July 25, 2018 News

Birthdays: July 25, Lauren Shapiro, Dave Derr, Jim Casey; July 26, Scott Irvin; July 27, Furlen Irvin, Marge Elias, Whitney Taylor, Katlyn Unruh, Clayton Kershner; Jessica Jones; The memorial services for R. B. Hays will be held on Saturday, July 28 at 2:00 p.m. at the Mankato Methodist Church July 28, Candice Casey, Fred Taylor, Twila Higgins, Rachel Grumbein, Susan Keith, Zach Higgins: July 29, Annette Chestnut, Gerald Walker, Kathy Dugan, Bobby Peters; July 30, Malena Thyfault; July 31, Brenda Clancy.

Anniversaries: July 27, Kent and Judy Bible; July 29, Martin and Julie Pfannenstiel; July 30, Daryl and Barbara Casey; July 31, Lee and Debra Oelkers, Clark and Nicole Kirk.

The memorial service was R. B. Hayes is scheduled for Saturday, July 28 at 2:00 p.m. at the Mankato Methodist Church. If you have questions you can contact his daughter Royalyn Hayes at 785-412-0425. R. B. was the last Principal of McCracken High School when it closed in 1984.

The 1958 graduating class from McCracken High School gathered at their 60th class reunion Sunday, July 15, 2018, Thirsty's Bar and Grill, Hays, Ks.  Those attending were as follows: Louise Gerritzen Zodel, James "Herbie" Hansen (Barbara) ,Furlen "Fuz" Irvin, Gary Sam Oller, (Jennifer), Norman "Abie" Pfannenstiel (Glenda), Joyce Showalter Eisenhour (Larry), Gary "Slim" Walker (Pat), Bill Wierman, Arlene Wilson Gilbert (Babe), Marlene Wilson Funk (Bob).  Those not attending were: Alberta Anderson Kriesel, Patty Graf Dreher, Donna Knight Hanson. Deceased Classmates are Peggy Harper Wyckoff, Perry J. Irvin, Karen Walker Clark, and Carla Rodeman. What a wonderful time "Remembering When...."
Overnight guests of Babe and Arlene's for the Rodeo were Haily, Brandt, and Calum Byron Rogers.  Great Gpa and Gma truly enjoyed the weekend with the Rogers plus family and friends that visited with us Saturday afternoon before going to the Rodeo..  Great weekend at our house.  Ready for no. 33 Rodeo!!!!  So appreciate everyone that steps up and makes the Rodeo Happen.  Jack and Celly are smilin'.
Family took time Thursday, July 12th between the barbecue and slack to  help husband, Dad, Gpa, Uncle Babe celebrate his 81st birthday by enjoying cake and ice cream.  Of course the cake had to be strawberry as that's what Mary Ann Moran would bake for him every year. 

Jail/Museum news:


Chuck Higgins, Zach Higgins; Rich and Linda Conrad; Sandra K. Emerson; David and Carolyn Davenport; Walter and Jeanette Rogers Layne and Kerri Morgan;


Robert and Grace Lovitt and Margaret Hair by Chuck and Zach Higgins;


Layne and Kerri Morgan

Blue and Gold:

Sandra Kay Emerson;


Patricia Petz:

Oh my!  I had a lot of traveling to do to go to all of the events that I was invited to during this past week.  Even though I felt like I was on the road more than usual, I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people! 

On Tuesday, I was delighted to spend the evening at the eighth grade Middle School promotion at the La Crosse Middle School/High School.  I'm proud to say that many of these students were my former second grade students.  Out of the twenty-five students I taught:  Adrianna Jones-Vanloenen, Brooke Herrman, Colby Stull, Danielle Wagner, Dustin Riley, Gabriel Proffitt, Haden Showalter, Havyn Showalter,  Hayden Bracken, Leanna Spencer, Paige Holopirek, Taylor Marvin, Tobias Riddle, and Will Rues.  I look forward to the many accomplishments that they will earn during their High School years! Congratulations to the eighth graders! After the promotion, I was invited to attend the reception for Danielle Wagner at the Rush Center Township Hall. 

