June 26, 2019 News

Birthdays: June 26, Brenda Keener, Tracee Borger, Jason Moran, Landon Davis; June 27, Danna Mintner, Mark Rubin; June 28, Danny McFarren; June 30, Ted McCormick, Amanda Lamer, Debra Luft; July 1, Shirley Bundy, Lindsey Tacha, Clay Fairman, Maura Albers; July 2, Mitchell Conner, Emily Tomlinson.

Anniversaries: June 27, Jeff and Kristian Gambala; June 30, Paul and Cindy Cannatella; July 2, Deniis and Susan Walker.

Our congratulations to Jake and Angela Malcolm on the birth of a son Baylor Lee Malcolm on June 23 He was 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20” long. His grandparents are Layne and Keri Morgan.This is their 12th grandchild.

Congratulations  to Clinton and Lisa Kershner on the birth of a boy, Nash Edward.  He weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 20 inches long on June 18, 2019.  So happy for Bruce and Ellen Kershner for this first grandchild and for uncle Clayton and aunt Addie. 

Rodeo Mass with Father Stephen will be held at 4:00 p.m. July 13 at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Hope you all can attend to welcome our new priest who will serve Timken, LaCrosse and Liebenthal - and us four times a year.

Jail/Museum donations:

Blue and Gold

Farmers Bank and Trust; Gerald and Linda Bittel, Randy and Janell Ryan; Kellye and Sandy Irvin; Kent Bible, Flame Engineering; Gloria Blackwell, Wayne Irvin, Annette Davis Chestnut; Galen Oelkers.; Mitch's Trash Service - Mitch Jacobs; Kent and Judy Bible.


Bet McCormick from Jeanette McCormick; Jean and Auggie Schutte, Alvina Cole from Bill Cole; Buck and Lucy Vogle from Mary Margarent McCormick; Norma Jean Schuckman (Kirby) from LeeRoy Schuckman; Arline and Al Rues from Les and Rose Diehl; Anna Bergquist from Don and Deanna Bergquist; Thomas Randolph and Sarah Ann Hays Neal who came to Western Kansas in 1886 from Fran Work; Bev and Vida Irvin from Gerald and Linda Bittel; Thomas and Charlotte Rice Ryan from Randy and Janell Ryan, Floyd Thompson from Frederick and Louise Otero, Danny Petz from Pat Petz; Bill Baus from Barbara Baus; Doc Davis, Carrie Davis House, Donna Davis Schuckman from Annette Chestnut; Larry Eisenhour from Joyce Eisenhour; In Honor and Memory of the Usual Suspects (Happy Face) from Galen Oelkers .

Donations: Your Cause by Michael Harp; Mowing Ramsey Cemetery by Mary Ann Tanking ; Mary Margaret McCormick, Gerald and Edna Walker, Roy and Phyllis Conrad, Don and Deanna Bergquist, Furlen C. and Bobbie Irvin; Del and Roz Bethke, Dennis and Jamie Shell, Kristoffer and Katie Holm; Mark and Ann Baus. Jeff and Anita Butler.


Jeanette McCormick, Michael Harp, Mary Ann Tanking, Jeff and Anita Butler, LeeRoy Schuckman, Gerald and Edna Walker, Don and Deanna Bergquist, Mary Margaret McCormick, Les and Rose Diehl, Jay and Maureen George, Fran Work, Bob and Marlene Funk, Linda and Gerald Bittel, Walter and Jeanette Rogers, Gloria Blackwell, Randy and Janell Ryan, Farmers Bank and Trust, Flame Engineering, Frederick and Louise Otero, Pat Petz, John and Sharon Hanson, Roz and Del Bethke, Dennis and Jamie Schell, Ness County Historical Society, Barbara Baus, Harold and Janet Herdman, Wayne Irvin, Kris and Katie Holm, Furlen and Bobbie Irvin, Mitch Jacobs, Mitch's Trash Service; Annette Chestnut, Joyce Eisenhour; Kelly and Sandy Irvin, Mark and Ann Baus, Galen Oelkers, Kent and Judy Bible, Bill Cole

Margaret Shepherd and Nancy Baker, Manhattan, Whitney Hastings, Wamego, were guests at the home of Rose and Les Diehl. They were joined by Shirley Higgins, Cathy Casey and Helena McGaughey at the Diner in LaCrosse Friday evening. They gals biked in the bike ride touring churches In the Hays area.

