June 12, 2019 News

Birthdays: June 12, Casey Brown, Beverly Buster; June 13, Roger Legleiter; June 14, Flag Day, Grant McCormick, Randy Conrad; June 15, Eric Washaliski, Todd Barber; June 16, Sharon Lovitt; June 17, Clay North, Jessica Casey, Matt Casey; June 18, Chad Irvin, Mickey Hopper, Sarah Washaliski.

Anniversaries: June 12, Greg and Sheila Hinman, Layne and Kerri Morgan; June 13, Rodney and Bernadette Taylor; June 14, Gary and Debbie Anderson, Kellye and Diana Hart; June 15, Ben and Janett Rogers; June 16, Lance and Rachel Legleiter; June 18, Jaden and Jenna Jacobs.

News from Marlene Funk

Rachel Harris, Great Bend, a friend of the family, attended the wedding of Mason and Dakota Coats; Also attending was Bob Wickwar, Denver. Saturday afternoon he spent in McCracken. He was made an official McCrackenite because he. rode around in a golf cart

News from Addie Mills

Addie Mills and Mike Karlin enjoyed lunch together at McCracken on Saturday. Addie also visited with Roy Jensen, his daughter, Katie, son-in-law, John and little Jensen. Roy is at hospice care at Katie and John's home. He is doing fairly well at this time.

Tina Mills celebrated an early birthday on Sunday. Addie brought ince cream and an angel food cake.

Informative news gleaned from doing rodeo tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A special THANK YOU to Joyce Eisenhour for keeping the City Cemetery directory current.

John and Linda Seymour, Frank and Elaine Littler, Lloyd and Marilyn Christmore enjoyed dinner in Hays Friday evening.

Ron and Cathy Casey are now ‘settled’ at home in McCracken. We welcome them ‘with open arms’. What an asset.

Brenda and Carl Rosenlund visited with her parents, Frank and Elaine Littler recently.

Larry and Melody Higgins, Riverton, Wyoming, visited his parents Hoop and Twila Higgins this past week.

John, Ellen, Josh Moran and Michele Moran treated their mother, Marge Moran to a trip to LasVegas for her birthday.

Frank and Elaine Littler, Terry and Pat Miller met Terry and Carol Herdman in Branson, Missouri where they spent an enjoyable five days.

Jan North and her friend Vera Haver joined Laura North Martin and 2 of her friends for a week in Branson, MO. They turned the condo into a quilt studio and laughed the week away.

Heath and Paula North hosted a B-B-Que honoring the graduates in their family. Brandon graduated Suma Cum Laude from Pratt Community College and Carson graduated from Ellis Junior High. A large group of family and friends shared in the fun.

Frank and Elaine Littler, Arlyn and Jan North and Dwight Eisenhour joined Mel and Virgie Renner of Kansas City, MO and Dan and Paulette Woellhof of Anakey, Iowa for dinner at Thirsty’s in Hays prior to Memorial Day. They brought flowers for numerous graves at the Ransom and McCracken cemeteries.

Those that helped with the rodeo tickets at the McCracken Public Library were Anita Butler, Velma Legleiter, Phyllis Conrad, Jan North, Jeanette McCormick, Elaine Littler, Angela Murray, Twila Higgins, Marge Moran, Pat Derr, Linda Seymour, Roxene Fletcher, Cathy Casey, Shirley Higgins and Brenda Legleiter.

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Marty and Julie Stover, Booneville, MO, Julie’s sister, Patricia Alono, McCook Nebraska were here visiting friends in McCracken and some sites in Kansas. Friday they enjoyed lunch with Walter and Janey Rogers at The Diner in LaCrosse.Shirley Higgins and Fr. Eric enjoyed lunch at the Diner Friday in LaCrosse. We in the McCracken area are sad to see him leave for his assignment in Garden City the first part of July.

Monday Shirley motored to Hutchinson where she was a guest of Jerry and Jodi Higgins. Mylo and Ann Oyler, Plano, Texas; Gary and Karen Oyler, St. George, Utah were also guests. Tuesday evening they were all guests at The Steak House in Hutchinson. Attending were Robert Riley, Ann and Mylo, Karen and Gary, Stan and Terri Oyler, Jerry and Jodi Higgins and Shirley Higgins.

