June 6, 2018 News

Birthdays: June 6, Spring Bentham, Michelle Gill, Montana Skinner, Carolyn Thompson (80); June 7, Addie Kershner, Melissa Davis; May 8, Catherine Casey, Kathy Whitis, Emily Washaliski, Olivia Washaliski; June 9, Natalie Walker, Travis North; June 10, Bryan Bergquist, Tina Mills; June 11, Rich Higgins, Allen Kober; June 12, Beverly Buster.

Anniversaries: June 6, Scott and Emily Keener; June 7, Julius and Lucy Unrein; June 8, Carl and Velma Legleiter, Hung and Tran Pham; June 9, David and Lanette Kaster; June 12, Greg and Sheila Hinman, Layne and Kerri Morgan.

Congratulations to Brandt and Haily Rogers, Ness City, on the birth of a son, Calum Byron Rogers on May 29, 2018. Grandparents are, Brett and Holly Gilbert and Great-grandparents, Babe and Arlene Gilbert of McCracken.

Mark your calendars for the McGaughey reunion scheduled for Sunday June 17 beginning with Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church at 11:00 a.m.with a pot luck dinner following Contact Shirley Brackney Gabel if you have any questions. Father Mike Helms will be the officiant at the mass. This is one of our four masses allowed by the Diocese of Dodge City per year at St. Mary's so everyone is welcome at mass.

We look forward to the Rodeo in July. Plan to come for rodeo week beginning with the Women's Barrel Races on Wednesday evening, the Slack Rodeo on Thursday evening, two nights of rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights. There are posters up in the area and on Facebook for all the other activities. Dates July 11-14.

The services for Sharilyn Eisenhour were held Saturday, June 2 at McCracken City Cemetery. The songs, Never Alone and Home were sung by Valerie Krier. Her daughter Michelle Hubert read the obituary and greetings and scripture were by Sharilyn's husband Dwight and her daughter, Melissa McDowell Those in attendance laid flowers on her grave after helping fill in the grave. A reception was held at McCracken Community Building.

Contact Lynn Kochenower for registration for the Trail Ride. Phone 620-786-9764

RECYCLE TRAILER:  Please be aware:  They are taking the recycle trailer away for a few weeks.  Patrons are mixing their items and putting them in the wrong section.  Please put only what is written on the door in that section. No trash ever.  When it gets to LaCrosse it has to  be sorted by hand because they won’t take it in Great Bend.  Please do not make us lose this service.

Kansas Facts:
Fort Larned National Historic Site commemorate the fort's significance as an import military post established to protect travelers and commerce on the Santa Fe Trail from 1859-1878. Fort Larned was also a key post during the Indian Wars of the late 1860's and the site of an Indian Agency from 1861-1868.

Fort Hays State University at Hays was established in 1901 as the Western Branch of the State Normal School.

America's first patented helicopter was invented by William Purvis and Charles Wilson of Goodland in 1909-1910.

Amelia Earhart, a native of Atchison, became the first women to be granted a pilot's license by the National Aeronautic Association in 1923.

In 1943 the Autopilot was invented by David D. Blanton of Wichita.


A new corrugated steel wheel chair ramp has been put on the east side of St. Mary's Catholic Church to replace the old wooden ramp. Thanks to Ray Wierman, Bennington. KS., George & Marilyn ( Wierman) Sommers, Silver Lake, KS.

Talyn Kleweno daughter of Barry & Christy Kleweno Hays received Academic Honors & was accepted into Athletic Training Program at KSU. Cole Murray son of Darrin & Melissa Murray of Colwich attended KSU and finished the year with Academic Honors. Proud Grandparents are Patrick & Angela Murray of McCracken.

