June 14, 2017 News

Birthdays:  June 14, Grant McCormick, Randy Conrad; June 15, Eric Washaliski, Todd Barber; June 16, Sharon Lovitt, Robert McCarty; June 17, Clay North, Jessica Casey, Matt Casey; June 18, Chad Irvin, Mickey Hopper, Sarah Washaliski; June 19, Diz Washaliski, Cheryl Werth, Matthew Groff.

Anniversaries:  June 14, Dennis and Jeannie Elias, Gary and Debbie Anderson, Kellye and Diana Hart; June 15, Ben and Janett  Rogers; June 16,  Lance and Rachel Legleiter; June 18, Jaden and Jenna Jacobs;  June 19, Joey and Jim Herschback; Joshua and Kayla North; June 20, Mike and Mary Beth Peach.

June 14, Flag Day – Fly your flag.

A farewell dinner was held at Tracy’s in LaCrosse on Tuesday evening for Callie Weber, Assistant Librarian of McCracken  Public Library.  She is moving to Aurora, Colorado.    Those attending were the honored guest, Callie, her daughter, McKenzie, Gary and Susan Rebel, Anita Butler, Carolyn Thompson, Susan Keith, Shirley Higgins and Ruthanne Crawshaw.  She was a vivacious participant in the McCracken Main Street Literary Society (book club)  The book club will continue to meet each Tuesday evening at 7:00.  All are welcome.

The rodeo poster is on Facebook and posted around the area.  Events begin on July 12 and the final day is Saturday, July 15.  

The trail ride is Saturday morning, July 15.  Check with Lynn Kochenower for particulars.

Mass will be held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Saturday, July 15 at 4:00 p.m. with Father Matthew Kumi.  Come and wish him a good bye as he will return to Ghana at the end of the summer.

The brochure for the Jail/Museum will go out shortly.  Two displays will be featured – Paper Moon and The Boys of Summer.  The Paper Moon made by Bob Wolfe has been moved into the jail so you can get a good picture if you didn’t last year.   Charmaine is in charge of that display.

Tammy Irvin will prepare the display entitled, The Boys of Summer, featuring McCracken ballplayer beginning with early times.  If you have pictures, uniforms, mitts, balls or anything pertaining to baseball, contact Tammy.  Don’t forget to stop by the park and see the K-18 and cookie league names on the marker by the shelter house.

Who pulled the sunflowers by the light pole in front of the post office and why?????

Me again....Thanks go to my sister for reminding me that I left out some of our news from Memorial Weekend. So....Memorial Weekend continued: Sunday morning of Memorial weekend Anita Butler and Verlene Wilson spent better than an hour visiting with Babe and me. They met Joyce and Larry coming in our house as they were leaving. Monday Jeff, Anita, Marlene, and Bob hosted a lunch at the farm for Clayton, Kizmin, Gunner, Isley, Presley, Brett, Babe, and me.

Tues. evening Babe made his second 'outing' by going to the Hays Rec. Center and watching Boys Basketball. He really enjoyed seeing the games and most of all the young people and their families. Thursday evening of this past week, Gary Sam Oller hosted a pizza supper at our house for Marlene and Bob Funk and Babe and me. Lot of 'hot' air was circulating in our living room that evening. Great time spent remembering when.....

Saturday afternoon Babe and I were surprised with a visit from Bertie Moses and Shirley Higgins. More 'hot' air in our living room. The visit was wonderful. Promises were made to meet again in October with more family and friends of the Moses and Flacks. I might add that this past week was the first week that Babe didn't have to see a doctor or have blood work since last October. He had the energy to enjoy his company and watch the ball games in Hays.

The next 2 weeks he will be back to blood work and doctor visits. Grateful for the people that have and are dedicating their lives to medicine and their patients.

Attended Relay for Life Friday evening, we need to give an extra round of thank you to all those involved in ‘making this event’ happen. What a lot of work.

Wow, this hot, hot, weather. With the wind and hot temperatures harvest will happen in a hurry. Good luck to all our farmers.

