June 5, 2019 News

Birthdays: June 5, Marlene Bronish; June 6, Michelle Gill; Carolyn Thompson, Spring Bentham, Montana Skinner; June 7, Addie Kershner, Melissa Davis, Father Pascal Klein; June 8, Cathy Casey, Kathy Whitis, Emily Washaliski, Olivia Washaliski; June 9, Natalie Walker, Travis North; June 10, Bryan Bergquist, Tina Mills; June 11, Rich Higgins, Allen Kober.

Anniversaries: June 6, Scott and Emily Keener; June 8, Carl and Velma Legleiter, Hung and Tran Pham; June 9, David and Lanette Kaster;

Family and friends attended the Quilt of Valor ceremonies at the American Legion in Great Bend on Friday evening to honor Babe Gilbert, Ward and Chance Corsair. Twenty-one quilts were given. The post has provided 600 quilts so far. Linda Bittel and Phyllis Manhart pieced the quilts and Amy Schartz Mellor quilted them for the LaCrosse and McCracken recipients. Attending from Babe's family were Babe and Arlene Gilbert, Brett and Holly Gilbert, Brandt and Haily Rogers and Calum, Courtney Gilbert and Chace Benes Erica Gilbert and Kade Hagens and Anita Butler.

Family for Ward and Chance were Ward and Kim Corsair, Leroy and Raynell Penka, Chance Corsair and fiancé Erika, Genita Hughes.

West Burch American Legion Post 59 members and Sons of the American Legion: Arlyn North, Kenneth Showalter, Ty Elias, Sean Peters, Butch Harp, Mitch Jacobs. Friends: Robert and Rose Rein, Ben and Sheryl McCaskey, Priscella Jacobs, Mary Margaret McCormick, Janice Stull, Carolyn Thompson, Fred and Pat Lohrey, Norma Edwards. Gerald Bittel and Don Manhardt.

Museum News: Pictures were received from Mary Margaret McCormick that were her mother's the late Lucy Vogle. They are a picture of the Pool Hall, a picture of students at McCracken High School in May 1930, Orvis Nowles, Keith Oelkers, Myrtle Sieling, Ben Steinshouer, Virgil Huxol, Faie Whinery, Verda Kueffer, Samuel Lovitt, Roy VanWinkle, John Campbell, Joseph Wharton, Wesley Stephens, Walton Gilbert, Louise Cornelesen, Jane Marak, Gloyd Vogle, Francis Lovitt. A separate picture of Oliver Pearson was included; 3 pictures of the Metz farms and families and a school picture with Anna Darkes as teacher at Cottonwood. Program for McCracken's Diamond Jubilee, July 13 and 14.

Joe Higgins found a plate on E-bay which he donated to the Jail/Museum of the J. P. Warden Store in 1910. Warden's carried hardware, graniteware, stoves and implements. The plate has gold edges with green enamel. There are pictures of each of the twelve months surrounding a lighthouse. It came from Lighthouse of Houston, Texas It was made in China.

The museum will be featuring businesses of McCracken during rodeo week.Tammy Horesky will be in charge of the display.

Danny and Gail Dennis, Mike, Susan and Shannon Keith and Carolyn Thompson attended the Fort Carson-Fountain High School graduation on Saturday, May 25. Justin Payne Dennis graduated with honors. Following the graduation a lunch and reception was held at his home for family and friends. He is the son of Cameron and Jamie Dennis, brother of Keaton Dennis and grandson of Danny and Gail Dennis. On Sunday Mike, Susan , Shannon and Carolyn attended mass at St. Dominic's Catholic Church in Fountain where 47 were receiving confirmation. They then went to Pueblo where they had dinner with the family at Cracker Barrel. Mike and Shannon enjoyed hiking on the Barr trail on Pike's Peak and at Garden of the Gods. Danny and Gail are moving to Pueblo where they can be closer to family.


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