The McCracken Public Library was rockin' a second week! Readers had a great time learning some dance moves after reading Giraffes Can't Dance and painted rocks to make a giraffe puzzle. Assistant librarian, Cat Casey, had the readers enthralled with her violin she brought to share after reading Zin! Zin! A Violin! Readers than made pipe whistles, kazoos and harmonicas; needless to say it was a loud hour! The last day readers made scarecrows after reading Waltz of the Scarecrows. They also enjoyed trying to keep their 'crows' from landing on their corn (each tried to keep 2 black balloons in the air). Before closing the week Quinn Anderson won the attendance drawing-a $ 20 Amazon gift card. A huge thank you to Dollar General's Literacy grant and a donation from Second Chance Thrift Shop. Readers are encouraged to continue reading all summer and return their reading log slips for the end of summer reading drawing for a Kindle Fire. Be sure to keep checking our face book page for upcoming activities and story times. Those rockin' the library were; Clayton Sewell, Quinn, Saydie and Kamryn Anderson, Tenley Wittman, Gaige Kendall, Owen, Evelyn, and Quade Keener, Harper McCormick, C.J. Hartpence, John Doornbos, Quintin Elias, Jack McGaughey and Jazmyne, Shyanne, Taelyn and Bryden Jones. A big thank you to Laura Pechanec and Emily Keener for their aid during craft and snack times.

The McCracken Public Library was thrilled to host Priscilla Howe, professional storyteller from Lawrence, as wrap up for the weekly summer reading program. Priscilla had them hooked from the moment they got there by playing her harmonica and having the kids guess the songs. She quickly transitioned into fun stories and cute conversations with her puppets. Thanks again for the Dollar General Literacy grant and Second Chance Thrift Shop. Those enjoying the program were Saydie, Quinn and Kamryn Anderson, Clayton Sewell, Tenley Wittman with her mom and grandma, John and Taylor Doornbos, Shyanne and Jason Jones, Owen, Quade and Evelyn Keener, C.J. Hartpence, Sue Davis with her grandsons Hunter and Landon Davis, and Arlene Gilbert.

Saturday, June 9th, McCracken/LaCrosse “K-4” 4 person scramble. 1st 9 holes at LaCrosse at 8:00 a.m. Travel to McCracken for lunch. 2nd 9 holes at McCracken. $100.00 per team FREE WILL LUNCH.”

Winners at the golf tournament held Memorial Day week-end were Sean Peters, Mike Felder, Tyrel Elias and Brian Harp.

Kyra and Bryant Reese took in some Women’s College World Series softball, experienced Bricktown and visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. •On a personal note, everyone needs to visit this Memorial. It was the most powerful memorial I have ever been to and they did it with so much respect to the families.

I visited with Lavona Suppes Sunday morning for a few minutes, she and her family were here for the wedding of Amanda Morgan and Logan Beard held Saturday, June 2. Congratulations to Amanda and Logan.

History Notes:

May 29, 1914 Base Ball Dope. Kicked away another one. Lovitt pitched excellent ball and all he needed was a little support in one inning. Bison was sure a Hodoo to us in the 7th innings. Jack Stephens hit the pill for a three-base hit and tried to stretch for a home, but the umpire called him out. Umpire Elmore says he can’t see through the pitcher and make a decision. Everybody get to the game June 3. Big doings. The score with Bison at Bison Wednesday: Mc 4, Bison 5. Batteries: Brannon and Fairbanks, Lovitt and Metz. Hits off Brannon, 9 in 8 innings; 5 off Lovitt in 9.

June 12, 1914: Mc put the bad sign on LaCrosse Wednesday. Lovitt pitched fine ball and only allowed one hit up to the 9th inning. It looked one off when the LaCrosse boys rolled a third run home in the 8th, but the sky cleared in the Domestic half. Ivy Irvin hit for three bases with two men on. A ball team hasn’t ANY business chewing the rag with the ‘Ump’ about his decision when they don’t even hit the base. Summary: Three base hit, I. Irvin; B. Metz sacrifice hit; Lovitt. Struck out by Lovitt 4, Walker 2; hit by pitched ball, Lovitt 2, base on balls, hits off Lovitt 5; Walker 13. Mc 6 LaCrosse 4. Standing of Rush County League: Bison won 5, lost 1; Mc won 5, lost 1; LaCrosse won 2, lost 5; Otis won 1 lost 5. Umpires, Wednesday’s game: Edwards and Edgington.