Nicole VonLehe stopped by for a nice visit when she was home. Really proud of that young gal and I love her.....

While in Columbia I met John and Muriel Langdon, parents of Roy Langdon.  John’s parents homesteaded here in McCracken, Bessie and Roy Langdon, they settled by the Hampton Cemetery. They have three sons buried in the cemetery.  I met Roy’s twin sister, Romana.  We did some garage sales, visited with a couple of Amish families.  Both families had huge gardens, one family planted 20,000 onion plants.  I went in one house and met ‘Katie’, she was cleaning her black cook stove.  I ‘kinda’ remember a wood cook stove my parents had which was similar, remember warming by the oven door.
There were three little girls, one little boy and two grown sons, but the family had nine children. The little kids were barefoot and they would walk/run through the gravel they had in their driveway just like it was asphalt. They just go to school through 6th grade, but you should see their carpentry work.  Amazing. Went to church in Boonville, they honored high school kids by giving them scholarship money; they had raised $6,000 in fish fries..I was impressed with the small town of Prairie View, it had a Dollar General, small café, the library was an honor system in the café...  Wonderful scenery. Roy built his house with the help of the Amish men, it is beautiful. 

History Notes:

l980 The boys 6th and 7th graders defeated Otis-Bison 35-27 with top scorer, Sean Miller with 8; John Moran also scored 8 with a win over Sacred Heart of Ness City and Shawn McKinney with 17 over Otis-Bison. Lady Mustangs defeated Dorrance 48-44. Freshmen players Janet Conner and Kayla Higgins were in double figures with 13 and 10. Student editorials for Kansas Day appeared in this issue entitled, “Why I Like Kansas.” Joel Miller, Melissa Morgan, Michael Hays, Kerrie Peters and Billy Harp were the editors. Heavy snow fell over the area Sunday with winds 20-35 causing blizzard conditions. Boys track members are Jeff McCormick, Kevin Rourke, Wade Hinman, Chris Jones, Craig Stull, Doug Elias, Mike Stull and Phil Swindler. Dale Elias, manager; Kevin Rourke, 1st place javelin; Craig Stull, 1st in 100, 200 and 400 dash; Janet Conner, 2nd in high hurdles at the LaCrosse invitational track meet.


Pat Petz - June 12

Summer is definitely a time for lots of activities and one of those activities is taking care of yard and garden work.  I spent Monday through Wednesday mowing, gardening, and picking up limbs that have fallen during the past storms that we have had.

After a short visit with mom on Thursday, I headed to McPherson to help my daughter, Angie Timson, set up for a city wide garage sale for Friday and Saturday.  We both did very well with the items that we had to offer.
A garage sale, as most of you know, is a lot of hard work, but we had lots of time to visit and had fun during our time together.

I had to leave on Saturday before the sale was over so that I had time to make it back to LaCrosse for the Tyler and Rachel Thompson wedding.  Rachel was a beautiful bride, the ceremony was amazing, the meal was delicious, and the reception and dance was a lot of fun. Rachel Weigel was a former LES second grade student of mine. Mom has watched Rachel growing up for many years and has become very close to her. Mom will miss her "Dolly" greatly, but we both wish Tyler and Rachel many years of happiness, good health, and the blessings of God! Congratulations, Tyler and Rachel Thompson!

I had to make a mad dash to Great Bend on Sunday morning to watch my granddaughter, Kallynn Petz, play softball with her team members called "Lady Soxs." Unfortunately, they lost to Clay Center, so they only had to play one game. Kallynn and her mom, Melanie, and I ate at Applebees after the game.

Since I was only an hour away from McPherson, I decided that I should go back to McPherson and load up all of the left over items from my garage sale. But, before, I loaded up the car, my grandsons, Drake and Grant Timson, decided that it was hot enough to make a trip to the Snow Cone Shack and enjoy a snow cone together. After the refreshing snow cone, we made a trip to the park and enjoyed our time together. The boys made it a unanimous decision that I had to spend one more night with them. So... how can a grandma ever say no?!!

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