July 18, 2018 News

Birthdays: July 18, Mary Anne Taylor, Bryant Reece, Sean Peters; July 19, Stacy Rues, Donald Casey; July 20, Cecilia Gilbert, Peggy Janke, Craig Stull, Lisa Legleiter, Joan Micheli; July 21, Jerry Higgins, Anthony Mills; July 22, Brett Gilbert, Rick Keady, Michele Moran, Matthew Stull, Ron Casey, Trace Brackney; July 23, Larry Hinman, Marilyn Mills, Shiloh Tomlinson, Melanie Petz; July 24, Misty Irvin, Chandler Allen.

Anniversaries: July 18, Dale and Celeste Davis, Jeff and Anita Butler; July 21, Jim and Karin Casey, Edgar and Carolyn Schadel; July 23, Bryan and Kelsee Hirsch; May 24, Mike and Susan Keith (25).

Laura Wierman and Lynn Hinman attended the funeral for June Fletcher Bible Bell at McPherson. June was the McCracken Public Librarian for many years in the library located across the street from the present library. She was an elegant lady and so friendly. She loved singing in the Messiah. One of her special friends was the late Lorraine Ryan. She seemed ageless and we will all miss her.

We honor Rita Moran Pumillia, the last of the children of William and Rosa (Marak) Moran. She was laid to rest following mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church in McCracken at St. Mary's Cemetery a week ago Monday. Roslyn (Roz) Moran Bethke, her niece , gave a beautiful tribute in her memory at the Mass. Roz was a former English teacher at McCracken High School. She gave a copy to be placed in the museum notebooks. All of Rita's siblings except Marcy Wendling are buried on the west side of the cemetery together. May her soul rest in peace.

On Friday the community, family and friends attended the memorial service at the gravesite in McCracken City Cemetery for Tony Harp near the grave of his brother Bill Harp. The family were led into the half staff flag lined cemetery by friends and relatives on motorcycles. The Bazine Legion and the McCracken West-Burch American Legion Post 59 and the Sons of the American Legion made up the honor guard. Bazine also had a line of American flags on both sides of the honor guard. Dale Snyder officiated at the service and Roxene Fletcher read the poem “God Blessed the Farmer with a Family”, a tribute to Tony. Honorary Urn Bearers were Mike Conner, Dave Derr, Frank Foster, Kenny Foster, Ron Johnson, Howard McNair, Jim Muller and Sean Peters A two tour veteran of the Vietnam War, this definition of a Veteran is as follows, “A veteran is someone who, at one point in one's life, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America, for an amount of up to and including my life. That is honor, and there are way too many people in this Country who no longer understand it”. Author Unknown. Tony was a talented athlete at McCracken High School and was a State Scholarship winner in Geometry and Algebra. He retired as a Math Teacher from LaCrosse High School. Our sympathy to his family and everyone who loved him.

The trail ride was a big success. The horses and mules were joined by ATV's through the Yawger Ranch. Following the ride the group enjoyed lunch. There were 42 on the ride. Ramrods were Lynn Kochenower and Bill Ficken.

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The rodeo Mass at St. Mary's was held on Saturday.  Father Matthew Kumi officiated.  Servers were Landon Barnes and Lillian McGaughey. Ray Wierman was cross bearer.  Collections and gifts were Jason Moran and Mike Keith.  Susan Keith, organist with Michele Moran as soloist. Sacristan, Roy Conrad, rosary Faith Sharing members.  We were pleased to have such a nice turnout.


Tammy Horesky was the driving force behind our wonderful display at the Museum during rodeo weekend. We are grateful for those who paid dues, purchased history books, mustang pins and can koozies that read 'Once a Mustang Always a Mustang' and donated generously. We are indebted to all those who took time to donate or loan items, help set up the display, sell can koozies at the golf tournament, make repairs and clean up the museum grounds. Without the hard work and support of everyone, our successful weekend would not have been possible. A financial accounting which is required by law is available for pick up at the museum. The display will remain up until rodeo next year, so if you did not get to come due to all the busy activities of the weekend, please call any of the committee and we will open the museum. Numbers are on the door. The Officers are Carolyn Thompson, Rose Rues Diehl and Shirley Higgins, Trustees Phyllis Conrad, Tamera Horesky, Susan Keith, Charmaine Wolfe, Honorary Trustees, Lynnette Doornbos, Tim Rues and Bob Wolfe.

Dues paid:

Marilyn Sommers, Kayla Weskamp, John and Janice Stull, Craig Stull, Pat Derr, Juanita Caviness, Roslyn Bethke, Al and Judy Hugh, Adelaide Mills, John and Sharon Irvin, Linda Bittel; Jerry, Jodi, Tanner and Jenna Higgins, Shirley Higgins.