Cole Murray son of Darrin & Melissa Murray of Colwich finished the school year at FHSU with a 4.0 grade average. Cole is the grandson of Patrick & Angela Murray of McCracken.

Priscilla Jacobs and family, Sandra, Neal and Amy, Jaden, Jenna, and kids, motored to Goodland Saturday where they enjoyed a baby shower for Tessa Taylor. They returned home Sunday.

Talyn Kleweno daughter of Barry & Christy Kleweno, Hays finished the year with 4.0 at K-State. Talyn is the granddaughter of Patrick & Angela Murray of McCracken.

Visited with James Kenyon this week, if you want his book “Golden Rule Days” History and Recollections of 109 closed Kansas High Schools, you may e-mail him at hi@jamesrkenyon.com. The cost of the book is $24.00 which includes postage. You will enjoy!

History Notes:

1987: First place winners of the Rush County Fair Slo-pitch Softball Tournament were the Clarence Bittel Excavating team of LaCrosse. Twelve area teams were entered in the three day tournament which is held annually during the Fair. Bittel Excavating played five games Sunday including two with the second place Hays Merchants team to gain the tournament championship. Team members pictured with the first place trophy are Jerry Higgins, Lonnie Irvin, Ronnie Randa, Chuck Higgins, Jeff McCormick, Jimmy Cole, Chuck Seaman, Don Reidl, Don Irvin, Dave Wilson, Kellye Irvin, Mike Conner and Neil Jacobs.

July 1952: McCracken population is 508, last year it was 531. There are 1,003 farms listed in the county; Mr. Leroy Barrett will be the new principal in the McCracken Grade School; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Owen, who formerly operated the Modern Hotel in LaCrosse have leased the McCracken Hotel and have taken charge. Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Frazer who were in charge of the hotel during the past year have moved to Hays; MHS has an enrollment of 32; Alexander 27; Bison 42; Otis 92 and LaCrosse 184; Grade school, Nekoma 18; Rush Center 59; Otis 111; Alexander 68; McCracken 124; Bison 78 and St. Michael’s Parochial 100;


Pat Petz:

I was lucky enough on Tuesday and Wednesday to have my grandson, Nathan Windholz, help me with cleaning out my garage.  He put together some new shelving units, and then we did a lot of tossing, and sweeping.  We still have some more to go, but it's starting to look a lot better! Hopefully, one more project done for this summer. 

Wednesday evening I went to Hays to watch my grandson, Kameron Petz, play basketball.  He's on a rec team and played at the Hays High gym.  They won their game, so he was a pretty happy guy.  After the game, Kelly, Melanie, Nathan, Kallynn, Kameron, Nicholas, Kaitlyn, and I went to Old Chicago for supper.  We had some delicious food and had a good time visiting.  

Just as I was getting ready to go to La Crosse on Thursday, I received a call that my dryer technician was heading my way.  So, hopefully, everything on the dryer was fixed after he replaced a button on the door. I had many places to go to at LaCrosse.  Mom knew that I was headed her way, so she was nice enough to make me some potatoes and dumplings for lunch.  Oh my, were they delicious.  I couldn't have asked for a nicer meal! 

Mom and I went shopping for floor coverings at Hays on Saturday.  Unfortunately, many of the flooring stores were closed.  We were able to bring several samples home from a couple of different places, so all I have to do now is make a decision and then they can order my flooring and put it in.  I'm looking forward to a nice new look to the bathroom. 

Before we went home, we went to church at Immaculate Heart of Mary.  We got to see LeeRoy Schuckman and visited with Shirley Harp.  It was fun seeing them. 

Sunday afternoon, I went to Ellis to visit with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz. We had a nice visit and then my sister-in-law, Sherry Witthuhn stopped in.  So, I was able to visit with both of them for a couple of hours. 

I have quite a few projects that need to be completed this week at the farm so, hope that I'm able to get some of them completed.  Have a great week, everyone! 

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