June 28, 2017 News

Birthdays: June 28, Danny McFarren, Nadine Miller; June 30, Ted McCormick, Amanda Lamer, Debra Luft; July 1, Shirley Bundy, Lindsey Tacha, Clay Faiman, Maura Albers; July 2, Mitchell Conner, Emily Tomlinson; July 3, Sharon Irvin, Sheryl Rogers, Kristina Simmerman, Richard Baldwin, Dave Davenport, Arline Rues, Gary Barnes.

Anniversaries: June 30, Paul and Cindy Cannetella; July 2, Dennis and Susan Walker; July 3, Danny and Marilyn Mills.


Arline Rues has a special day on her birthday. She will be 90 years young.

Addie Mills was a last Saturday overnight guest of Jay Klee at Council Grove City Lake. She also visited with Chris Zimmerman on Father's Day.

Mike Karlin, Andy Hansen and Grandma Addie Mills met at McDonalds in Hays Saturday. She visited with Jack Klee at Centennial Towers before she came home.

Not only will be celebrating our 31st Annual Rodeo, July has another important date: The 130th Anniversary of the City of McCracken. McCracken was incorporated July 23, 1887.

Joe Klee of Lenexa ordered some postcards of McCracken on E-Bay. We are so pleased to receive them for the Jail/Museum. The first one features two churches, the school and the Bank of McCracken. The United Brethern Church and the Methodist Church are frame buildings in the picture. The card was sent on October 14, 1909 to Mrs. Rachel McLean, on Green Street in Greensburg, Pa from Minnie Mathews. They were visitors to McCracken and thought it was windy here. They attended the U. B. church. The second card was sent the same day to the same Mrs. McLean and the pictures were of the Missouri Pacific Station and yards, Main Street and the Depot with sunflowers intertwined between the three pictures. The second on was in color.. They are a great addition to our collection.

Carolyn Thompson, Phyllis Conrad, Shirley Higgins and Tammy Irvin spent Monday afternoon and evening cleaning the McCracken in preparation for the upcoming McCracken Rodeo. The theme this year for the annual alumni weekend/rodeo is “Boys of Summer”. The museum will be displaying items tracing the history of baseball in McCracken. Please stop by the museum during rodeo weekend, and view our baseball memorabilia. A trip to the museum is sure to bring back fond memories of the outstanding baseball teams from the McCracken area.

Weekend guests of Shirley Higgins were Mary J. Lovitt and her daughter Kelsey McCafferty, Wichita.

Congratulations to Juanita Foreman on her 80th birthday which was celebrated at their home in Wichita. Her four children, Steve, Cheryl, Sandy and Stacy and families were in attendance.

The recent rains have slowed down the local harvest. Reports indicate local farmers are seeing favorable yields. Good luck to area farmers in completing your harvest.

Our sympathy to the family of Inez Showalter Manos who passed this past week. We were all better for knowing her.

History Notes 1942

The McCracken Grade School had a double win from Bison on Friday, the Midgets won 36-4 and the Regulars 20-7; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Davis and family have moved into the Whitehead farm owned by W.L. Barninger. They come here from Americus, Kansas. The four children entered school Monday; The MVP player for MHS was given to Wilfrid Higgins, his brother Leon has seven field goals in the win Friday night against Alexander; the McCracken Grade School tournament was a dandy success. The Midgets won the championship and the regulars placed third; three hundred students participated in the Rush County spelling contest. Winners from McCracken were Gladys and Robert Thompson, Shirley Lovitt, Julius Unrein Wayne Irvin and Dicky Shiney; cooperating with the National Victory program, McCracken will play but four baseball games this spring; the small children of M/M Alfred Crotinger are suffering with diphtheria; the music contest held at Bazine on Saturday MHS placed high. Those receiving superior ratings were Donald Ramsey, Betty Jo Twiselton and Bob Klug; Alice and Billy Foster rode their ponies to town Monday; Sugar stocks are frozen. You must exchange sugar stamps for the sugar purchased; rationing is set at 1&Mac218;2 pound per person per week. Norlin’s have the new late issue colored War Maps for 10 cents.

Pat Petz - June 26, 2017

I had a fun time watching the Hays team play volleyball at Hays High and at the Rec Center on Monday evening. Kallynn Petz, my granddaughter, played hard, but their team just couldn't pull through to win the games.

Tuesday turned out to be a very long day for me. I needed to help my son, Kelly, get his truck out of the repair shop at Moundridge, so we left very early Tuesday morning. I was going to surprise my daughter, Angie, by stopping in at Emprise Bank in McPherson, however, the surprise was on me! She had to attend a meeting in Wichita that day, so we waved and passed each other on interstate. I was back home by 1:00 to help some ladies at the McCracken Library sort out some rodeo tickets. Be sure to put the McCracken Rodeo on your calendar. There will be lots of fun for everyone, July 12-15!

I traveled to McPherson Friday afternoon and arrived just in time to watch my grandsons, Drake and Grant, prepare for their swimming lessons. It was a little chilly, but they had a great time.

Everyone at the Timson house was up early Saturday morning. My granddaughter, Kallynn Petz, and her Hays team, Lady Sox, were playing softball at Wall Park in McPherson. They played 2 different games and unfortunately they lost both of them. Between the games, we met at Angie and Trent's home, had a barbecue for lunch, and in the afternoon the kids and I got to make some delicious Smores. After supper, I decided that we needed to have some fun so we went to Lakeside Park and fed the ducks, swans, fish, and turtles. Kallynn, and Kameron Petz, along with their mom, Melanie, and Drake, Grant, and their mom, Angie, and I enjoyed feeding the animals and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Afterwards, I decided that we needed a treat ourselves so we all went to the Hopps Sno Cone Shack. We tried several different flavors and had a great time. While all of us were having fun, we had the guys, Trent and Kelly, busy fixing the bulb in the Theatre Room. When we got home we watched “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs II”. Almost all of us were asleep before the end of the movie.

I was up early Sunday morning so that I could go to church at St. Joseph's. As soon as I returned we were headed back to the ball fields. There was a slight delay in playing because of the rain, and unfortunately the girls were not able to pull through with a win. It was quite chilly for a summer game, but we all had fun.

On my way home, I stopped and visited with my mom, Mary Steitz, in LaCrosse. It sounded like she was very busy over the weekend visiting with many friends that had stopped by to see her.

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