July 4, 2018 News

Happy 4th of July 2018.

Birthdays: July 4, Brenda Rosenlund; July 5, Chase Gomez; July 6, Bobbie Irvin; July 7, Sherry Petz, Tessa Legleiter; July 8, Eric Davis, Melody Higgins; July 10 Bob Funk; Brittany Dome, Shelby Bowers, Bishop John Brungardt, Harley Clancy.

Anniversary: July 5, David and Janice Norlin.

The McCracken Jail Museum presents the display “A Time to Remember a School We'll Never Forget” Displays are McCracken High School Buildings; M.H.S. Administration, Faculty and Staff; M.H.S. Clubs and Organization; Athletics; Senior Moments; High School Yearbooks.

The Museum will be selling koozies for $2.00 in blue with gold lettering that read, “Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang”. The proceeds will help purchase a new copier/printer for the museum.

We are grateful for those who donated or loaned items used for this year. Also for helping with cleaning, repairing and setting up the display cases.

We welcome you to come by any time during rodeo week. For the rest of the year call and we will open the museum for you to visit and enjoy. The numbers are on the door.

These are the recent donations to the Jail/Museum

Cathie Ryan Shapiro, Kent Bible, Robert Cheney, William Cole, LeeRoy Schuckman, Pam Sipes and the late Jerry Sipes, Phyllis Higgins, Mary Margaret McCormick, William Cole, Shirley Gabel and Carolyn Thompson.


Carol Fay Bible Decurgez by Kent Bible; Lester Higgins by Phyllis Higgins; Buck and Lucy Vogle by Mary Margaret McCormick; Alvina Cole, Robert Foster, August Schutte by William Cole; Chet and Joyce Rogers by Roxie Dechant; Hubert and Gertrude Brackney by Shirley Gabel and Floyd, Ben and Ruby and Audice Thompson by Carolyn Thompson.


Ruthetta Hansen and Robert Cheney.

Blue and Gold:

Cathie Ryan Shapiro, Pam Sipes and the late Jerry Sipes..


An inspiring funeral was held on Saturday for William Baus. Sharing was given by his beloved wife , Barbara of 66 years; grandchildren and a great grandchild; his grandson Jermy Palesano sang Amazing Grace and You Raise Me Up All talked of his teaching them to drive at age 8. Gloria Blackwell, a niece was requested to play the accordion (her first attempt with that instrument). The song was “You are my Sunshine” The congregation joined in to sing it. His daughter Janet Williams sang The Lord's Prayer. Bill was laid to rest at Peace Lutheran Cemetery near his farmstead. Debra Schuckman, his daughter, was wearing a necklace with Bill's signature on it. Our sympathy to his son, Mark and wife Ann, Debra and her husband Myron, Janet and their wonderful families. Bill leaves a lasting legacy.

If you haven't signed up for the trail ride please do so by contacting Lynn Kochenower at 620-786-9764. Meet at Yawger Ranch on Saturday, July 13 at 9:00 a.m. to begin the trail ride. Mike and Susan Keith will welcome the group and a small gift will be given to each participant.

Mark you calendar for Howard Barnard Day, Saturday September 15, 2018 For information call 785-222-2808. It is sponsored by Rush County Historical Society, Rush County Chamber of Commerce, Kansas Barbed Wire Collectors Association, Inc. and Rush County Economic Development. The Book Yankee on the Prairie by Dr. Allen Miller of Lawrence will be available for sale at the event.. Special events will be a Craft and Vendor Fair, Historical Display, Re-enactors.


There will not be a Fall Fest this year, the organizer Debi Schuckman had ankle surgery recently and is not able to be on it for a long time. Mark your calendars for the Christmas extravaganza in early December though, it will still be held at the Community Center.

Wheat harvest is nearing its conclusion. Many farmers are finished with a few others cutting between rain showers. It appears as though the yields are better than predicted a couple of months ago which is good news. The pastures and fall crops are nice and green, we hope they stay that way. Wouldn’t it be great if it would stay like this during July and also August!! Now if we could just have a better price for our wheat.

I noticed close to a dozen golf carts taking advantage of the nice weather on Sunday down at the golf course. They must be getting in a little practice before the rodeo golf tournament in a couple of weeks.

Tammy was here for a couple of days putting the final touches on the museum. We hope you stop in and browse around all the displays, and of course buy a coozie!! They are being sold as a fund raiser for a new computer and printer that was destroyed in the fire at Bob and Charmaine Wolfe’s this past winter.

I didn’t realize there were so many back roads you could take to and from LaCrosse as I traveled a few of them during our Highway #4 construction. As of Sunday it is now finished and the road is wonderful.

