July 17, 2019 News

Birthdays: July 17, LeRoy Herdman, Jordan Taylor, Zachary Peach; July 18, Mary Anne Taylor, Bryant Reece, Sean Peters; July 19, Stacy Rues, Donald Casey; July 20, Cecelia Gilbert, Peggy Janke, Craig Stull, Lisa Legleiter, Joann Micheli (90); July 21, Jerry Higgins, Anthony Mills; July 22, Brett Gilbert, Rick Keady, Michele Moran, Matthew Stull, Ron Casey, Trace Brackney; July 23, Larry Hinman, Marilyn Mills, Shiloh Tomlinson, Melanie Petz.

Anniversaries: July 28, Dale and Celeste Davis, Jeff and Anita Butler; July 21, Jim and Karin Casey, Edgar and Carolyn Schadel; July 23, Bryan and Kelsee Hirsch.

Congratulations to Joann Micheli on her 90th birthday. Please drop her a note.

Congratulations to the Class of 1959 on their 60th anniversary. There were five members in the class and they are all going strong. They are Gerald Barnes, Judy Whitis Carver, Melissa House, Janice Myers Stull and Allen Showalter.

Those helping at church on Saturday were Father Stephen, Roy Conrad, sacristan; Lillian McGaughey, server, Don Bergquist and Jerry Higgins, collections, Don and Deanna Bergquist, gifts, Michele Moran, Choir, Susan Keith, organ. There was a nice crowd despite the heat outside. They also could admire the new doors for the church. They are the same type as was put on St. Joseph's in Liebenthal

Museum News:

Gifts from Joe Higgins were received at the museum on Saturday. There are two telephone books he found on E-Bay. There is a Golden Belt Telephone Directory for January 1965 and the McCracken Telephone Directory for 1946. In that one was a free coupon for soap from the Ellis Rendering plant.

The display of businesses were very well received. They also had a trivia game which occupied them trying to find the answers.

Here are the latest donations to the musem.

Blue and Gold

Lanette and David Kaster, Alicia Rues and Leigh Barrett, Pam Sipes, Kayla and Dominic Weskamp; Stephanie Stephens.


Charles Jacobs by Shirley Higgins; Larry Eisenhour and Sharilyn Eisenhour by Frank and Elaine Littler; Norma Jean Heiser and Terry Peters by Jametta Basgall; Kathryn and Bard Stephens and Ruth and Claude Stephens by Stephanie Stephens; Albert and Arline Rues by Tom Rues.


Lanette and David Kasster, Jerry and Kathy Dugan, Frank and Elaine Littler, Jametta Basgall, Stephenie Stephens, Alicia Rues and Leigh Barrett, Pam Sipes, John and Sharon Irvin, Tom Rues, Marilyn Sommers, Les and Sheryl Rogers, Bryan and Treva Bergquist, Shirley Higgins, Kayla and Dominic Weskamp, Janice Stull, Dan and Kim Townsend, Verlene Wilson.


Les and Sheryl Rogers, Bryan and Treva Bergquist, Dan and Kim Townsend and an anonymous donation.

McCracken Public Library sponsoring guest speaker Dr. James Kenyon, DVM, and author of several books including.. Golden Rule Days, History and Recollections – of 109 Closed Kansas High School on Sunday, August 4th at 3 pm at the McCracken Community Building, McCracken, Kansas.

James Kenyon was born and raised on a third generation family grain and livestock farm. He grew up caring for cattle, pigs, chickens and horses near the small town of Bogue, Kansas, population 300. It was natural for James to record the histories of small town schools and thus the life and times of communities. It took the whole town to raise a child. There were 6 students in his high school graduating class.

James served his community as a veterinarian for 35 years in a mixed animal practice in a beautiful Iowa college town. Through his mentoring, 18 students that worked for him went on to become veterinarians. He is a seven time veterinarian for the Alaska Iditarod Dog Sled Race. He was named Iowa Veterinarian of the year and was the State president of the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association. He was the chairman of the Iowa Veterinary Medical Examining Board.

Today, James continues the family tradition with 24 years of service on his community’s school board (President and Vice President). This made him the fourth generation (spanning three different centuries) of his family to serve as a school board member. The importance of team work and leadership learned in school have guided him through his adult years.


Everyone welcome. Desserts and beverages after the presentation. Free will donation

Jeff and Anita Butler had a full house rodeo weekend. They were hosts to rodeo royalty, their daughter Ursula and her husband Nate as well as Anita's cousin, Bob Wickwar from Denver. Anita was especially pleased to see Brooke Wallace, Miss Rodeo Kansas, former Solomon girl. Visiting Saturday and enjoying the rodeo was Bob and Marlene Funk, and Shawn Smith (Anita's other cousin from Denver) and his daughter Jordan. We all enjoyed country cruising and Jordan was interested in our local skyscrapers-the elevators.

