August 8, 2018 News

Birthdays: August 8, Shane Anderson; August 9, Cindy Walker Cannatella, Brian Harp; August 10, Maribeth Casey; August 11, Garrison Herdman, Roxene Fletcher, Jim Rein; August 12, Melissa Lamer, Kara Norlin, Marsha Healy, Dennis Walker; August 13, Michael Morgan, Ashleigh Allen, Paytyn Dimick; August 14, Matt Pfannenstiel, Brian Legleiter, Katherine P. Kerney

Anniversaries: August 8, Jerry and Jodi Higgins, Rick and Tina Barber; August 9, Flynn and Audra Holland; August 10, Frank and Sarah Foster, Chad and Tammy McAllastar, Mitchell and Robin Pfannenstiel; August 11, Seth and Jami Albers; August 12, Kevin and Janet Miller, Martin and Mary Higgins; August 13, John and Janice Stull, Pat and Jackie Casey, Nathan and Michelle Swanson.

Correction: Anniversary: August 5, Kerry and Sheila Desbein.

Mary Ann Quinoness and Addie Mills were guest of Wilma Jacobs for coffee and blueberry muffins on Wednesday afternoon.

Ben and Jackson Mills celebrated their 4th birthday on Saturday at the home of their grandparents, Danny and Marilyn Mills, of Gorham. Their shirts read 4-nado and pictured a tornado. Others in attendance were Sarah and Ryan Mills, Brandon Mills, Addie Mills, Gene and Linda Mick, Lee and Denelle Mick and their two grandsons and Rita and Cindy Moritz.

Greg and Sheila Hinman stopped by to bring Greg's letter sweater from McCracken High School for the museum exhibit. It has patches for football and basketball including the State Champion 1-A patch for 1971-72. Also included is his M patch and all his medals including baseball and years participating in each sport. It will be on loan for the McCracken High School exhibit at the Jail/Museum for this year. The letter sweaters were gold.

Mike, Susan and Shannon Keith and Carolyn Thompson returned from a trip to Oahu, Hawaii. They celebrated Mike and Susan's 25th wedding anniversary and Susan's 50th birthday. They were also able to attend R. B. Hayes'memorial service via streaming on July 28 from Mankato, KS.

Our sympathy to the family on Howard N. Yost who died July 29, 2018. Howard was a devoted reader of the Rush County News and he always commented on it when we would visit him at his booth at Big Creek Crossing in Hays.
Our sympathy to the family of Maryann Singleton Bucl who died July 11, 2018 in Lenexa. She was the daughter of Walter and Mary Singleton. Dr. Singleton was a doctor in McCracken .

Carl and Velma Legleiter stole the show at the Rush County Fair Thursday night. Singer Ronnie McDowell asked for the longest married couple to be recognized. He was surprised when he understood Carl to say 56 years. Carl replied "It is 66" years"! When Ronnie asked Velma what it was like to live with this man for that long she replied "exciting". Carl did a great job serenading Velma with "Blueberry Hill". It was a crowd pleaser.

Visiting St. Mary’s Catholic Church this past week by the request of Mike Felder, Brownell, were the following group. Susan Payne and Joan Halbleib Rupp,, Greeley, CO; Lisa Hall, Eaton, CO; Josie Hannaings, Wendsor, CO; Louis and Rosann Felder, Wakeeney, KS; Paula Felder Clayten, Overland Park, KS; Judi Halbleib Kingry, Oakville, Ontario, Canada and Mike Felder. Upon entering the church Judi made the comment that she attended catechism, as it was call back in those days, in the basement of the church. A lot of questions were asked with a lot of picture taking. A couple of religious artifacts were brought to their attention; one being a Communion Plate which was donated by V. Halbleib. They were also shown the beautiful Roman Monstrance donated by the Joseph Halbleib family. When they were leaving the church Louis and Rosann told Phyllis that they were married in the church 67 years ago.

Thursday evening Cathy Casey and Shirley Higgins attended the RC Fair and enjoyed listening to Jimmie Dee and the Fabulous Destinations. The group originated in Victoria and is a member of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. My kids listened to this music when they were in High School and also when they attended Ft. Hays State College.