Vic Higgins by Kayla Westkamp; Yawger and Akers Families by Al and Judy Hugh; Maurice and Cellie Klee by Adelaide Mills; B. C. and Vida Irvin and Lonnie Irvin by Linda Bittel, Johnny Walker by Shirley Higgins.


Craig Stull and Roslyn Bethke.

Blue and Gold:

Linda Bittel.


The City of McCracken had about .90 of rain Sunday evening. Those north, west and east of town stayed dry, some rain fell south of town. Would have been extra nice had it rained all over Western Kansas!! But am thankful for what we received.

Tom Rues, Concord, NH arrived for a week’s visit with relatives in McCracken. He DROVE from Concord, 1, 943 miles.

Frank Foster, Colorado was a weekend guest of Roxene and J.W., Kenney Foster spent the weekend in the hospital. Hopefully he was to be released Monday.

Kayla Weskamp and Lynn Vogel, Springfield arrived this past week as Lynn’s cousin, Marci Leon from Quinter met her in Hays to spend a few days. They came back to McCracken Tuesday then left for Springfield that afternoon.

Lance McCormick put up the Flags on Main Street for the weekend.

Twenty-seven teams played at the annual rodeo golf tournament Saturday, July 14. The Championship flight winners were Erik Ellis, Drew Pfannenstiel, Westen Vogel and Dillon McVicker with a 27; 2nd place Dustin Bain, Zach Carafieo; Dylan Gross, Cory Webber with a 28. A tie for third and fourth between Les Diehl, Martin Higgins, Kevin Anderson, Pat Salisbury; and Neal Jacobs, Jaden Jacobs, Andrew Taylor, Gabe Diekerson; both teams shot 29. In the 1st flight 4 teams all tied in shooting a 30. A score card tie breaker was used to determine the following places in the 1st flight. Winners were Brian Yohe, Taylor Yohe, Shane Miller, Darby Schwartzkopf; 2nd place went to Jason Pavlu, Chad Oberhelman, Ryan Martin, Curtis Albers; 3rd place went to Tyson Pivonka, Jessica, Jason and Amanda Showalter; 4th place went to Tony Gal, Mark Gal, Landin Felholeter, Austin Berry. In the 2nd flight 4 teams all tied shooting a 33. A score card tie breaker was also used to determine the following places in the 2nd flight. Winners were Bruce Davis, Addie Kershner, Brett Herrman, Keldon Day; 2nd place went to Treva & Bryan Bergquist, John Horesky, Jerry Higgins; 3rd place went to Shelby & Gage Burk; Rando & Mike Legleiter; 4th place went to Brent Tuzicka, Dennis Shell, Clinton Swan, Jeff Jennings; Other teams participating were: Ryan Webs, Dustin Matal, Bryan Scheib, Lyal Miller; Trent Witthuhn, Josh, Vicky, Jed Bain; Preston Pfannenstiel, Ross Reinert, Dustin Myers, Travis Rein; Randy Steoecklein, Jeff Werth, Dennis Brungardt, Brett Corsair; Scott & Kellye Irvin, Tanner Yohe, Tyler Trucer; Bryan Murry, Chad, Cystal & Kaden Foust; Luke Higgason, Anton Foust, Maitland Viltfe, Tessa Jacobs Taylor; Lisa Day, Brian, Mike, Jen Harp; Sean Peters, Jan Keith, Mike Felder, Todd Walker; Cole Kershner, Jasey Woods, Jack Garcia, Cody Lee; Blake Peters, Billy Sanders, Karl Wilson, Jacob Chrest; Lane Pfannenstiel, Scott Foos, Gene Erb, Matt Kraft; Kody Burn, Mitch Pope, Lance & Garrett McCormick; Ty Elias, Clayton Kershner, Mike & Taylor Stull; Doran Kendall, David Kaster, Spanky McGaughey. Thanks to all our participants in helping make another successful rodeo weekend golf tournament. The little bit of rain we received the night before settled the dust in the morning and made for a comfortable start to the tournament. We were also finished by 1:30! We look forward to seeing all of you again next year! A big shout out to Crystal Foust for helping sell the “Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang” koozies after the tournament and to those that bought them! The proceeds went to the McCracken Museum.

There was a smaller crowd of overnight family and friends at Grandma Shirley’s house this weekend. A wedding in Hoisington, Kenny Chesney at Arrowhead, and other commitments kept the numbers considerably lower. Guests were Tammy and John Horesky; Kayla, Lindsey and Nicole; their Nortonfriends Nicquel McVay and Jesika Smith; and Jerry. Chuck made it back from South Dakota after spending a week there for Farm Bureau around 11 on Friday night.

The Kansas City crew consisted of Jeff and Liz Jennings, with granddaughter Rylee; Dennis and Jamie Shell, along with grandchildren Toby, Ben and Harlow; Clinton Shell along with Emily and Wayne Bright and daughter Isabelle.

