June 13, 2018 News

Birthdays: June 13, Roger Legleiter; June 14, Grant McCormick, Randy Conrad; June 15, Eric Washaliski, Todd Barber; June 16, Sharon Lovitt (80), Robert McCarty; June 17, Clay North, Jessica Casey, Matt Casey; June 18, Chad Irvin, Mickey Hopper, Sarah Washaliski; June 19, Cheryl Werth, Matthew Groff.

Anniversaries: June 13, Rodney and Bernadette Taylor; June 14, Gary and Debbie Anderson, Kellye and Diana Hart; June 15, Ben and Janett Rogers (50th); June 16, Lance and Rachel Legleiter; June 18, Jaden and Jenna Jacobs; June 19, Joey and Jill Herschback; Joshua and Kayla North.

Congratulations to Ben and Janett Rogers on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to William and Theresa Greenway on the birth of a son, Kade William on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at Hays-Med. Kade weighed 9 lbs 14 oz and was 24 inches long. Grandparents Bill Greenway, McCracken, Paula Greenway, WaKeeney, great grandparents, Ron and Ruth Crawshaw, McCracken.

Al and Judy Hugh and Carolyn Thompson attended the funeral for Carla Rodeman in Denver on Wednesday. Carla was the daughter of Charles and Katheran Rodeman. She was born at Baker Hospital in LaCrosse on December 14, 1940 and died in Denver on May 30, 2018. She attended school in McCracken until her senior year and graduated from Ness City High School in 1958. She graduated from Fort Hays State University in 1963. She received her Master's Degree in Communications from the University of Denver in 1988. At the services a letter prepared by Arlene Gilbert and Marlene Funk, classmates, was read at her service. Her cousin, Judy Hugh also spoke about their early childhood and at their fun of playing in the Rodeman playhouse, stock tank (the wood spoked windmill that fed the stock tank was donated to the Rush County Historical Society by the Rodemans) and going to the library. Survivors are a brother, Kyle and a sister, Reva Lloyd, two daughter Michelle Olmstead and Nancy Husek, granddaughter, Kyleigh. Interment was at Cremation Gardens at Rocky Mountain Memorial Park, in Denver.

The Class of 1958 McCracken High School will have their 60th anniversary celebration at Thirsty's in Hays from 1 to 5 on July 15.

The theme for the Jail/Museum this summer will be The History of McCracken High School. Tammy Horesky is preparing the displays. Charmaine Wolfe will be sending out our dues renewals and brochure shortly. Tammy is requesting that if you have memorabilia or items from McCracken High School to bring them to the museum to be included. They will be returned to you. Arlene Gilbert was talking about a project done by the band when she was band director. They had a Dinner Band for a Valentine's Day dance for their parents. Kathleen Stremel was one of the planners for the event. The band had a glitter pattern of blue and gold in front of the band stands with Mustangs on them. This was the first time their mascot was used. Also if you have the music to both On Wisconsin or The Winning Fight we would like a copy. Coozies will be available for purchase at the museum

Reminder: McGaughey reunion Sunday, June 17, with Mass with Father Helms at 11:00 a.m. and pot luck dinner following at McCracken Community Building.

Will the person/persons responsible for losing our recycle trailer by putting in NON recyclable Items and also putting recycle items in the wrong bins PLEASE visit with Jim Fisher. We had an excellent service given to us and all it takes it one or two people to ruin it for the entire ‘town’. Are you putting in trash items? We have a nice trash service. Let us all try a little harder so we can get our recycle trailer back. Everyone is missing it.

An 80th birthday get-to-gather was held for Carolyn Thompson in Ellsworth Sunday afternoon at the home of Mike, Susan and Shannon Keith. It was also a mini-home warming for Mike and Susan, they moved into their new house a couple of weeks ago. Friends and relatives of Carolyn were in attendance. Those from McCracken were Marge Moran, Michele Moran, Jan North, Shirley Higgins and from Russell Tammy Horesky.

The annual K-4 golf tournament was held on Saturday, June 9th. We started at LaCrosse and played 9 holes in pretty nice weather. We then travelled to McCracken for lunch and the final 9 holes. Some people thought it was a little hot and windy in McCracken, but nobody really complained.Lunch was a wonderful assortment of fine Mexican food. One older golfer who had complained at previous events that his sensitive stomach could not handle spicy foods was served a special fried bologna sandwich which he promptly devoured. Thanks to Rose, Norma and Chris for the wonderful Mexican food and the extra effort on the bologna sandwich!