Thursday, Jerry and Shirley Higgins rode to Ness City with Kenny and Frank Foster to the rosary for Bill Cole. Bill passed away July 7, 2019 at age 90 at Sunrise of Lenexa, Kansas. He married Dorothy Foos in 1950 and they had five children, Colette, Susan, Patricia, James and Mary. After her death he married Alvina Foster. Funeral services were held in Ness City at Sacred Heart Church.

Richard and Linda Conrad from St. Louis, MO and Andrew and Ashleigh Conrad and family, Hunter and Emma from Champaign, Illinois were visiting Roy and Phyllis Conrad on their way back from Highland Ranch, Colorado to visit with Mike and Sylvania Conrad and family. Mike and Sylvania will be moving to Australia for 3 years because of his job.

The annual golf tournament held Rodeo week-end was another success. The weather Gods cooperated and there were 28 teams. HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE PLAYERS AND EVERYONE WHO MADE THE TOURNAMENT SO SUCCESSFUL.

Champions 1st Place
Jason Showalter
Brett Herrman
Mitch Conner
Butch Harp

Champions 2nd Place
Neil Jacobs
Andy Taylor
Jaden Jacobs
Sean Peters

Champions 3rd place
Dustin Bain
Zach Caresio
Dylan Gross
Trent Witthuhn

1st Flight Winners
1st Troy Clouston
Mason Ruder
Dalton Mai
Rob Clouston

1st Flight Winners 2nd
Kelly Irvin
Scott Irvin
Tyler Trauer
Dustin Kibel

1st Flight Winners 3rd
Shawn Starr
Steve Starr
Larry Kraft
Scott Foos

2nd Flight 1st
Ty Elias
David Kaster
Tony Swalldick
Tanner Elias

2nd Flight 2nd
Brandt Rogers
Tanner Yohe
Kip Keeley
Blake Peters

2nd Flight 3rd
Cole Kershner
Jack Garcia
Jasey Woods
Grant Unruh

3rd Flight 1st
Spanky McGaughey
Jack McGaughey
Froggy Showalter
Martin Higgins

3rd Flight 2nd
Chad Foust
Anton Foust
Kaden Foust
Crystal Foust

3rd Flight 3rd
Kevin Anderson
Cole Vap
Doran Kendall
Mason Davison

Congratulations to the winners of the drawing held at the McCracken Museum for two $25 gift certificates at Charlie’s Service Station. Janice Stull, McCracken and Carolyn Davenport, Hutchinson. I think everyone enjoyed trying to imagine Main Street McCracken over 100 years ago. Thanks to all who participated.

Megan Townsend graduated from Harvard Medical School with a double degree in medicine and government politics. She now lives in Denver as a resident doctor. She is the daughter of Dan and Kim Townsend.

Recent visitors at Hoop and Twila Higgins were grandson Craig and Dana Higgins, Peyton and Brody, North Carolina; Lucas and Gabe Higgins, Rock Springs and Riverton, Wyoming; Mike and Nancy Weibe, Blue Springs, Missouri; Ryan and Maureen Wiebe, Kellan, Oliver, Tomy and Rosalie, Kansas City, Missouri.At their annual 4th of July B-B-Q and fireworks they welcomed new neighbors, the Wicks and Worfel’s from the Chicago area.

Bob Thompson, Pflugarville , TX and his step-son Sean, Reno, Nevada were Friday evening guests of Shirley and enjoyed a ‘quick’ sandwich before attending the rodeo.

Guests of Shirley Higgins rodeo weekend were Tammy and John Horesky, Jerry Higgins and Jenna, Bryant, Kyra and Maddison Reese, Kayla Weskamp, Nicole and Lindsey Tacha, Jessika Smith. Zach Higgins and his Hoisington crew were still in the harvest fields.

Alex Casey was the winner of $25 by finding a rodeo stamp in his rodeo program, when he walked home he found $5 in the street.

Lisa and Allen Baus were Saturday overnight guests of Ron and Cathy Casey.

Our Kansas City friends, Dennis and Jamie Shell, Pam Sipes, Clinton, Blake, Taylor, Harlow and Vincent Swan were here attending rodeo festivities.

Guests of Arky and Diana McNair are his sister ‘Bay’ and niece Lisa Diana from Arkansas.

Tyrel Elias and Quintin had a houseful of family and friends this past rodeo weekend. Spending the weekend was Dave and Carolyn Davenport, Hutchinson, Kristi Aldrich, LaCrosse, Tanner Elias and friend Tony Haug, Manhattan, Katie Elias, DeSota and Courtney VanSheton, Lawrence. Friday evening was a suprise visit from a close friend, Jeff Bolen. Jeff had just retired from the Navy and was on his way to see his mother in Jewell, Kansas. Nice suprise. He left Saturday morning,

Saturday morning David Kaster joined Ty, Tanner, and Tony and played in the golf tournament. Before leaving town on Sunday we popped in on Amy and Neal to see the beautiful job they had done on the house Dave grew up in on the end of main. The job they done was remarkable. Dave told Amy if his mom could see this house now she wouldn't leave or have a stroke. It is such a good feeling to be able to see this beautiful home. Good job, Amy and Neal.

