white water rafting and hiking.

Brandon North entered a fuel trailer at the Russell and Rush County Fairs. His project was completed this year in vo-ag class at Ellis High School. The tank holds 525 gallons of diesel and 110 gallons of DEF. He will be taking the trailer to the Kansas State Fair also.

Cecil Lloyd Mills, Converse, Louisiana, was a Friday visitor of Addie Mills and an overnight guest of Marty and Tina Mills.

The Mills-Miller reunion was held at Golden Corral at Hays on Saturday. Members of the late Raymond, Mills, Williard Mills, Cecil Mills, Kenneth Mills and the Miller families were in attendance.

True story, Laura (North) Martin left Fort Worth Friday afternoon to drive to Kansas to visit Mom and Dad (Arlyn and Jan North) Somewhere in between she stopped to get gas. She noticed 3 sheriff's vehicles when she pulled up to the pump, but thought nothing of it. As she started pumping the gas, 6 sheriff deputies descended on the pickup truck right on the other side of the pump she was using. Before she had pumped 20 gallons of gas, the 2 men AND THE DOG in the truck had been arrested for possession of meth with intent to sell, unlawful possession of a firearm, and open container. The big, black, undernourished dog was taken into custody for open container as well since the owner had poured beer in the dog's dish on the floorboard of the pickup. Even the officers were chuckling to themselves about the dog with the open container. A very peaceful incident/arrest. And of course, the dog was taken into custody because they couldn't just leave him there…Don't think the charges of unlawful possession of firearms or meth will stick against the dog. The men were both wearing multiple firearms on their persons and the dog had none on his body. Dog was definitely guilty with open container, though. She saw it with her own eyes. You handled it perfectly, professionally, respectfully, safely, compassionately….and everyone all got a little chuckle…dog in custody for open container.

Another list of memorials will be in next week's paper for the Jail/Museum. The museum is a member of Kansas Historical Foundation of Topeka, The Society of Friends of Historic Fort Hays, and Kansas Museums. Each year we file an Annual Report with the State of Kansas and a Not For Profit Corporation Annual Report with the Secretary of State's Office. A Financial Report is available at the Jail/Museum. We had a balance on July 1, 2017 in the general fund of $10,378.30 and in the Blue and Gold Club $7,750.00 for a total of $18,128.30. The July 2017 memorials, donations, Blue and Gold and memberships are not reflected in the total.

Sarah Martin just completed a summer internship with Textron in Fort Worth, Texas. She was able to complete the automation project she was given, having to work with other employees in different Textron offices worldwide. Textron is a multi-faceted corporation owning a majority of aircraft companies - Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Beechcraft to name a few. She is getting her computer science degree at Kansas State University. She will be a senior and should graduate in May 2018. She is the daughter of Ronn and Laura (North) Martin.

Ronn and Laura Martin have been here for a week visiting their son, Aidan. After spending the week with Grandma and Grandpa and her brother, Aiden, Sarah will leave from McCracken to go to Manhattan.

The Shake and Bake slo-pitch softball team played in the Bazine picnic tournament Saturday and Sunday. Team members were: Jordan, Kenton, Bracy, Kyra, Bryant, Zach, Emma, Danton, Kayci and Mykela. They went 3-2.

Clinton, Tara and Harlow Swan, Amanda and Josh Pierce, J.J., Toby and Ben, Kansas City, arrived Saturday morning for the Timken Fireman’s Picnic. They were here to honor their friend, Jerry Sipes.

Our sympathy to Eddie Schuckman and family on the death of their wife and mother, Roberta Schuckman. Her funeral was held Friday in St. Michael’s Church, LaCrosse.

1984 History Notes:

An Alumni basketball tournament was held at the MHS gym, Saturday and Sunday. Teams were coached by ‘Babe’ Gilbert, Glenn Conner, R.B. Hayes and Mark Miller. Players were Lonnie Irvin, Jerald Grumbein, Jim Casey, Mark McCormick, Mike Conner, Mark Baus, Kellye Irvin, Chris Jones, Jim Rein, Rod Taylor, Rick Schwindt, Dan Conner, Jerry Higgins, Steve Foreman, Jeff McCormick, Mike Stull, Bob Foster, Mark Derr, Myron Schuckman, Daryl Casey, Jerry Casey, Shannon McKinney, Neal Jacobs, Doug Elias, John Brack, Dave Rogers, John Elmore, Chuck Higgins, Les Rogers, Layne Morgan, Joe Conner and Craig Stull. During the game the alumni band directed by Arlene Gilbert and Gloria Blackwell added to the spirit of the day. Members of the band were Jan North, Cheryl Foreman, Robin Schuckman, Janice Stull, Nancy Wiebe, Debbie Schuckman, Sandy Irvin, Debbie Rogers, Kayla Higgins, Ellen Davis, Kerri Morgan, Patti Swartz, Sabrina Higgins, Kim Brackney, Joe Conner and Tammy Higgins. A public dance was held Saturday night with the Foster Brothers band playing; Those participating at the grade school music festival were Melissa Morgan, Treva Wilson, Brett Gilbert, Tom Hayes, Kim Cao, Heath North, Billy Harp, Joel Miller,Kelly Petz, Lynnette Harp, Bryan Bergquist, Reed Blackwell; Kris Bromlow placed 1st, Laura North 2nd and Susan Thompson 3rd in the Voice of Democracy contest. Others participating were Shawn Baus, Butch Hayes, Chris Casey, Michele Moran, Janice Deppetschmidt and Paula Crawshaw; Population of McCracken is 321; Hampton-Fairview township 146, Rush County 4,594.


Patricia Petz

Have you ever gone on vacation and then return feeling completely exhausted?  That's the way I felt almost the entire week!  I had so much to do, but it was hard for me to get things accomplished! 

Tuesday, I attended the funeral of Lane Burk, who had been a former student of mine.  His funeral was well attended by many family members and friends.  May he rest in peace. 

Saturday morning I picked up my mom, Mary Steitz, and we headed for Goddard.  Morgan Foos, my great-niece, was celebrating  her eleventh birthday with an awesome luncheon served with beautiful cupcakes.  Morgan is the daughter of Jeremy and Lisa Foos, the granddaughter of De.Wayne and Vicky Foos of La Crosse and the great-granddaughter of Mary Steitz.  We had a fun time at her party.  Afterwards, mom and I took off for McPherson to spend the night at Trent and Angie Timson's.  We had a nice evening visiting and then Sunday morning mom and I attended mass at St. Joseph's Church.  Before we left McPherson, we had to pack a suitcase for my youngest grandson, Grant.  He decided that if Drake got to spend a week with Grandma Pat this summer, that it indeed was the time for him to do the same.  After the long drive home, his first reply was, "I'm so glad that I'm at your house, Grandma Pat." I'm sure that we'll have lots of fun this week.  

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