July 10, 2019 News

Birthdays: July 10, Bob Funk, Brittany Dome, Shelby Bowers, Bishop John Brungardt, Harley Clancy; July 12, Leonore House, Justin Casey, Byron Gilbert; July 14, Travis Elias, Roy Conrad, Bryan Yohe, Zachary Moran, Anna Taylor; July 15, George Sommers, Cassandra Karlin, Brianna Casey, Keiden Mills, Keldan Mills; July 16, Shelly Sewell, Elizabeth Ohmes, Kelly Walker, Mike Conner, Lee Legleiter, Lance Legleiter.

Anniversaries: July 14, Shane and Jennifer Anderson; July 16, John and Rosy Elmore, Brandt and Haily Rogers, Silas and Megan Albers.

Welcome to the 33rd Annual McCracken Rodeo. Here is an item that is applicable to this event from the Hampton History Book September 1891. “There are two things of which McCracken prides herself and which she never fails - raising money and raising a crowd”. (Hopefully Rodeo week will follow in the footsteps of our ancestors!)

We heard from Sandy Beisner and Randy Taylor about the upcoming 90th birthday of their father, Fred Taylor. The first item on page 1 of McCracken History Volume 11, there is a picture of Fred Taylor with this line from July 1963 reading “Fred Taylor has purchased the IGA store at McCracken”. You will have the opportunity to tell him how much you enjoyed him and Mary Ann and family being in our community at his 90th birthday bash scheduled for Saturday, July 27 at the American Legion/McCracken Golf Clubhouse from 1 to 5. Please bring a card in lieu of a gift. If you can't be there please send his card to 703 E. 12th, Ellis, KS 67637

Lynn Kochenower 620-786-9764 will be leading the Trail Ride again this year on Saturday, July 13 beginning at 9:00 a.m. We are happy she feels better after a winter of illness. The Trail Ride will be in the pastures around Chetola, the legendary gold mine town in Ellis County on the Smoky River. There are signs on Highways 183 and 4 to direct you to the starting point. Please call her if you need further information. A lunch will be served at noon. Besides horses, ATV's will be welcome.

St. Mary's Catholic Church will have mass on Saturday, July 13, at 4:00 p.m. with Father Stephen Dabanka. He is the new Tri Parish priest from Ghana. Please come and welcome him to McCracken.

Jail/Museum News

Every Jail/Museum, Blue and Gold family will receive a free McCracken History Book Volume 3. Please pick up your book at the museum if you can.  Others can be mailed.

Tammy Horesky and her helpers have done a wonderful job of cataloging and boxing all the items given or loaned to the museum and prepared this year's display on businesses past and present. Please come by and thank her for all her work. We have new curtains for the windows.

Suzanne Randa brought a clear crystal Centennial Bell .The etching says McCracken, KS 1887-1987

New donations:

Donations: Paula Greenway, Dale Elias.

Dues: Cathie Ryan Shapiro, Arlyn and Jan North, Paula Greenway, Dale Elias, Richard and Linda Conrad, Tim Rues and family; Serena Higgins, Chuck and Shari Pollard, Ellen Blair, Dave and Carolyn Davenport, Ron and Cathy Casey, Dwight Eisenhour;

Memorials: Lester Higgins from Serena Higgins; Gary Moses is the last of the Garrett (Peck) Moses boys from Ellen (Edith) Moses; Glenn and Icis Eisenhour from Dwight Eisenhour.

Blue and Gold: Cathie Ryan Shaprio, Tim Rues and family, Dwight Eisenhour.

Copies of the financial information for the McCracken Historical Museum, Inc. are at the museum.  As a non-profit organization we are required to inform the public of our income and expenditures each year.

Michael Karlin and grandmother, Addie Mills enjoyed lunch together at McDonald’s in Hays on Saturday.  Addie also visited with Jackie Joe Klee at Centennial Towers and with Roy Jensen at his Daughter’s Katie’s farm home. 

