July 5, 2017 News

Birthdays: July 4, Brenda Rosenlund; July 5, Chase Gomez; July 6, Bobbie Irvin; July 7, Sherry Petz, Tessa Legleiter; July 8, Eric Davis, Melody Higgins; July 10, Bob Funk, Brittany Dome, Shelby Bowers, Bishop John Brungardt, Harley Clancy.

Anniversary: July 5, David and Janice Norton.

Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Saturday, July 15, at 4:00 p.m. with Father Matthew Kumi.
Rodeo week the McCracken Public Library will be having voting for the best children's and adult's decorated hat. You will vote by cash.

Come in during rodeo week to see the two displays at the Jail/Museum. The Paper Moon display was prepared by Bob and Charmaine Wolfe and the Boys of Summer display by Tammy Irvin.

Memberships to the Alumni Association and the Jail/Museum are being collected. Send the Alumni to Sandra Jacobs and the Jail/Museum to Carolyn. Donations are also welcome.

Come join the Trail Ride on Saturday morning July 15 at Yawger Ranch at 9:00 a.m. Lynn and John are in charge. Lunch will be served at noon.

A big fat rattlesnake was killed on Saturday morning on GG Road in Ness County. It was probably disturbed by the combining of wheat.

In regard to the 130th anniversary of the City of McCracken, the following is taken from Vol. 1 of the McCracken History Book. “We, the undersigned, a majority of the qualified electors of the unincorporated village of McCracken, Rush Co., Kansas, desirous of becoming incorporated as a city of the third class, respectfully represent that said village is located within the following metes and bounds, to-wit: The whole of Sections seven, eight, seventeen, eighteen, township 17, range 20 West, and the number of inhabitants herein contained are 300, of which we certify to. We therefore pray, that you will make an order incorporating said village as a city of the third class, under the name of City of McCracken designating the metes and bounds thereof, appointing a time and place where the first election in said city shall be held, and also naming such officers of election as are by law required. Notice is therefore hereby given that the above and foregoing petition will be presented to the said Board of County Commissioners on the 6th of June, 1887.

The McCracken Library is currently looking for a part-time librarian. Applicants simply mail or drop off a resume and letter of interest to the library. Looking for someone adept at technology, creative and works well with all ages.

Wednesday at the McCracken Library found the readers constructing houses for the 3 little pigs. After reading The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! as told to Jon Scieszka by the wolf Rylin, Saydie, Quinn, and Kamryn Anderson, Evelyn and Owen Keener, Clayton Sewell, Kadence and Gage Kendall constructed houses out of twigs, straws and marshmallows, and then sugar cubes. After each new construction they sprayed their houses with water followed by a blow dryer. The craft then found them slightly dizzy as they huffed and puffed into straws while they created blow art. Fridays Build a Better World the readers will be learning how worms help to build a better world.

Thanks to the McCracken commissioners for filling the two pot holes in the dip east of my house!!! sh

Friday was our last day of Build a Better World summer reading. We learned how worms build a better world through their aerating and fertilizing the soil. Lillian and Jackson McGaughey, Clayton Sewell, Kaydence and Gage Kendall, Saydie, Kamryn, Quinn and Rylin Anderson, Owen and Evelyn Keener enjoyed the book, Yucky Worms ,followed by observing large earthworms. Each reader was given a fishing worm to observe; did the worm prefer the white paper or black paper? which end is the head? can you hear their bristles scratching on the paper?. We then went outside to the flower bed, released our worms and watched them work their way back into the soil. Luckily the worms didn't have to work too hard-there were some cracks and small holes the readers guided the worms. After coming back in everyone constructed their own compost bins and took home their own red wigglers. We wrapped up by then crafting bookworm bookmarks and enjoying gummy worms in chocolate pudding. We would like to give a special thank you to Flame Engineering, 2nd Chance Thrift shop and Fitzgerald Funeral/Furniture for their financial support of our summer reading.

Lindsey Tacha celebrated her July 1 birthday by attending the KC Royals – Minnesota ball game with friends.

Voting is now open for McCracken Public's Library Trim a Brim fundraiser. There is a lovely and creative collection of decorated cowboy hats at the library waiting for your coins/votes. Simply deposit your coins, cash or checks in the corresponding jar and each penny raised is a vote for that particular trimmed brim. Voting closes Saturday, July 15th at 4:00. While there be sure to buy raffle tickets for the patriotic needlepoint as well.

History Notes 1942:

Population for Rush County is 7,585; eighth grade graduation was held Friday with the following graduates, Wifrid Bieker, Thomas Birdsong, Nathalie Dugan, Dorothy Elmore, Alice Foster, Teresa Moran, Robert Mullenix, Bennie Thompson, Kenneth Thompson and Lester Unrein; MHS placed third in State scholarship contest. Margaret Shiney scored a scholarship “grand slam” by winning three firsts in the state as well as the league contest; Three Higgins brothers are serving the US Navy. Carl in the Panama Canal, Pat on the USS Maryland and Lester at San Diego; M/M Elmer Mullenix and family will leave for Boone, Colorado. He was an inspector for the railroad. Steve Padilla will now be in charge.


Pat Petz - July 3, 2017

Hays Rec Center sponsored many volleyball games on Monday.I drove over to watch my granddaughter, Kallynn Petz, play a couple of games.  They are having a tough time this summer as it doesn't seem like a victory is on their side.

Thursday evening was very busy for my mom, Mary Steitz, my aunt, Rita Liggett, and myself, as we were setting up for a garage sale at mom's house for Friday and Saturday.  Everything was going fine on Friday until a big rain cloud hovered over us and we had to frantically find tarps to cover everything up.  All in all we had fun selling and visiting with each other.  Uncle John was also a big help in cheering us on!

On Sunday, we all attended church at St. Michael's with Father Kumi and Bishop John.  After mass there was a nice luncheon for Bishop John and the three parishes of Rush County.

Mom and I finished packing the rest of my left overs from the garage sale later that day and then we watched several movies in the afternoon.  We decided to try out the new 4-Corner Restaurant before I returned home.

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