July 31, 2019 News
Birthdays:  July 31, Brenda Clancy; August 1, Betty Mills, Sandy Oakley; August 2, Katie Casey, Jerry Casey, Cheryl Hinman, Suzanne Azzarella, Thaddeous Albers; August 3, Aaron McGaughey; August 4, Jennifer Johnson, Kelly Petz, Mary Higgins, Zachary Elmore, Benjamin Mills, Jackson Mills; August 5, Kimbra Melton; August 6, Frank Foster, Emily Kenner, Coty Hinman, Mike Keith, Zaccary Hinman.
Anniversaries:  July 31, Lee and Debra Oelkers, Clark and Nicole Kirk; August 2, Babe and Arlene Gilbert (60), Mike and Sharolyn Legleiter; August 3, Ronn and Laura Martin; August 4, Mark and Ann Baus; August 5, Kerry and Sheila Desbien; August 6, Heath and Paula North.
Congratulations to Babe and Arlene Gilbert on their 60th wedding anniversary.
Additional donations to the Jail/Museum:  Members and donations from Roger and Brenda Legleiter and John R. Gilger.

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