Ralph Kenworthy, 84, Manhattan, died June 30 in Newton. Ralph was principal of Ransom High School from 1966 – 1976, Superintendent and Elementary Principal of Ransom School District for 18 years. Interment at the Frankfort Cemetery.

There will be City Wide Garage sales in McCracken, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 11, 12, 13. Rose and Debi are having one in the Old Norlin’s Store, Robbie in the old Assembly of God Church. You really should make an effort to attend.

Leslie, Aaron McGaughey hosted a 4th get together at their home in LaCrosse. Guests were the hosts, Cathie, Alex, Helena, Rob, Lillian, Jackson, Miranda, Austin, Marcus, and Angela Schafer.

Bob and Marlene Funk are over the moon with the birth of their first great grandchild. Rowan Robert White was born July 5th weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 19" long. Full head of hair with a bit of strawberry coloring which everyone is excited about. Looks just like his dad, Spencer White. Spencer is Kelly Funk Weber's oldest. Great Grandad and Grandma couldn't wait to see the baby so they headed to Garden City the next day. Needless to say the conversation on the way home was all about Rowan! The White family lives in Cimarron.

Jeff and Anita Butler hosted their annual 4th of July BBQ on the 5th with many family and friends attending. Luckily there was a table set up in side as not everyone got through the food line in time to eat outside before the rain hit. It got rather exciting when the tornado siren was heard coming from town. Basement door was open and storm spotters on the front porch. Luckily all ended well. The next day Jeff and Anita traveled to Hutchinson to help Jeff's brother move into their new home.

Blue Malone, Panhandle, Texas stopped by Roses’ store Saturday afternoon asking directions to Nichol Cemetery, when we gave him directions he said he was looking for Paper Moon ‘stuff’. We took him to the Jail/Museum where he took pictures of things we had.

There was a fireworks display at the home of Ron and Catherine Casey July 4. Those attending were the hosts, Catherine, Alex, Tony, Emma, Kate, Kevin, Will, Terrin, Jerilyn, Janice, Colby, Dallas, Jamie, Hunter, Maverick.
Debi and Myron Schuckman spent 4th of July weekend at their home in McCracken.


Pat Petz:

Lots of traveling and fun through out the week!  Mom had a doctor's appointment and I had a car appointment on Monday at Hays.  We weren't able to leave as soon as we would have liked but we were on the road by late afternoon.  We traveled to McPherson and spent the night with Angie and her family.  It was fun to see everyone and to play with the grandchildren once again! 

Tuesday morning we were up early to head to Hutchinson.  My brother was having surgery and mom and I wanted to be there.  The surgery was successful and things seem to be going well.  Later that afternoon mom and I stopped at Olive Garden and had a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  One meal was all that we needed that day.  

My farm was quite busy on Wednesday, as Centennial Carpets was starting work on my bathroom.  The carpet got pulled up and most of the sub flooring was put into place.  Now I just have to wait until my vinyl comes in.  Nicholas and his helper Isaiah came out and starting mowing and trimming around the house.  It sure did look better when they got finished! 

I was invited to go to the lake with my son, Kelly, and my grandson, Nicholas on the 4th of July.  The water was very rough as the wind was quite strong but we had a lot of fun just riding the boat.  Nicholas's girlfriend, Kaylin, was with us also.  It was great seeing how much water was in the lake and seeing the Bluffs was quite exciting!  I hadn't seen them for quite some time!  I spent the evening watching movies instead of fireworks.

Sunday was a fun day to end the week.  After church, mom and I had lunch at the Diner and then we went to her house and watched a movie.  Later, I headed to Hays to pick up a few supplies for the reunion and then I went to Ellis.  I had a nice visit with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz, and then I went to see my sister-in-law, Sherry (Petz) Witthuhn.  It was her 62nd birthday.  When I got home, I heard a noise in the basement.  It sounded like something was going wrong with the air-conditioner.  So, it looks like I'll be calling my repair man once again.  This has been a bad year for repairs around my house.  I hope it ends quickly! 

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