May 29, 2019 News

Birthdays: May 29, Quinten Miller, Calum Rogers, Father Charles Mazouch, Madison Kirk; May 30, Tammy McAllistar; May 31, Vicky Foos, Kameron Petz, Vicky Foos; Jackie Casey; June 2, Kenneth Foster, Jordan Janke; June 3, Tim Rues, Kathy Norlin, Anton Foust, Clayton Herdman; June 4, Zachary Simmerman, Natalee North.

Anniversaries: May 29, David and Stacy Moran; June 1, Don and DeAnna Bergquist, Dean and Kim Jay; June 2, Jerry and Karen Casey; June 3, Greg and Beverly Buster; June 4, Mike and Jerilyn Stull.

We wish Allan and Donna Hill a happy new life in Iowa. Allan has taken a job with a private contractor and Donna is going to work at the health clinic. We will miss them.

Russ Clark, his son Steve and daughter Cindy were in ‘the city’ Wednesday just driving around, they saw Arlene Gilbert walking, stopped and had a nice visit.

Kayla Weskamp, Nicole Tacha and Lucas Gatten were Friday overnight guests of Shirley. They were on their way to Norton to attend a wedding on Saturday afternoon.

Erica Gilbert graduated

Flowers were planted in the City Park Wednesday by the McCracken Welcome Sign. Those helping with the project were Cathy, Valerie, Pat, Hunter, Rylin, and Layne.

Was great seeing and visiting with Gloria Baus Blackwell in Dillons Wednesday.

Congratulations to Erica Gilbert on her graduation from Cloud County Community College this past week. She received her associate degree of science. She was an honor graduate listed with gpa 3.6 and above. Member of National Phi Theta Cappa and Athletic Academic Achievement graduate. She will attend Washburn next year majoring in resperatory therapy.

August 1903: School boards are requiring young women teachers to sign contracts that they will not get married or even have beaus during the school year.

History Notes

1951: McCracken Students under the direction of Miss Arlene Ingraham participated in the REN league music clinic held at Otis Saturday; the McCracken Community Club is sponsoring Christmas entertainment for youngsters and grown-ups Saturday December 15 and again Saturday December 22. Leading off this Saturday will be free movies at the Garden Theatre beginning at 2:30. Santa will make his annual visit after the theatre performance on December 22. Numbers for 100 merchants’ prizes will be concealed in the candy sacks. Albert Norlin and Merle O’Loughlin are additional members of the program committee along with Perry VanWinkle; Hubert Brackney has opened an appliance in the Scheideman building north of the Citizens State Bank. (in the 1980’s this was the McCracken Library); The LaCrosse locals’ tusseled with the McCracken five Saturday in a game slowed by many fouls and beat Al Rues and his Mustang crew 52-42. The Mustang seconds eked out a 24-23 victory with Dight House getting 11 points; the penny postcard bows out with the old year Monday night, from then on you will pay 2 cents for postcards.


Patricia Petz:

We definitely have had a week that goes down in history. So much rain and no where for it to go! I feel so sad for those that have lost so much due to the rains, high winds, and/or  tornadoes!  Hopefully the weather will get better soon. 

I spent most of the week in McPherson babysitting my grandchildren, Drake and Grant.  Their parents took off with three other couples to go fishing in South Dakota.  Mc Pherson still had school part of this week so I needed to be there by 3:00 on Wednesday to pick them up.  Angie and Trent are living in the country now so that's where we headed after school. Their favorite spot is the pool, so once we reached their home they jumped in.  It is heated, but definitely still too cool for me.  

Life was definitely a change for me on Thursday.  I had to get up early and get two boys ready for their last day of school and out of the house by 7:30.  We made it to school on time and then I had a few errands to run.  At 10:00 I had to meet Grant and his Kindergarten class at Hess Park.  They were having their last fun day get together and a pizza party.  What a wonderful park!  There were a lot of different things for the children to play on.  The class had to be back to school by 11:30 for the early dismissal.  Grant and I picked up Drake and then we headed for Wendy's for lunch and one of their famous frosties, since Drake and I had not eaten.  Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent in the pool.

Thursday evening, I needed to take Grant into town for a birthday party for his friend, Mason.  Their party was at McDonald's so Drake, Tyler and his girlfriend, Katelyn, and I chose to eat at the Mexican Restaurant across the street.  Everyone had a great time! 

Since no TV or internet had been installed at the new house yet, I decided that a movie was in order and we went to the McPherson Theater to see the new "Aladdin" movie on Friday.  It was a good movie and of course, we had to order some popcorn as well. 

We wanted to do something different on Saturday, so we chose to go to the Rolling Hills Zoo near Salina.  We stopped in Salina and got us some lunch at McDonald's so that we could have a picnic once we reached the zoo.  The zoo is one of my favorite places to go and it turned out to be a perfect day.  This is the 20th anniversary of the opening of Rolling Hills.  What a fun place to take your family!

The boys and I had a fun morning on Sunday.  Yes, they finally got to sleep in and then later we dyed Easter eggs.  Because of everything that was going on at Easter time, they missed their experience of dying eggs, so we had a blast. Later in the afternoon, we got to hang a bird house and some bird seed in one of their trees.  Their backyard is filled with an abundance of trees which have many songbirds to listen to.  It is just so peaceful and awesome.  Their dog, Bella, even found a big turtle. The boys quickly adopted it, put it in a tub, and named him Rocky.  Angie and Trent arrived at the house around 3:30 on Sunday afternoon.  After visiting with them for awhile, I decided to hit the road before another storm settled in.  Since I heard of the many closed roads on Highway 96, I decided to catch Highway 4 out of Lindsburg.  I had a nice road until I reached LaCrosse where it had decided to start raining again.  I made a very quick stop at the cemetery to deliver flowers and then I was back on the road.  I knew that my 4-mile stretch would be bad so I went the long way around to Antonino and back. It poured on me so heavily until I reached home.  The pond is past full, and my basement is still flowing with water.  But hopefully, one of these days it will stop and then I'll have to do some major cleaning! I do believe that everyone is praying that the dear Lord turns off the water for now! 

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