May 17, 2017 News

Birthdays: May 17, Jeff Crawshaw, Randy Conrad, Olivia Baus, Brennen Steinert; May 18, John Irvin; May 19, Michelle Higgins; May 20, Lyna Gilbert Lero, Olivia North, Terren Showalter; May 21, Shannon Schmidt; May 22, Brenda Irvin; May 23, Kim Cao, Jolene Showalter.

Anniversaries: May 17, Walter and Jeanette Rogers; My 18, Norman and Glenda Pfannenstiel; May 19, Bryan and Treva Bergquist, Ray and Laura Wierman; May 21 Lee and Sarah Legleiter, Allen and Kayla Casey.

The week was full of birthdays, graduations and Mother's Day celebrations. Congratulations to all.

The trees at the cemetery were trimmed up last weekend.

Judy Hugh and Carolyn Thompson attended the funeral for Nancy Fink Bates at the Methodist Church in Hays on Saturday afternoon. Nancy was a classmate of Carolyn's at Fort Hays State. She worked for 28 years as the secretary at the First United Methodist Church in Hays. She was a beautiful singer and had a vivacious personality.

It is such a joy to see all the ponds and small creeks full of water. Our land is being replenished.

The Dream group met Monday at Yocemento. Those attending were Christine Wagner, Kathleen Kuchar, Carolyn Thompson and Carol Heiman. Shirley Higgins was unable to attend. They group worked on collages regarding Death and Resurrection. They used circular pallets for their collage. Their next meeting is Monday, July 10 at the home of Kathleen Kuchar. A wooden scene was given Kathleen from artist Eric Scriven.

Brandon North was among the 33 seniors graduating from Ellis High School Saturday afternoon.  He has received a $4,000.00 scholarship renewable for one year from the Dane G. Hanson Foundation.  Brandon will be attending Pratt Community College pursuing a degree in Ag Techonology.
Aiden Martin arrived at his grandparents, Arlyn and Jan North, on Wednesday from Canyon, Texas.  Sarah Martin arrive on Friday from KSU.  Their parents, Ronn and Laura Martin, arrived Saturday from Arlington, Texas.  Everyone enjoyed celebrating with Brandon.  The Martins left in about the same scenario as they arrived.  Ronn left early Sunday morning, Laura and Sarah left on Wednesday.  However, Aidan is going to remain in  McCracken as he is working at Big Creek Restoration in Ellis this summer

Congratulations to Aton Foust who placed 4th in the discus at the CPL track meet, he will compete in the regional meet on Friday in Hays.

Word has been received of the death of Dudley Fryman, 72, of Garden City. McCracken HS was his first job of teaching (1969 and 1970) and he also coached football. He was married to Pansy Calloway of Protection.

The 12u Hays Hornets team won the Gunsmoke Shootout Tournament this weekend in Dodge City. Team members are: Chet Irvin, Blake Schmidt, Remi Stull, Derrik Riggs, Connor Dreiling, Toby May, Jake Taliaferro, Brodie Schmidt, Thaddeus Wohler, Wyatt Waddell, Caden Morgan. Coaches were Josh Waddell, Brett Dreiling, Brian Tailaferro, and Cory Riggs.

We received word of the death of Anita Zeller Boatright, 63, who died May 10 in Topeka. She was born June 21, 1953 on Father’s Day of that year. Parents were Joe and Bonnie Ryan Zeller, Brownell.

Talyn Kleweno, daughter of Barry & Christy Kleweno, Hays and granddaughter of Patrick & Angela Murray received the Female Athlete of the Year at Hays High School. Talyn was also selected to the National Honor Society. She graduated Sunday, May 14 and will attend Kansas State University next fall.

Cole Murray, son of Darrin and Melissa Murray, Colwich, is also a grandson of Angela and Pat. He, too, graduated Sunday, May 14. Cole had the 3rd highest GPA in his graduating class. Cole will also be attending Kansas State University next fall.