Our sponsors this year for the tournament were LaCrosse Liqours in LaCrosse and 4 Corners Liqours in Rush Center. They provided us prizes and refreshments. If you see Brent, thank him for being a true friend to both golf courses. Special thanks from my group to Brent for the assistance he provided us at the tee box by the water plant! It was refreshing.The winners were as follows:

1st place. Les Diehl, Lance McCormick, Kevin Anderson, and Pat Salsbury. This team played way over its heads. Generally thought of as just a handsome group of average golfers! Score of 59. Won in a chip off.

2nd place. Gerald Washburn, Mike Felder, Darrell Patterson and Chad Irvin. This team was the leader at the turn and one of the favorites. We all figure they must have eaten too many burritos at lunch. Real nice fellas. Score of 59.

3rd place. Jason Showalter, Trent Withune, Dennis Brungardt and Jeff Werth. A group of swell golfers who win their share of money on the golf courses in western Kansas. They will be back! Score of 60.After the tournament, we all enjoyed the air conditioned clubhouse, drank some cold beverages and generally agreed we were all skillful golfers who have a shot to win the next tournament. The next tournament is the 9 HOLE, 4 PERSON RODEO TEXAS SCRAMBLE on July 14th at 8 am at McCracken. Cost is $100 per team. It has been called the longest 9 holes in golf, but no one cares. This one is for FUN! Get a team and get there early! GOOD LUCK!

Anita Butler, Ron and Cathy Casey enjoyed a trip to WaKeeney Sunday for the Garden Tour. Marlene Funk was their tour guide/driver. There were 12 gardens on the tour from a vegetable garden to flower gardens, spices and a start up wine vineyard/orchard. Cathy and Anita took a lot of pictures and havestarted new honey-do lists. All agreed that the most interesting garden was west of WaKeeney where a young couple raise grapes for Shiloh Vineyard, sheep without wool raised for their meat, an amazing greenhouse with hundreds of tomato plants and growing comfrey for compresses, compost and 'tea' to spray on their tomato plants. A hot day but very fun!

This year's theme for the upcoming alumni weekend at the McCracken Jail Museum is, "A Time To Remember The School We'll Never Forget." The museum committee is requesting any memorabilia/photos associated with McCracken High School and the extra curricular activities and organizations sponsored by the school. Items on loan to the museum need to be labeled with the owner's name and can be dropped off at the Jail Museum on June 13-15 from 12:00-5:00. For more information please contact Shirley Higgins or Carolyn Thompson. Thank you in advance for your support!

The DREAM ladies, Carol Heiman, Christine Wagner, Carolyn Thompson, Kathleen Kuchar and guest Judy Dennis, met at the home of Shirley Higgins Monday afternoon.

History Notes:

Dec 17, 1920: Friday night the girls basketball team played their first game with Brownell and were defeated by a score of 15-23 in favor of Brownell. It was a fast and interesting game. The Mc lineup was as follows: Neva Harris, Lucile Robertson, Ion Miller, Alvina Sieling. Subs McKittrick, Catharine Woodward and Nancy Farwell.

January 28, 1921 Friday the basketball game between Bison and Mc High Schools resulted in a double victory for Mc as usual. The boys score was 27 to 21. Mc boys instead of being just one point ahead as is their custom, broke away from past records and scored six points ahead. One new player did not affect their usually good team work. The girls score was 32 to 9. This might look like a walk away, but it wasn’t. The Bison girls were on the job all the time. The Mc girls were certainly there in team work which is superior playing wherever it is. The lineup for the boys: Leslie Hunt, James Lovitt, Cleo Akers, Glenn Miller, and Wayne Brackney. Mr. Timken from Bison refereed both games and proved fair and impartial. On account of the small pox cases at Bison our social was called off.


Patricia Petz:

This past week has been super hot as I prepared for the Annual WACC city garage sale in McPherson.  All the proceeds of advertising went to the Women and Children Combating Cancer fund.  I left Thursday afternoon with a carload of "goodies" to be sold in conjunction with this event.  Angie, my daughter, and I worked very late setting things up for the Friday and Saturday event.  Over 58 homes were registered and we had amazing sales throughout the weekend.  

Sunday morning the Timson family and I attended church and then we had dinner at the Golden Dragon, one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. Although I had taken a batch of homemade brownies along with me to McPherson they were quickly devoured Thursday evening.  Grant, my five year old grandson, loves to help cook, so before I was allowed to leave McPherson, we had to make another batch!  After watching the boys play and using their slip and slide, I headed for home.  

When I reached La Crosse, I stopped by mom's house and we had a very nice visit the rest of the afternoon.  I so enjoyed being back home.  Garage Sales are great to get rid of some things that you no longer need or want, but they have a way of stretching those muscles and they definitely provide lots of aches and pains throughout your body! 

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