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Birthdays: May 31,Vicky Foos, Kameron Petz; June 1, Jackie Casey, June 2, Kenneth Foster, Jordan Janke; June 3, Tim Rues, Kathy Norlin, Anton Foust, Clayton Herdman; June 4, Zachary Simmerman, Natalee North; June 5, Marlene Bronish; June 6, Michele Mays Gill, Carolyn Thompson, Spring Blackwell, Montana Skinner.

Anniversaries: June 1, Don and DeAnna Bergquist, Dean and Kim Jay; June 2, Jerry and Karen Casey; June 3, Greg and Beverly Buster; June 4, Mike and Jerilyn Stull; June 5, Norman and Malinda Anderson; June 6, Scott and Emily Keener.
Evelyn Cosby and Addie Mills had supper at Tracy's on Tuesday in honor of Evelyn's birthday.

Richard Mills of Clark, South Dakota was a Wednesday morning visitor of Addie Mills. He had been to Ruth Ann Sissel's funeral at Ponca City, Oklahoma and was enroute home.

Cassie Karlin, Wahiawa, Hawaii, has been visiting family and friends in the area. She spent the weekend with grandmother, Addie Mills.

The West Burch American Legion 59 and the Sons of the Legion conducted the services at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, McCracken City Cemetery, and Alexander Cemetery on Memorial Day.  The Honor Guard consisted of Brett Gilbert, Ty Elias, Mark McCormick and Richard Showalter.  Master of Ceremonies, Dennis Elias, Firing Squad,  Jake Tomlinson, Lance McCormick, Martin Higgins, Butch Harp, Gary Barnes, Bob Funk, and Mike Conner.  Honorary squad member Babe Gilbert.  The Taps were sounded by 8th grader, Allie Seltman.  Arlene Gilbert led the choir, Lynnette Doornbos gave the poem Flanders Field and Kerri Morgan, Answer to Flanders Field.  Jeanie Elias placed the flower tribute on the monuments.  Both cemeteries were beautifully cared for and the flags waved in the breeze.

It was a joy to visit with June Bell, McPherson.  She is 97 years young.
The dinner at the City Building  had a great turnout, thanks to all those who prepared it and worked to make the day memorable.
Others who have graduated from high school are Jordan Taylor, son  Randy and Denise Taylor, Mingus High School in  Cottonwood, Arizona;  Lexea Barnes, daughter of Bruce Barnes and Carol Barnes,  Ness City High School,  Sarrina Rogers, daughter of Mamie Rogers, Ness City High School; Robert Wierman son of Lawrence and Elaine Wierman,  Western Plains High School.
Mike and Susan Keith attended the graduation of Ryan Keith in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the weekend.
Shannon Keith is working at Rock Springs camp near Junction City as a member of the staff.
Have you been to the town of Jerome, Arizona? It is a neat small tourist town that has been restored.  There is a haunted house there.  Jordan Taylor and Lucas Taylor decided to spend the night there.  Ask Freddie how that turned out.

Clinton and Tara Swan and granddaughter Harlow joined Tammy, John, Chuck, Kyra and Bryant for supper at Shirley’s Sunday evening.

Thank goodness for nephews and a niece. Jeff and Anita Butler's nephew from Hays has been coming down to work on their barn and this Memorial Weekend Mason Weber, her boyfriend, and Levi White came down Saturday and they helped on the barn, trim high trees and pull and fence. Sunday Matt Butler came down from Hays and helped on the barn. South wall is almost complete. Needless to say we feed them a good lunch and supplied all the PowerAde they could drink.

Attending the Memorial Services at McCracken was as follows: Dave and Carolyn Davenport, Travis, Tina, Tanner, Courtney and Katie Elias, Quintin Elias and Dale Elias. Ty and Quintin hosted a BBQ after the services for everyone. Dennis and Jeannie Elias joined them.

Cathy Casey and Alex were here for Memorial Day, Sunday Cathy, Catherine Casey and Arline Rues motored to the Trotter cemetery near Lewis. They then drove to Felsburg.

Scott and Lora Faiman, Sharon Lovitt were luncheon guests of Shirley Higgins Memorial Day. They joined Tammy, John, Chuck, Bryant, and Kyra, and Peyton (dog).

It was nice visiting with Greg and Larry Buster, also Gloria Baus Blackwell after Memorial services.

The West Burch American Legion Post #59 and the Sons of the American Legion Post did an awesome job Memorial Day at the cemeteries.

Attending the McCracken Memorial Services were as follows: Dave and Carolyn Davenport, Travis, Tina, Tanner, Courtney and Katie Elias, Quintin Elias and Dale Elias. Ty and Quintin hosted a BBQ after the services for everyone. Dennis and Jeannie Elias joined them.

November 1979:

History Notes

Billy Harp was honored at an 8th birthday party with the following guests: Joel Miller, Reed Blackwell, Troy and Travis Williams, Terri Petz, Treva and Clayton Wilson, Annissa and Roy Bedard, Matthew Hays, Todd, Tammy, Shelly and Jamie Sewell, Lynette, Brian and Michael Harp; The MGS Junior high volleyball girls hosted Ness City Thursday and they won both A and B matches. Members are Michele Moran, Paula Crawshaw, Susan Thompson, Teresa Rosenland, Dixie Bott, Tonya Mangold, Stacy Foreman, Lori Brown and Sarena Higgins. Coach is Philena Baus; MHS football team defeated Tri-Plains 48-18 bringing their season to a perfect 7-0. Jeff McCormick and Kellye Irvin combined for 4 TD’s and Doug Elias led the offensive effort on the ground with 93 yards; The Quivera League high school vocal clinic will be held in Great Bend. Those participating will be Janet Conner, Rhonda Conrad, Tammy Higgins, Kellye Irvin, Jeff McCormick, Joy Mills, Sandy Taylor and Kayla Higgins; MHS will present a three act play “Love is Too Much Trouble” at the grade school gym on Thursday. Cast members are Tammy Higgins, Kevin Rourke, Craig Stull, Dale Elias, Laura Unrein, Annette Davis, Connie Wittman, Sandra Jacobs, Kelly McKinney, Kerrie Seltman, Norma Elmore, Randy Conrad, Raven Schwindt and Wade Hinman; Director, Rich Billinger.

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