Congrats to Anton Foust as he helped lead the West D11 8 Man All Star Football Team to a 54-28 win in Beloit on Saturday, June 8. Anton rushed for 100 yards and 2 TD’s. The first was an 8 yard run late in the first half and the second a 28 yard scamper in the 4th quarter. He also threw for 54 yards. His team mate, Luke Higginson was also a member of the West team.

Jerry and Shirley attended the 43rd anniversary celebration for Mark and Jane Goodheart in Olmitz, Saturday June 8. Mass was held at 4:00 in St. Ann’s Hall with Father Mazouk and Father Murphy, dinner and dance held later in the K of C Hall with many friends and relatives in attendance. Music was by Jimmy Dee and fellow musicians.

We had approximately 2.75 inches of rain Saturday night in McCracken plus a lightning show.

History Notes:

January 1952 Alexander proved itself the top REN league contender with a convincing win over McCracken. Final score was 52-36; Bison maintained a first place hold in the REN league this week with a 57-44 victory over McCracken. The Bison seconds beat the Mustangs second team 49-37 with Urban collecting 18 points for Bison and Lovitt getting 13 for Mc.; the 1952 model Chevrolet will be displayed all day Saturday at the O’Loughlin Chevrolet in McCracken; Mc loomed up as the REN dark horse this week with two victories over classy operation, they beat Schoenchen in a game at McCracken and polished off Bazine Tuesday 41-36; wheat is selling for $2.30; a slumping Alexander high school squad and an improving Mc Mustang team fought it out at Alexander and Mc came away with an upset victory winning 45-39. Players for Alexander L. Wright, Scheuerman, Miller, Wilson, D. Wright, Auston and Ebert; Mc-Bison game was postponed because of an outbreak of measles.


Pat Petz:

I love watching movies, however, I very seldom watch the news.  It seems like there is always such negative things that are reported and I like to try to stay on the more positive side.  However, even with the absence of the news, it seems like many things went wrong this week for me.  Monday, my family discovered that my Aunt Wilma Depperschmidt who had lived in  Oklahoma City for many years had passed away.  She was the sister to my mom, Mary Steitz, and Rita Liggett.  Wilma was my Godmother so she will always hold a special place in my heart.  Please remember her in your prayers.  

Wednesday, mom and I attended the vigil service and rosary for Patty Enslinger.  Then we attended her funeral on Thursday.  She was dearly loved by many and will be greatly missed. Patty and I taught at the La Crosse Elementary School for many years.  Many family members, friends, and students were at the services to pay their respect to Patty. 

My daughter, Angie Timson, came back to Hays on Saturday so she and her friend, Christi (Conner) Schneider could get together for their birthdays at Rock Haven.  After their relaxing morning, I met up with them at our favorite restaurant to eat.  You guessed it, "Guiterrez's."  After lunch we spent some time shopping.  I attended mass at the Immaculate Heart of Mary's Church before I returned home.  

Sunday was suppose to be a day of fun and excitement as my daughter-in-law's parents were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Mom and I were planning on spending the morning at Wes and Sandy Oakley's church in Hays and then attend their reception.  However, when I woke up Sunday morning I discovered that the storm knocked out my electricity at 1:30 in the morning.  I thought no big deal, I can get ready in the dark, however, I soon discovered that I was unable to open my garage doors without electricity. I had to call mom and tell her that I was not going to be able to pick her up.  As I was talking to her, I thought I heard a noise in the basement.  Since, the electricity had been off, so was my sump pump!  OH NO!  I had around 10 inches of water in my basement and it was rising.  Unfortunately, I had to call my son, and ask him for help.  We spent the majority of the day trying to siphon out the water. The electricity didn't come back on until 4 o'clock that afternoon. After loosing many pictures (which are irreplaceable), books, and other items I had to stop sweeping up water soon after that because I just wasn't able to go on any more. I spent the rest of the evening hoping and praying that next week would be a more positive week!

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