August 2, 2017 News

Birthdays: August 2, Katie Casey, Jerry Casey, Cheryl Hinman, Suzanne Azzarella, Thaddeus Albers; August 3, Aaron McGaughey; August 4, Jennifer House Johnson, Kelly Petz, Mary Higgins, Zachary Elmore, Benjamin Mills, Jackson Mills; August 5, Kimbra Herdman Melton; August 6, Frank Foster, Emily Keener, Coty Hinman, Mike Keith, Zaccary Hinman; August 7, Denise Fuller; August 8, Shane Anderson.

I forgot to mention that Jerry Higgins turned 60 on July 21.

Anniversaries: August 2, Babe and Arlene Gilbert, Mike and Sharolyn Legleiter; August 3, Ronn and Laura Martin; August 4, Mark and Ann Baus; August 5, Terry and Sheila Desbien; August 6, Heath and Paula North; August 8. Jerry and Jodi Higgins, Rick and Tina Barber.

Daryl and Barbara Casey of Copeland recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They were married at St. Mary of the Plains Church in Dodge City on July 30, 1977. They have four children Trina Lutters, Montezuma, Erin Myrtle, Fort Collins, CO; Garrett Casey, Lincoln, NE; and Dustin Casey, Seattle Washington. You may send a card to 1175 YY Road, Copeland, KS 67837.

Sherry Walker, a member of the Ness City American Legion Auxiliary Unit #152 was named Kansas Auxiliary Women of the Year at the State Convention.

Father Matthew Kumi officiated at the mass on Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church. This was his last mass at St. Mary's before he leaves for home in August. We very much appreciate the service he extended to us during his tenure in our tri-parishes. We wish him much success in his home country. Those helping with the service were Roy Conrad, Jeanette McCormick, Jean Schutte, Carolyn Thompson, Twila Higgins, Landon Barnes, Chuck Higgins, Michele Moran and Kyra Reece.

Democrat Governor Candidate for the State of Kansas, Josh Svaty, attended the Slack night at the rodeo. His scheduler Anna Hand, a recent graduate of Fort Hays State University from Ellsworth accompanied him on a four county tour. He is a 5th generation farmer.

For the next few weeks the Jail/Museum donations, memorials, memberships and Blue and Gold Club will be in the column. Blue and Gold Club, Diz Washaliski, Annette Chestnut, Red Dragon Distributing - R. Mike Pivonka, Cathie Ryan Shapiro and family, Galen Lee Oelkers, Sandra Emerson, Tomi and Tony Rues and family, Kay, David, Eric and Matthew Bleakley, Dwight and Sharolyn Eisenhour.

Memorials: Norma Jean Kirby from Lee Roy Schuckman; Oscar Lindblom Family from Mary Ann Tanking; O. S. and Alice Rogers and David Rogers from Walter and Jeanette Rogers; Ruth and Claude Stephens and Kathryn and Bard Stephens from Stephanie Stephens; Joyce Hunter from Holly Hunter Schkoda, Keith Schkoda, Stacy Schkoda and George Hunter; Anna Bergquist from Don and DeAnna Berquist and grandkids; Alvina McCormick Cole, Robert Foster, August Schutte from William A. Cole; Doc Davis, Carrie Davis House and Donna Davis Schuckman from Annette Chestnut; Al Rues from Les and Rose Diehl; Helen and Mac Showatler, Glenn and Icis Eisenhour from Larry and Joyce Eisenhour; Erman Oelkers from Shelly Oelkers; Valencia Machree Casey Jones from Thayne Jones; Anita Zeller Boatwright, Roy and Phyllis Conrad; Anna Bergquist, Jack Wilson from Verlene Wilson; Augie Schutte, Alvina Cole, Bob Foster and Bet McCormick from Jean Schutte; James Higgins from Sarena and Phyllis Higgins; B. C. and Vida Irvin from Linda Lee Bittel; Buck and Lucy Vogle from Mary McCormick; All our family and friends who have gone before from Galen Lee Oelkers; Wayne Alger from Jean Oelkers; Yawger and Akers families from Al and Judith Hugh; Bet McCormick from Jeanette McCormick; Glen and Icis Eisenhour from Dwight and Sharolyn Eisenhour.

Donations: Kent Bible, Jerald and Kathy Dugan, Jamie and Dennis Shell, Gerald Walkers, John Hanson, Al and Judith Hugh, Fran Work, Pam and Jerry Sipes, Les and Sheryl Rogers.

Memberships: Lee Roy Schuckman, Diz Washaliski, Don and DeAnna Bergquist, Audra Bergquist, Brycee Strickland, Blayke Mintner, Brodyee Mintner, Jerald and Kathy Dugan, William A. Cole, Annette Chestnut, Jay and Maureen Georg, Joyce and Larry Eisenhour, Lawrence and Bernadette Oelkers, Jamie and Dennis Shell, Shelly Oelkers, Dennis and Jeannie Elias, Phyllis and Roy Conrad, Kathy, Jim and Justin Coen, Jean Schutte, Ben and Nancy Anderson, Serena Higgins, Phyllis Higgins, Gerald R. Walker, Fred and Mary Anne Taylor, Ellen (Edith Moses) Blair, Linda Lee Bittel, Mary McCormick, Walter and Jeanette Rogers, John Hanson, Galen Lee Oelkers, Jean Oelkers, Marge Moran, Al and Judith Hugh, John and Sharon Irvin, Jeanette McCormick, Fran Work, Ray and David Bleakley, Erin Bleakley, Matthew Bleakley, Stephanie S. Stephens, Dwight and Sharilyn Eisenhour, Pam and Jerry Sipes, Les and Sheryl Rogers.