Congratulations to Lillian McGaughey who competed with the Hays Striders in the AAU Missouri Valley Conference regional track meet in Joplin, Missouri in late June. She placed first in javelin, first in high jump in her age division. She competed in the AAU Junior Olympics in Des Moines, IA this past weekend. Lillian is the daughter of Aaron and Leslie McGaughey, LaCrosse and granddaughter of Rob and Helene McGaughey, McCracken.

Roy and Kathleen Langdon, and grandson Cory, Booneville, MO spent several days in McCracken relaxing and enjoying the Fair. Cory met some new friends and enjoyed swimming in the pool.

History Notes: 1989

July: Rains and weeds are ruining the 1989 wheat crop. Farmers in the McCracken area have been waiting over a week to get back into the fields. Ninety percent of the custom cutters left over the week-end; the KSRA Open Rodeo begins at the Mustang Arena July 14-15, rodeo stock is provided by Mike Kuntz, Quinter; there were 177 entries with a total payoff of $7,179 at the McCracken Rodeo; August: Sandy Taylor, Kim Brackney and Jerilyn Stull are members of the Callahans softball team in LaCrosse; Chris and Chad Irvin and Jason Showalter are members of the LaCrosse Mets pee wee baseball team; Terry Musil is football coach for LaCrosse High School; Mayme McCormick celebrated her 101st birthday; Dee Gee Café team members captured first place atthe Rush County Fair softball tournament. Members are Steve Foreman, Steve Morrison, Larry Sander, Chuck Seaman, Donnie Dreher, Lonnie Irvin, Jerry Higgins, Kent Scheideman, Dave Wilson, Larry Schmidt, Don Reidel, Kellye Irvin, Chuck Higgins and Don Irvin; Tyrel Elias led the McCracken Middle School Band in the Homecoming parade in downtown LaCrosse.


Patricia Petz:

Fun, Fun, Fun... That was what everyone was having Wednesday evening at the 108th Rush County Fair.  I'm not much of a hot dog eater, but mom and I thoroughly enjoyed the hot dog feed that was provided by Golden Belt Telephone.  They sure were tasty!  We followed it up by having a nice dish of ice-cream courtesy of Nekoma State Bank.  Thanks and praise needs to be extended to both of these companies!  After viewing the exhibits and the vendors we settled back and enjoyed visiting with many friends and listening to the entertainment provided by Rusty Rierson and Ronnie McDowell.  This was a fun way to begin the Rush County Fair for many people.

Friday morning, mom and I headed to Dodge City to be vendors at the Dodge City Mall for Dodge City Days.  After setting up by noon, we had a nice day to show off my magnetic jewelry. Friday evening we had a delicious rib eye meal at the Casino, but decided to head back and enjoy the rest of our evening at the Motel instead of doing any gambling.  We were about to leave our Motel Saturday morning when we discovered that they were having the Longhorn Cattle Drive on Wyatt Earp Blvd.  It was such a nice treat to watch the Longhorns parading right in front of us.  The Wild West Heritage Foundation and Boot Hill Casino presented "The Largest Longhorn Cattle Drive" in Dodge City since the 1800's with more than 100 Longhorn cattle.  They are such majestic looking animals.  After the show on Saturday evening, mom and I ate supper with Bob and Lynn Litson, who were also vendors at the show.  We ate at an Italian restaurant on Wyatt Earp and shared lots of stories and fun times as we ate our awesome Italian meal.  Sunday morning, mom and I attended church at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  We were both surprised to have Father Reggie Urban as our priest for the mass. He always delivers such a wonderful message during the Homily.  Later we had gone to the Knights of Columbus Hall for a benefit breakfast (that served over 1200 people) and we were greeted by Father and had the pleasure of visiting with him throughout our breakfast.  Sunday was a very good show day and by the time we were all packed up, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.  We become more exhausted the longer the trip, but we had a very fun weekend.  Thanks, mom, for being such a great supporter.  I couldn't do it without you!

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