June 19, 2019 News

Birthdays:June 19, Cheryl Werth, Matthew Groff; June 21, Harold Herdman, Joyce Luft; June 22, John Moran, Bernadette Taylor, Scott Wittman, Arlene Schmidt, Jennifer Wierman, Jerod Wierman; June 23, Mike Stull, Sarah Hinman, Carson North; June 24, Jordan Schwien; June 25, Tanner Higgins, Will Zeller, Jacqueline Littler, James Littler, Joe Higgins, Donna Hansen.

Anniversaries:June 19, Joey and Jill Herschback, Joshua and Kayla North; June 20, Mike and Mary Beth Peach.

The flag was flying at Nickle Cemetery Sunday. The cemetery has been nicely mowed as has the area around the Entre Nous Bell. Our thanks to those who keep these two sites up.

Both the dues notices have been sent out for the McCracken Alumni and for the McCracken Jail/Museum. If you didn't receive one, please let us know.

One correction to the museum brochure. It is Francis Lovitt, not Fred Lovitt who was pictured in the 1930 MHS picture.

Shirley Bundy, Carolyn and Dave Davenport were weekend guests of Jon Coykendall, Kingman. The majority of the weekend was spent fishing followed by a fish fry on Saturday evening. They returned to Hutch following church on Sunday in Kingman.

Lydia Quigg, Mercedes, Texas was a dinner guest of Carolyn and Dave Davenport. Lydia had been visiting her sister, Elia Pogue, Ada, for the last two weeks. Lydia returned to Texas on Monday. She asked about all of the McCrackenites which she misses very much.

Tammy and Shirley motored to Logan on Thursday where they visited with Kyra Reese and the new baby, Maddy. Bryant came home from work before we left for home, was nice to see him.

We had several nice comments about ALL our news last week.

Leanne Miller has moved from the Kansas City area back to Great Bend and is working at Barton County Community College.

Photography by Dr. Paul Rudy, Anamolous Sites, will be held at the Shafer Art Gallery at Barton County College, Great Bend, June 21 – August 1. You may check out his music on his website https:paulrudy.net.

Farmers are busy ‘scrambling’ to get milo, feed, swathing finished before there is more rain. Hard to believe about the rain. Everything looks so wonderful, green grass, water in creeks, dams and ponds.

Chris Jones was here this Saturday cleaning out more ‘stuff’ from his parents’ house. He brought his drone with him, was fun looking at the pictures he had taken in McCracken.

History Notes

March 1952 Nabbing third place title at the REN League tournament in Bison was McCracken in probably the most thrilling game of the tournament. McCracken was playing Bison in the final minutes of the game with only three men on the floor after losing three team members via the foul route. The Mustangs got the ball after the Buffaloes missed a foul shot, with less than a minute to go the spark-plug of the McCracken team, Richard Gordon sank a long shot to give McCracken the game, 54-53; the McCracken library was moved to the rooms in the Norlin Building formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Sloan who have moved to the Sloan farm southwest of town; the McCormick Hat Shop owned by Mrs. J.H. Morse is closing its doors; the home economics pupils of Mrs. Floyd Kinsinger who attended Hospitality Day at Kansas State College, Manhattan, Saturday April 25 were Barbara Davis, Juanita Walker, Shirley Lovitt, Shirley Brackney, Dorothy Crotinger, Reba Davenport, Priscella Rixon, Wilma Pfannenstiel, Mary Margaret Vogle, Phyllis Rein, Gail Conner, Carol Fay Rein. Mrs. Kinsinger, Mrs. John Walker and Allen James accompanied the girls to Manhattan.


Pat Petz:

Because of all of the damage created by no electricity on Sunday and the constant rains, I stayed at home most of the week trying to clean up some of the mess!  I was able to get the plumber to come out on Monday to take a look at the sump pump to see if something was wrong.  After a few adjustments, we thought things were set in motion to have the basement back to normal.  However, it took trips back on Tuesday and Wednesday to finally get the sump pump working correctly.  However, there is still seeping coming in through the concrete.  Hopefully, it will dry up soon.  

As if the basement was enough of a problem, I now have a problem in my master bathroom.  I had been noticing a couple of spots near the toilet since December.  I had the plumber check it out and apparently a seal had gone bad, and now the sub-flooring has got to be replaced along with either carpeting or linoleum.  A new headache and challenge has now arisen.

Just when you think nothing else could go wrong, I discovered that my clothes dryer wasn't working correctly.  I was planning on going to Hays to watch my grandson play basketball on Wednesday, however, he was running a fever and could not play.  So, that gave me a chance to stop at Sears to see if a repairman could come to see what was wrong and to do some other shopping.   

After three years, I was finally able to get my garage doors fixed and the automatic door openers replaced on Friday.  It's so nice to just push the buttons and finally open and shut the doors like they should!

I started working on our 50th year class reunion this week! It just doesn't seem like that many years have gone by. I brought out my Mc Cracken Mustang yearbook which stirred up many memories.  It was so much fun looking at our pictures that were put into the yearbook. (Oh my, have yearbooks changed during these past 50 years).  Hopefully, planning will go well and many of us will be able to return during the Mc Cracken Rodeo.  I sure hope that I'm able to contact my classmates, many of whom I haven't seen since graduation.  The class of '69 consisted of: Kirby Wendler, Duane Williams, Wayne Johnston, Jim Brack, Rich Higgins, Doug Whitis, Debra Schuckman, Tommi Tomlinson, Lance Morgan, Lana (Scheuerman) Randal, David Davenport, Kathy (Huddleston) Coen, David Halbleib, Valandie (Derr), Bill Wetzel, Donnie Schuckman, Tim Brown, Gloria (Baus) Blackwell,  Richard Showalter, and myself, Patricia (Foos) Petz.  Patricia (Casey) Harmon, Robert Mason, and Tim Petz  were also members of our class but have passed on.  

Sunday was an exciting day!  After church mom and I decided to eat at Jct. 4 and as I was telling my mom about trying to get in touch with my classmates, I mentioned, Kathy's name.  Mom said, "Isn't that Kathy that just walked in?"  Oh my goodness, how exciting!  It had been years since I had seen my very best friend in high school.  After visiting for quite some time, mom and I went to her house and finished the day by watching several "Lifetime" movies.  A very good day to end my week!

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