Tony, Tomi and Emma Rues and Annie Wyre were visitors of Rose Diehl Saturday evening.

Gary and Kim (Elmore) Brockman were in McCracken for rodeo week end. They attended the dinner and toured the museum. They were joined by their daughter, Sarah and husband, granddaughters Hannah and Amelia. They went to the home of Arky and Diana as that was the first home she and her parents lived, then to the home of Chad and Chris Oberhelman, their 2nd home, formerly the home of Bob and Carrie House.

The class of 1969 held their 50th class reunion Saturday at the Community building. Those attending were Gloria Baus Blackwell, David Davenport, Patricia Foos Petz, Donnie Schuckman, Richard Showalter, Bill Wetzel, Duane Williams; those unable to attend: Jim Brack, Tim Brown, Valandia Derr Brady, Kathy Huddleston Coen, Debra Schuckman Crane, David Halbleib, Richard Higgins, Lance Morgan, Lana Scheuerman Randall, Tommi Tomlinson, Kirby Wendler and Doug Whitis. Those other than graduates were Marie Johnston Adams and Don Johnston.

Martin and Martin Higgins, Joe, Cindy and Ryan Higgins were w/e guests at their home in McCracken.


Pat Petz:

What a busy week!  Monday had many people completing several projects for me around the farm.  My bathroom was still under construction by getting the sub-flooring into place.  Nicholas, my grandson, and his helper, were busy mowing my gigantic yard.  And last but not least Mitch Conner was working on my air-conditioner and trying to get it to work before the really HOT season approached. 

Tuesday, I traveled to Colby to attend the funeral of Joshua David Berens who was only 15 years old.  Unfortunately, on July 4th, something had gone terribly wrong and the fireworks took his life.  I met Josh at a Colby vendor show.  His mother was also a vendor and we became good friends.  Josh and his brother would always help me unload and load my car before every show that we were together.  He always had a smile on his face and was one of the nicest boys that I've known.  Please remember his family, Kevin, Angie, and Matthew in your prayers. 

My bathroom floor finally took on its new look on Thursday, when the vinyl flooring was finally installed.  It looks great, but I will have to get use to the vinyl instead of carpet when I go to the bathroom. 

The toilet was reinstalled in the bathroom early Friday morning.  Then I needed to make a trip to Hays to pick up some last minute supplies and the cake for our 50th anniversary of our class reunion.  When I returned to Mc Cracken, I put up the decorations in the community building and then I headed to the 33rd Annual Rodeo at the Jack Wilson Arena.  It was a very nice evening and my grandson, Nicholas and his girlfriend, Kaylin from Hays joined me to watch the fun event! 

It doesn't seem possible that I've been out of High School for 50 years. In 1969, there were 22 seniors graduating.  Throughout the years,  we have lost three members: Patricia (Casey) Harmon, Robert Mason, and Tim Petz.  I hadn't seen some of my classmates since graduation, so I was hoping that many would be able to come.  Our graduating class consisted of: Gloria (Baus) Blackwell, Jim Brack, Tim Brown, Valandia (Derr) Brady, Kathy (Huddleston) Coen, Debra (Schuckman) Crane, David Davenport, David Halbleib, Richard Higgins, Wayne Johnston, Lance Morgan, Patricia (Foos) Petz, Lana (Scheuerman) Randall, Donnie Schuckman, Tommi Tomlinson, Kirby Wendler, Bill Wetzel, Doug Whitis, and Duane Williams.  I realized that when I scheduled this event, that not everyone would be able to attend because of other events occurring at the same time.  But, needless to say, I couldn't hardly wait for Saturday to arrive.  The alumni sponsored a delicious fried chicken luncheon and many former alumni and friends were able to attend.  Along with our principal, Mr. LeeRoy Schuckman, (for all four years), our Science teacher, Mr. Gerald Barnes, and a former classmate, Richard Showalter, we had Gloria Blackwell, David Davenport, Donnie Schuckman, Bill Wetzel, Duane Williams, and myself attending our reunion.  

The Mc Cracken Museum was fun to visit as Gloria, Bill, and I looked around, posed in front of the "Paper Moon," and tried to remember where some of the former buildings were located on Main Street.  Later, many of us ventured to the rodeo.  One of my favorite activities in high school was cheerleading. To my surprise, I ran into some of my former cheerleading squad:  Kim (Elmore) Brockman, Carolyn (Stremel) Davenport, and Leanne (Morgan) Russell. Other cheerleaders were Duane Williams and David Halbleib. What a fun and exciting day for me.  

Since I missed the mass in Mc Cracken, I went to church in La Crosse on Sunday.  Afterwards, mom and I ate lunch at the Diner and then we stopped and visited with De. Wayne and Vicky Foos. I must have been tired because when I got home I had a nice nap.  A great way to end a very busy week! 

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