A small world story!! Kayla and Dominic spent some time the past couple of weeks in Oceanside, California, they were down at the pier and could hear some wonderful music. Two ladies were behind them visiting among themselves when one of them mentioned the other’s name, Shan. Kayla thought, gosh I had a friend from Dodge City Juco with that unusual name......they came to their motel and were in the elevator when Kayla said to her.....I’m Kayla Higgins and are you Shan.......They had not seen each other since 1983 so they visited for over an hour. I love these small world stories.

History Notes

1987: McCracken Businesses in 1987 were: Shaklee Vitamins, Eunice North; Fluharty Liquor; Mills Body Shop; Herdman Family Parlor; Moran Insurance; Fred’s Grocery Store; Depperschmidt Steel Sidling Contractor; Main Street Tavern, Jerry Schmidt; Reeves Trucking, Jim Reeves; McCracken Insurance Agency; Herdman Implement; Schafer Furniture; Phyllis Beauty Salon; Davis Café; Wade Hinman Body Shop; Davenport Repair; McCracken Financial, Nancy Schmidt; McCormick Sales & Service; Charlie’s Service; Wierman Contracting; Farmer’s Coop, Scott Woodbury Mgr; Rush County Elevator, Greg Whitehair, Mgr; Native American Jewelry & Square Dance Callers, Francis Zeller; Avon, Marge Moran; Painting & Roofing, Paul Healy; Danny Petz, Trucking; Dekalb Feeds, G.T. Barnes; Cattle Supplements and Salt, John Irvin; Tomalco, Avery Norlin; Centel Electric, Curt Carepenter; Central Kansas Utility, Jack Wilson; J&J Carrier, Alvin Janke; Rod Taylor, CPA; Sumac Seed, Bill Moran; Legleiter Auctioning. Chuck Higgins began his teaching & coaching at Fairfield High School in Langdon; Doug Elias began his student teaching in Ellis; Frank Foster is the 2nd grade teacher and high school basketball coach in Kiowa, Colorado; Lora Lovitt & Scott Faiman were married July 25th in Ransom; McCracken celebrated its 100th anniversary July 18th l987. Fannie Davenport and Audice Thompson was Queen and King & Grand Marshals for the parade were Claude and Lillian Irvin; the first McCracken Rodeo was celebrated in July, 1987. Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Dennis celebrated their 50th anniversary with an open house in Great Bend on July 25th; First place in the Rush County Fair softball tournament was Bittel Excavating. Team memberswere Lonnie Irvin, Ronnie Randa, Jeff McCormick, Jimmy Cole, Chuck Seaman, Don Irvin, Don Reidl, Dave Wilson, Kellye Irvin, Mike Conner, Neal Jacobs, Chuck and Jerry Higgins. Chad & Chris Irvin, bat boys.


Patricia Petz:

Wheat harvest has been completed for this year, the showers hopefully will keep coming, and the mowing seems to be a weekly event on the farm.  I've seen my first BIG snake on the driveway that nearly scared me to death.  Boomer was barking his head off and alerted me of his presence.  Unfortunately, he slithered away before he could be taken care of.  So, I guess I'll have to be on the alert more than I was before!  

Wednesday was a fun day with a lot of ladies that met at the McCracken Library.  We gathered to bundle tickets for the rodeo.  I won't be able to attend the rodeo this year, but I know they'll have lots of fun events going on. 

Movies have been a fun event to go to this summer.  Wednesday evening, I was invited to go to Hays and see the new movie of the Jurrasic World:Fallen Kingdom.  I had a fun time with Melanie Petz, my grandchildren: Kallynn and Kameron, and Kylee Fall.  We also had several of Melanie's nieces and nephews join us.  We took up one whole row of seats and held on tight!  

I made a trip to La Crosse on Friday afternoon for the visitation of Bill Baus who had passed away.  I was able to visit with his wife, Barbara, and children and some grandchildren.  I know he'll be missed greatly. 

Saturday was a beautiful day in the morning as I traveled to Lewis for their Lewis Day Events and Craft Fair.  I don't believe I had ever been to Lewis before, so the GPS proved to be very successful for me.  On my way back as I was coming through Lacrosse, I stopped and visited with my mom, Mary Steitz, for a few hours, and she made a very nice supper for us. 

Sunday morning, mom and I were greeters and gift presenters at St. Michael's Church.  After church, we decided to eat at Whiskey Creek in Hays since we hadn't eaten there in a very long time. The steaks were delicious.  We did some shopping before we returned to Lacrosse.  It was such a beautiful day on Sunday. Be safe on the 4th! 

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