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Birthdays: July 12, :Leonore House, Justin Casey, Byron Gilbert (80); July 14, Travis Elias, Roy Conrad, Bryan Yohe, Anna Taylor, Zachary Moran; July 15, George Sommers, Cassandra Karlin, Brianna Casey, Keiden Mills, Kelden Mills; July 16, Shelly Sewell, Kelly Walker, Mike Conner, Lee Legleiter, Lance Legleiter, Elizabeth Ohmes; July 17, LeRoy Herdman, Jordan Taylor, Zachary Peach; July 18, Mary Anne Taylor, Bryant Reece, Dennis Elias, Sean Peters; July 19, Stacy Rues, Donald Casey; July 20, Cecilia Gilbert, Peggy Janke, Craig Stull, Lisa Legleiter, Joan Micheli; July 21, Jerry Higgins, Anthony Mills; July 22, Brett Gilbert, Rick Keady, Michele Moran, Matthew Stull, Ron Casey, Trace Brackney; July 23, Larry Hinman, Marilyn Mills, Shiloh Tomlinson, Melanie Petz; July 24, Misty Irvin, Chandler Allen; July 25, Dave Derr, Jim Casey, Lauren Shapiro; July 26, Scott Irvin; July 27, Furlen Irvin, Marge Elias, Whitney Taylor, Katlyn Unru, Clayton Kershner, Jessica Jones; July 28, Candice Casey, Fred Taylor, Twila Higgins, Rachel Grumbein, Susan Keith, Zach Higgins; July 29, Annette Chestnut, Gerald Walker, Bobby Peters, Kathy Dugan; July 30, Malena Rogers, July 31, Brenda Clancy; August 1, Betty Mills, Sandy Oakley.

Congratulations to Byron “Babe” Gilbert on his 80th birthday. Please send a card to 512 West Ash Avenue, McCracken, KS 67556

Anniversaries: July 14, Shane and Jennifer Anderson; July 16, John and Rosy Elmore, Brandt and Haily Rogers, Silas and Megan Albers; July 18, Dale and Celeste Davis, Anita and Jeff Butler; July 21, Jim and Karin Casey, Edgar and Carolyn Schadel; July 23, Bryan and Kelsee Hirsch; July 24, Mike and Susan Keith; July 27, Kent and Judy Bible; July 29, Martin and Julie Pfannenstiel; July 30, Daryl and Barbara Casey; July 31, Lee and Debra Oelkers, Clark and Nicole Kirk; August 1, Chris and Cindy Petz.

Lynn Kochenower says, “The Trail Ride was so much fun last year and the lunch afterwards was delicious! Homemade salads and awesome barbecue. July 15th this year. Be early it will be hot and we like to leave at 9 A. M. So we can ride 3 or 4 hours. Follow the signs west of the arena in McCracken to the Yawger Ranch. Hope to see you all there!!!”

McCracken School desks have been given to the Jail/Museum by Alicia Rues and Leigh Barrett. Ron and Kathy Casey brought them by U-Hall to McCracken on Friday. They were in St. Mary's Church basement for CCD classes. They have been refinished. They are on runners.

All are welcome at the mass at St. Mary's on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

Check out the hat voting at the McCracken Public Library and the re-arranged Jail/Museum. We look forward to seeing you anytime rodeo week.

KSU Dean’s list of college honors include Audra Bergquist, Wakeeney and Tanner Higgins, Wichita.

Graveside services for Darrell Sunley were held Friday, July 7 at Vansburg Cemetery, Brownell, Kansas. Officiant, Carol Ryan.

Spending four days with Roy and Phyllis Conrad was Richard and Linda Conrad from St Louis. MO. After leaving they were headed to Highland Park, CO. to spend some time with their son Mike Conrad and family who has recently moved from St. Louise, MO. While in McCracken they visited the McCracken Jail Museum and they were really impressed with the baseball display thanks to Tammy for all her hard work. Job well done.

The McCracken Jail/Museum will be displaying ”The Boys of Summer” a baseball exhibit of the teams K-18 Cookie Baseball; McCracken Town Team Baseball; McCracken High School Baseball; Brownell American Legion Post #382 baseball; If you like baseball, you will enjoy this exhibit.

Rose Diehl, Cathy Casey and Alex Casey and community workers cleaned gutters, pulled weeds etc. etc. on Main Street this week. Where are all our locals? I know we are a ‘town’ with lots of elderly, but there are a few of you who are able to ‘do something’. Come on, let’s be proud of our village.

1937 baseball: McCracken Tiger baseball team members: Wilbur Hawley, Frank McGaughey, Celle Weisner, Wm. Wassinger, Robert Lovitt, Dean Irvin, Claude and Delbert Wardlaw and Ed Leiker.
1939 :Town team baseball players: Freddie & Marion Foster, Robert Lovitt, Beverly, Wesley, Claude, Chester and Dean Irvin, Raymond Mills, Frank McGaughey, Vincent Higgins, Duane Thompson, Clayton Williams, Lloyd Elias, George Myers and Larry Duning.
1941 Grade School baseball: Lester Unrein, Glenn and Guy Conner. Kenneth Thompson, Wilfred Bieker, Lester Juvenal, Orin Webster, Donald Greenway, Warren Irvin, Billy Foster, Ervin Koerner, Dicky Shiney, Robert Mullenix, Benny Thompson, Johnny Elmore, Jimmie Higgins, Willard Thompson, Lloyd Anderson, Bobby Derr, Jerome Funk, Billy Joe Moran and Bob House.


Pat Petz - July 10, 2017

With all of the recent rains, the yard work seems to be never ending. I mowed most of the day on Monday and that evening my grandson, Nicholas Petz, stopped by and helped me weed eat a lot of the places that I was not able to take care of by myself. It sure was nice of him to help me out!

I had to be up bright and early Wednesday morning so that I could get my car detailed at Lewis Chevrolet in Hays. It was going to take all day, and they do not lend out cars, so I had to take care of things on foot. Luckily, several of the places I needed to go were close to the Mall. After lunch, I decided to spend a couple of hours watching a movie. I went to see, “47 Meters Down”. The thriller had two sisters traveling to Mexico for a vacation filled with sun and adventure. They were invited to go cage diving and see sharks up close. But when the cable holding the cage breaks and it plummets to the ocean floor the two girls become trapped. This movie kept you sitting on the edge of your chair!

Friday afternoon, I picked up my mom, Mary Steitz and we headed for Garden City. We checked in to our Motel and then drove to the Finney County Museum in Lee Richardson Zoo. We definitely appreciated the Boy Scouts and Volunteers who helped everyone unload their vehicles. Everything was stored under my tent, but a storm came through with heavy rains. While I was praying for the rain to stop during the night, most of Garden City was hoping to receive as much rain as possible since they hadn't gotten any for quite awhile. Bob and Lynn Litson, also vendors at the Flea Market Festival helped me empty the rain off of my tent the next morning. We had a nice day until around 2:00 when it started to warm up. I had an unpleasant surprise after I pulled up to be loaded by the volunteers. My battery went dead and the nice gentlemen helped me for quite some time before we got my van started. Needless to say, I stopped at Wal-Mart before we left town and got a new battery. Unfortunately, they were short handed and it took nearly two hours for them to install the battery. After they got it installed, we felt that it was safe enough to grab a bite to eat. We went to the Jade Buffet, which is a very nice restaurant if you like Chinese food. We had quite a delay getting back home but it sure was nice when we did.

Sunday, Mom and I went to St. Michael's for church and then we ate at Tracy's. Mary Urban ate with us and we had a very nice visit.

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