History Notes 1954:

Brownell fielded a girl’s baseball team in the summer of 1954. Coaches were Loyal Painter and Bud Foster. Some of the girls playing were Betty Foster Richardson, Shirley Lovitt, Jeanette Kutina, Sharon Rhoades, Shirley Kutina, Hazel Sheffried, Marjorie Reese, Donna Write and Gail Conner. The team was undefeated. Elizabeth Ann Belden and Glenn Conner were married January 23 in Hays. Shirley Brackney enrolled in the Wilcox Beauty Academy at Dodge City. Barbara Goodwin will teach music next year at McCracken HS.


The Mustangs romped past Eastern Heights 81-32 Friday night in McCracken. Mother Nature had heavy snow fall during the ball game, not permitting the players and parents to return home. Dale Swindler lettered in football at Kansas Wesleyan.


News ... Pat Petz

This was definitely a week filled with many activities and events to attend.  I substituted at the La Crosse Elementary School on Monday. Since I was not able to be at the La Crosse High School graduation, I had to say my good-byes and congratulations to the Senior class on Tuesday.  Many of the students were formerly in my second grade class in 2006-2007.  I had the opportunity of teaching: Olivia Baus, Justin Bond, Jackson Dinsmore, Erica Gilbert, Clayton Kershner, Taylor Morgan, Jordon Riedel, and Sabrina Woods. I'd like to wish them the best of luck as they begin their new journey through life.

I had a new experience on Wednesday as I was called to sub for the Head-Start preschool at Washington Elementary in Hays.  I had a lot of fun working with different classes of four and five year olds. Apparently they have a lot of older ladies that help during the week and they call them "Grandma". I am indeed a grandma, however, I was taken off guard when they all began calling me "Grandma."  I know that I had a smile across my face every time they would ask "Grandma, would you help me?"

Wednesday evening I visited with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz.  It had been quite some time since we had seen each other, so we had a very nice visit.

What happens when your babysitter calls in sick?  If available, the grandmas are usually called to the rescue!  My schedule had to be changed and mom and I traveled to McPherson earlier than planned on Thursday morning so that we could watch Grant that afternoon. We all had fun playing and enjoyed visiting with the Timson's that evening.

We were up early Friday morning to attend the McPherson All School's Day Parade.  This is one of the nicest parades that I have ever seen.  Every school that has a kindergarten and first grade class in McPherson is invited to have a float in the parade.  Each High School in McPherson County had their own float with their royalty promoting their schools.  Drake, my grandson, got to ride in his Dad's car as Trent drove his 1967 Oldsmobile 98.  He escorted the Button Design winner, Traci Parrish and her son. Mom, Angie, Grant, and I were among the hundreds of people watching the parade down Main Street which last almost 2 hours.  What an outstanding job, McPherson!  After the parade, Grant and Drake enjoyed the many inflatables, that were furnished by the businesses of McPherson County.

Do you know of any siblings that have their birthdays on the same day?  My daughter, Angie, accomplished this feat, having two sons exactly three years apart.  Drake turns 7 and Grant turns 4.  Saturday was a very busy day as they celebrated their birthdays with their friends. Drake had a Star Wars theme and Grant had a Minion theme.  There was a lot of jumping, bouncing, and screaming going on as they played on various trampolines at the "Next Level Athletics" gym.

Mom and I attended mass at St. Joseph's Church Saturday evening in McPherson.  After mass each of the mother's were presented with a lovely carnation.  Sunday morning, mom and I attended Church with the Timson family at the Countryside Covenant Church.  Since adult coloring has become a favorite past time for many adults, the church gave each mother a Spiritual Coloring book to use for relaxation and their enjoyment as a nice Mother's Day gift.

After church, Trent barbecued some hamburgers for all of us and then we continued the birthday celebration for Drake and Grant since their birthdays are officially on the 14th of May. This was the first time that their birthdays fell on Mother's Day.  I feel like I was truly blessed to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother, Mary Steitz, and my daughter, Angie Timson.  We had an exciting and enjoyable weekend.

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