June 20, 2018 News

Birthdays: June 21, Harold Herdman, Joyce Luft; June 22, John Moran, Bernadette Taylor, Scott Wittman, Arlene Schmidt, Jennifer Wierman, Jerod Wierman; June 23, Mike Stull, Sarah Hinman, Carson North; June 24, Jordan Schwien; June 25, Tanner Higgins, Will Zeller, Jacqueline Littler, James Littler, Joe Higgins, Donna Hansen; June 26, Brenda Keener, Tracee Borger, Jason Moran, Landon Davis.

Anniversary: June 20, Mike and Mary Beth Peach

Judy Dennis, Bayfield, Colorado, was here for a week to visit family. She is a cousin of Carolyn Thompson and David and Danny Dennis. On Tuesday Susan Keith and Carolyn took her to Wichita to board the plane for home. Afterwards they joined Janet Dennis at the Sedgwick County Commission meeting at the Court House in Wichita. David is the chairman of the commission.

The next McGaughey Family Reunion is 06-07-2020 in McCracken. Please put it on your calendar and on your Bucket List. Yesterday's event was “super” according to one attendee.

Bruce and Ellen Kershner, Clinton, Clayton, Addie Caroline, Allen and Cheryl Werth, Bob House  and Addie Mills enjoyed lunch at Junction 4 Diner on Father’s Day.
Rosalie Renz and Addie Mills attended the Rush County Relay for Life Fund Raiser courtesy of Jay and Kara Jecha.  The Dueling Pianos were awesome.

Kansas Facts:

The Flint Hills in the east-central part of the state is the only extensive, unplowed tract of bluestem or true prairie remaining in the United States.

Kansas has 125 representatives and 40 senators in state government. The Legislature convenes in January.

From 1880 to 1949, the Kansas Constitution prohibited the manufacture, sale or gift of all forms of intoxicating liquor.

The Western meadowlark is the official state bird. It was designated by the Legislature in 1937 after Kansas school children selected it in an election on Kansas Day, 1925.

The wild native sunflower, “Helianthus” was adopted in 1903 as the official state flower.


Jeff and Anita Butler enjoyed having their daughter Ursula and her fiancé Nate Pohlman, for the weekend. Anita met them in WaKeeney Saturday morning to go through Grandma's (Marlene Funk) house and gardens making a list of things to borrow for wedding décor then down to the farm to do the same. Sunday all attended Mass together along with Marlene Funk, Arlene Gilbert, Shari Funk, Mike and Weber with their children followed by the McGaughey family reunion.

Rush County Relay for Life sponsored Dueling Pianos with a social hour, music, refreshments and wine tasting, Sunday, June 17 at the LaCrosse City auditorium as a fund raiser. The delicious smothered steak dinner was served at 6:00 prepared by Betty Hafenstine. Servers for the meal were beautiful young ladies who wore grass skirts, shirts and lei’s. There were talented singers sitting on the south side of the auditorium which the made the program more special. Thanks to all who attended.
Tammy Horesky and Kayla Weskamp were visitors of Shirley from Tuesday – Thursday. They ‘cleaned’ the Jail/Museum from “The Boys of Summer” display and are displaying ‘A time to Remember the School We’ll Never Forget’. If you have any memorabilia you would like to display, please bring to Carolyn or Shirley.

Thank you, thank you for bringing our recycle bin back. We missed you!!!!!

Doug Higgins underwent double by-pass surgery in Hutchinson Hospital on Monday. He is doing well.

Cameron, Courtney Horesky and Elliott visited John and Tammy Horesky in Russell Sunday for Father’s Day.

Larry & Melody Higgins and family attended funeral services for her brother, Mike Mahoney in Colby on Monday. Also attending were Wilfrid and Twila Higgins.

Wheat wacking has started in the area. We hope it will go fast, great yields, no accidents etc. etc.


January 1916 Last Friday the school enjoyed a regular old time railroad fashion spelling match, The boys baseball team received seven very nice uniforms last week for which they are truly grateful, we have had two nights of basketball practice this week and both teams show considerable improvement, LaCrosse has postponed for an indefinite period the game of basketball which they recently matched with the McCracken high school, the boys basketball team was defeated by a score of 57 to 15 at Hoisington on Friday last. The boys say they played at a disadvantage on account of the large court and the inability of Ernest Hicks to play his accustomed position on the team. A goal post fell upon Ernie the night before the game putting him out of commission; however we expect Hoisington to come back at us with a double header at the place in the near future and believe that we can promise better results in our “own home town.” January 1930 The presentation of the football letters to the boys by Coach Pearson included the following players. Gloyd Vogel, Orvis Nowles, Burr Steinshouer, Sam Lovitt, John Campbell,Wesley Stephens, Francis Lovitt, Roy VanWinkle, Keith Oelkers, Wayne Russell, Basil Ryan and Duward Larson. The remainder of the period was used as a pep meeting for the coming basketball game with Brownell.


Patricia Petz:

This has been a very challenging week for me!  Monday started out fairly simple, with washing clothes, doing dishes, and mowing the yard.  However, after I had mowed for four hours Monday evening, I came into the house all dirty and sweaty to find that I had no water available.  You don't realize how lucky you are to have water in your house until you can't take a shower, wash dishes, or even flush the toilets.  It wasn't until day 5 that the rural water was once again available for me.  Thank goodness I had lots of bottled water! 

I made a trip to Hays on Wednesday to do some business and to do some shopping and then I decided to stop in Ellis to see my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz.  We had a nice visit before I returned home. 

I was invited into my mom's for lunch on Friday.  She was having dumplings and I wouldn't miss that for the world!  My cousin Shirley Chester, (Alvin and Mary Depperschmidt's daughter) was staying with mom for a few days and I wanted to be sure to see her.  She's from Puyallup, Washington and had attended a family reunion in Wichita earlier in the week.  In January her church had sponsored a 15 day trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem and she was able to go on it.  Her pictures were amazing as she described the scenes where Jesus once lived and died.  She was also able to bring along a video that was made of her trip.  Since mom's DVD was not working, Maurice and Debbie Haas allowed us to use theirs and we had such a nice time together viewing the video.  Debbie had us stay for supper and it was delicious.  It was nice to have three of us cousins together.

The nation's first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in the state of Washington.  However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother's Day official that the day honoring fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States.  President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father's Day a federal holiday.  Today, it is estimated that there are more than 70 million fathers in the United States.  While many people are able to celebrate with their fathers, all of my dads are no longer living.  I placed flowers on the gravesites of my dads: Marvin Foos, Leland Steitz, and Donald Petz. Of course, the father of my children is no longer with us as well.  I was able to place flowers on Dan's gravesite as well.  

After church on Sunday, Mom and I headed for Great Bend and ate lunch at the Great Wall. Mc Pherson was our next destination.  Angie's babysitter  was going on vacation and she needed someone to watch Grant for the week.  So, Grandma Pat came to the rescue.  We went to Salina and had supper at Red Lobster to celebrate Father's Day with Trent, Angie's husband. Mom and I stayed the night with the Timson's and will head back home on Monday morning.  

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