This past weekend Jeff and Anita Butler celebrated Thanksgiving at Love well Lake with Jeff's brothers and their families. Five cabins were rented, boating, swimming, fishing, games and of course turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy along with 29 family members were in attendance. One of the comments overheard was, "I love Thanksgiving in July!" Ursula then responded to her male cousins, "Ya, so remember we're doing it now and don't text me in November saying ' Hey, what are we doing for Thanksgiving?' This was the 2nd year and has been deemed an annual event. Just hope next year's isn't so hot!

Roy and Kathleen Langdon motored from their home in Boonville, Missouri Sunday. They stayed a couple of days in McCracken before traveling on to Colorado Springs.

Mark, Ann and Olivia Baus spent 2 weeks in Goiania, Brazil visiting Marcelo Lauar and family. Marcelo was an exchange student who lived with Mark’s family from January 1978 – July 1978. He “graduated” from MHS. While there, they visited numerous sites such as Pirenopolis and Cidade de Goias, two colonial style cities established by the early Portuguese colonists.

Sharon and Teresa Lovitt, Shirley Higgins, Anita Butler, Marlene Funk and Loretta Neyer traveled to the Shiloh Vineyard Thursday. It is located off the Voda exit west of Wakeeney. It includes a 100 year old barn which the owners have refurbished. You all need to check out this wonderful place.

Donna Hinman Miner, 92, died March 1, 2017 at Medicalodge in Arkansas City. She was born to Ralph and Mabel Plotner Hinman. She was a 1943 graduate of MHS. Graveside services were held in Fairlawn Cemetery, Hutchinson.
Galen Oelkers and his daughter, Lillian, Atlanta, were guests of his mother Jean Oelkers this past week. They came to McCracken and visited the Jail/Museum.

Rush & Ness County sympathy to the family (Pam & Sean) of Jerry Sipes who died recently in Bonner Springs. Jerry and his lovely wife Pam bought a farm south of Timken and became part-time residents of Rush County, mostly in the Timken area. He was a KCK retired cop, retiring in 2009 as Sergeant. His son Sean lives in the Hope area and is a railroad conductor. Funeral services are Friday 10 a.m. at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Kansas City.

McCracken History 1942

Grade School students: Alice Foster, Nathalie Dugan, Dorothy Elmore, Teresa Moran, Bennie Thompson, Wilfred Bieker, Lester Unrein, Thomas Birdsong, Robert Mullinex and Kenneth Thompson; Elevators are full and farmers are storing their wheat on the farms. Tests are from 51 on up and yields 15-25 bushels; Richard Moses left for Salina where he has employment; Four McCracken boys were inducted in the Army induction center in Pueblo, Frank Marak, Willard Mills, John W. Derr and Leland Benbow; Mary Higgins purchased the Klug property and the family moved to Pratt this week; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hardwick moved to the Charles Littler farm near Liebenthal; Robert and Munica Peters are the parents of a boy, Robert Eugene, born in Pratt; Junior Donecker and Clyde Hinman hitch-hiked to Geneso Sunday to visit some college friends; Art Names “tent theatre” will be in McCracken Monday; Alvin Maddy of Utica will be the superintendent of the McCracken Grade School. Teachers are Alvin Maddy, Lenna Haptonstall, Margaret Lovitt and Lucille Spreier.


Patricia Petz

Drake Timson, my grandson, and I had a very fun and busy week.  He was a real trooper helping me with yard work on Monday. After completing the mowing, and covering up holes in the yard, we started to clean out the hot tub so that we could have fun in it on Tuesday.  Most of the afternoon was spent splashing in the hot tub until we had to get ready to go to La Crosse.  Tuesday evening was spent visiting with friends and relatives at the Janousek Funeral Home.  We attended the rosary for Vernita Serpan.

On Wednesday, we attended the funeral of Vernita Serpan,who was the mother of my sister-in-law, Vicky Foos.  She had a beautiful service and afterwards we went to the luncheon at the Catholic Parish Center. Later that afternoon,  Drake and I visited with Great Grandma Mary Steitz and before we went to the farm, we went to visit Great Grandma Dolores at her farm in Mc Cracken. Drake was able to visit not only with Great Grandma Dolores, but he was able to play with his cousin Brooklyn Petz. When we returned home, Drake and Uncle Kelly were able to ride the four-wheeler to check the cows.  Drake was in seventh heaven!  

Thursday was an awesome day.  Drake and I went to Hays Precision Valley and played 18 holes of putt-putt with my grandson, Kameron Petz.  We found out that we had time to make it to the Hays Theatre at the Mall for the first showing of "The Emojii Movie," so off we went! Of course, the boys were thirsty and hungry after playing golf all afternoon, so we had to buy some water and a large box of popcorn.  The boys enjoyed the movie and as soon as it was over, they decided that they were hungry again.  They decided that they needed to go to Sonic where they could eat outside and play at their entertainment area. Kameron returned home and Drake and I needed to get some things at Wal-Mart before we headed home.  It was a very late night when we finally reached home.

On Friday, Drake and I had a number of things to take care of before we left the farm.  It was time to head back to McPherson. We stopped in to visit a little with Great Grandma Mary and then we headed for Great Bend where we had supper at the Chinese Restaurant.  We were stuffed when we left.  Everyone was so happy to see Drake when he returned home, especially his little brother, Grant.

This next week will be filled with fun and laughter as the Timson family, Trent, Angie, Tyler, Drake, Grant, and I are headed to Branson, Missouri.  We'll be leaving McPherson Saturday morning and will head for Stormy Point Village where we will have an exciting adventure waiting for us. I'll be sure to let you know about our trip when we return.  Have a great week, everyone! 

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