July 4, 1914: McCracken trimmed Otis Friday in a slugging match marred by many errors. The hitting of Jack Stephens featured the game. In the game at LaX Wednesday the home boys were badly beaten due to their rugged fielding coupled with the hard hitting of the LaX boys. Reboul featured with two home runs and a single out of five trips to the plate while R. Irvin made four singles out of five trips. Mc 8 – LaX 13.


Patricia Petz:

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering men and women who died while serving in this country's armed forces.  Memorial Day originally was known as Decoration Day in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971.  This holiday is currently observed every year on the last Monday of May, and officially marks the beginning of summer.  This year, my mom, Mary Steitz, prepared a meal and had an afternoon for visiting for several guests before going out to the La Crosse cemeteries.  Those attending were: Henry and Sharon Staley of Salina, John and Rita Liggett of Rush Center, and myself.  Decorations and prayers  were for Johnny ( WWII vet) and Lorraine Schaffer (my mom's sister), Andrew and Veronica Depperschmidt (my mom's parents), Alvin Depperschmidt (WWII vet)and Edwin Depperschmidt (Korean vet), my mom's brothers, Leland Steitz (Korean vet), my mom's husband, Clarence and Helen Foos, my grandparents, and Marvin Foos, my dad.  The cemeteries were beginning to look beautiful as many were putting their flowers out early. 

I attended mass in Mc Cracken on Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church and was able to visit with several friends that had come home for the Memorial Day Services.  

It was fun having my daughter, Angie and her family from McPherson, come home for the weekend.  Sunday afternoon we traveled to Ellis and visited with Hal and Sherry Witthuhn, and then had dinner at Cancun's Mexican Grill. Later that evening Kurt and Chelsea Wells and family from Mt. Hope stopped by to visit at the farm.  

Monday morning I helped with the rosary at the St. Mary's Cemetery and then met up with my family at the Mc Cracken Cemetery.  Decorations were laid out and prayers were said especially for the Petz family:  Donald Petz, (my father in law), Gene, Tim, Kirby, (my brother in laws), Eric (my nephew), and Danny (Vietnam Vet with a Purple Heart), my husband.  

After the services, we went to the farm and prepared a nice barbeque. My mom, Mary Steitz, came out with us to enjoy the afternoon. Maddy Petz, Buhler, brought Dolores Petz by to visit with all of us before they went to pick up their flowers at the cemeteries.  

Thursday evening, I was invited to attend my grandson's 12th birthday party at Pasta Jays in Hays.  Kameron had a nice pizza party with several friends: Bronson Neil, Trey Oakley, and Slade Salmans.   Family members that attended were his parents, Kelly and Melanie Petz, Nathan Windholz, Nicholas Petz and his fiancé, Kylee Fall, his sister, Kallynn and her friend Reanna Harman, his grandparents Wes and Sandy Oakley, and myself.  After dinner, the kids went swimming and I understand that they had a blast.  I took a rain check!  

The rainfall was much appreciated, however, it made my grass grow so much, that I had to spend Thursday and Friday mowing my yard!  It always seems like a BIG job, but I enjoy the breeze and will continue to mow until it gets too much for me.

Saturday morning I was off very early for Dighton.  They were having a beginning of Summer celebration and they had invited me to set up my jewelry display.  It was quite windy, but my tent stayed anchored down which I was for thankful for.  There was a nice turn out for the vendors that were there.  I was able to purchase some snap peas and home-grown beets.  When I got back home, I made 6 pints of pickled beets and ate a bowl of beets for supper.  They were the best beets that I had ever eaten.  

Sunday, mom and I attended mass in La Crosse at St. Michael's and then we picked up De.Wayne and Vicky Foos (my brother and sister-in-law) to celebrate their recent birthdays. We went to "Made From Scratch" in Wilson.  We thought the food was very good, but unfortunately they ran out of their fried chicken way too soon.  So, we had to settle on eating some of their homemade raisin crème and coconut cream pies.  After touring Wilson, we headed to Hays to pick up a few items and then returned to La Crosse.  Later that evening, I had a surprise visit from my grandson Nicholas Petz.  After visiting, I made some supper which included some Root Beer floats.  They were a hit for both of us! 

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