Guests of Hoop and Twila Higgins were Mike and Nancy Wiebe; their son Ryan, his wife Maureen, their children Oliver, Tommy, Kellan, and Rosalie; younger son Aaron and his friend Amber Carpenter.

A 60th birthday get-to-gather was held for Mike Conner at the home of Roy Langdon in McCracken. Those attending were: Mitchell, Nikki, Bryce & Natalie Conner, Christy Schneider & Family, Lori Woods, daughter Courtney and grandbaby, Les & Sheryl Rogers, Chase, Carin & Lincoln Rogers, Darrell & Sherry Herman and other friends.

Guests at Rose and Les Diehl were Sue Schuster, Colorado, Pat and Vicki Salsburg,Topeka; they sure missed Nancy and Richard Baker. (So did I!!)

Those at Cathy and Ron Casey’s were Alex, John, Catherine and Tom Rues.

Guests of Pris Jacobs were Jaden, Jenna, Hadley (Had) and Hudson (Hud), Neal and Amy Jacobs, Tessa and Andy Taylor, Mitchell Jacobs, Crystal, Chad, Kaden and Anton Foust and Sandra Jacobs.

The a/c in Charlie’s Service sure feels great when it is 100* outside. Makes for GREAT loafing! Guests of Arky and Diana McNair Rodeo week end were Galen Watkins and friend Darlene.

Over Rodeo weekend Roy and Phyllis Conrad had Jamie Conrad & her daughter Amber Ski from Lake City, Ark. and on Sunday they met Mike Hopper and Barbara Disney from Goodland for lunch. Mike and Barb were on their way to Saline to a State Fish and Game workshop. Amber loved the sheep ride but she ended up under the sheep. They loved the rodeo very much.

History Notes:

1988: Wheat production in Kansas was down 13% from 1987. This was the lowest since 1981. Swim for heart was held at the McCracken Pool this week. Those participating were Lindsay Groff, Megan Carpenter, Donnie Wittman and Tyrel Elias. Story Hour is being held Wednesdays at the McCracken Library. Bernie Taylor is the leader. Children attending this week were Mitchell Conner, Allen Morgan, Debbie and Jessie Justice, Crystal Ryan, Jonathan and LaDella Baumgartner, Emily and Valerie Rogers, Aaron McGaughey, Chase Rogers, Adam, Anthony and Ashley Taylor, and Brian Fear. Kellye, Sandra and Anna Irvin now reside on the corner of Third and Ash Street as Kellye replaced Curt Carpenter with Centel Power Company. Curt, Denise and family have moved to Great Bend. Fredrick Taylor and Kimberly Serpan were united in marriage October 1, 1988 in St. Mary’s Catholic Church in McCracken. Lonnie Irvin is coaching girl’s high school basketball in Texas. Teresa Moran and Loretta Moran returned home Tuesday night from a trip to Rome.


Patricia Petz:

This week went by entirely too fast!  I guess when you have many things to do, time flies by rather quickly.  Tuesday, I had to run several errands in Hays.  After I had things taken care of, I traveled to Ellis to visit with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz, and my sister in-law Sherry Witthuhn.  We celebrated Sherry's birthday by having a pizza for supper.  It was nice visiting with both of them. 

I had a surprise visitor at the farm Wednesday afternoon.  My grandson, Nicholas Petz, stopped by to say hi and we had a nice visit before I had to leave for La Crosse.  After some business was completed, I stopped in to visit with Bob and Lynn Litson and then stopped by to visit with Lynnette Doornbos.  Later that evening, I had a Liturgy meeting to attend at the parish center.  Then I was invited to have supper at mom's.  De. Wayne and Vicky Foos, and Jendee Dalton were also guests for the evening.  Of course, mom out did her self by making my favorite meal:  fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, biscuits, and raisin crème pie.  I went home feeling completely stuffed!

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.  It occurs when the 13th day of the month in the Gregorian calendar falls on a Friday, which happens at least once a year but can occur up to three times in the same year.  In 2017, it occurred twice, in 2018, it also occurred twice on April 13th and July 13th.  There will be two Friday the 13ths, every year until 2020, where 2021 and 2022 will have just one occurrence in August and May respectively. Fortunately, I did not have any bad luck throughout the day.

There were many people that honored Tony Harp by being at his services at the Mc Cracken Cemetery on Friday.  There were many who rode their motorcycles from the Legion and many Legion members assisted with the ceremony.  Everyone was invited to a luncheon at the Legion following the services.  It was a nice time to visit with family and to see many friends that I hadn't seen for quite some time. 

After the luncheon, I headed to La Crosse and visited with mom before I headed to McPherson. Should have some fun times over the weekend!

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