Mom and I enjoyed visiting with Bob and Lynn Litson at their home on Wednesday to congratulate Lynn on her retirement from the E-Z Mart.  Lynn was so looking forward to her time off and for their future travels.  Later that evening, I attended a Liturgy Commission meeting at the Parish Center where we discussed several items needing to be taken care of. 

Thursday morning, mom and I left for a trip to McPherson.  Grant Timson, son of Trent and Angie Timson, was being promoted from his pre-school class of 16 at Lincoln Elementary School. The special ceremony began by the class singing a song to welcome their guests.  Then a power point presentation of pictures of their many events throughout the year was shown.  Grant was so excited, that he was ready to go to Kindergarten the very next day!  After the ceremony, Grant was free to leave, however, dad and mom had to return to work, and Drake (a second grader) was dismissed for the rest of the afternoon from his class.  So, Grandma Pat and Great-Grandma Mary got to spend the rest of the afternoon with the boys.  A special request was to go to McDonald's for a Happy Meal and to play in their play area.  Mom and I had to leave shortly after Trent and Angie got home, as we had another engagement to go to on Friday. 

The next morning, mom and I traveled to Hays to witness the fifth grade promotion of Kameron Petz, son of Kelly and Melanie Petz, at Wilson Elementary.  The students sang as Gloria Blackwell, the Music teacher and a former MHS graduate, accompanied the class.  It was also fun to briefly visit with Mindi Dreiling, one of Kameron's teachers. Mindi was a former La Crosse Elementary teacher.  After the promotion, Kameron wanted to eat at the Golden Griddle.  Those that attended his promotion breakfast were Kelly, Melanie, Kallynn, Great-Grandma Mary, and Grandma Pat!  Kameron is looking forward to being at the Hays Middle School next year.

 Unfortunately, mom was not feeling well on Saturday morning, so I had to make the road trip back to McPherson by myself. My grandson Tyler Timson, son of Trent and Angie Timson, was having a reception with six of his buddies from McPherson High School from 11:00 to 1:00 at the Countryside Covenant Church.  Tyler's grandparents from Tucson, Arizona, Fred and Joyce Timson, Kelly and Melanie Petz from Hays, and myself, along with Tyler's immediate family and his many friends enjoyed the gathering for their reception.  After the reception, Angie and I took Grant to a birthday party in Hesston.  They have an awesome park with a Splash area for the kids.  The weather was perfect and it was so much fun to see the kids running through the water and spraying each other with the water guns that were part of the area.  After the party, we had to rush back to McPherson and get ready for Tyler's Graduation that started at 7:00 at the McPherson High School.  Tyler was one of 170 graduating seniors of the 135 Annual Commencement.  Tyler is working at People's Bank and Trust this summer and plans to attend Kansas State University this fall.  After the Graduation, we returned to the Timson's home and enjoyed a rhubarb pie (along with a dip of ice-cream) that mom had sent along especially for Fred.  Everyone, (except the little boys) thought it was delicious! 

Sunday morning, I was off to St. Joseph's Church.  Unfortunately, I discovered that Father Hein is being moved to All Saints in Wichita.  I will miss his sermons, and his enthusiasm, as he was always ready to lift your spirits by just seeing his smile.  He will be replaced on June 19th by Father Shockey, currently a pastor of St. Patrick in Kingman.  

After mass, it was game on! We had to get two birthday parties ready in the backyard of the Timson's home.  Drake Timson, had turned 8 years old and Grant Timson had turned 5 years old on Monday, May 14th.  Can you imagine having two children born on the same day, exactly three years apart?  It meets with a great challenge!  Each of the boys had to feel extra special as they had their very own themes and invited guests.  Drake had a football theme (especially the Vikings) and Grant's theme was Mickey Mouse.  The kids had fun playing on the balloon bounce, the inflatable water slide (without the water) as it was too chilly, playing the inflatable soccer game, the inflatable basketball game, and playing with the ladder pool.  It seemed like the two hour event went by so very quickly, but that everyone had a blast!  After I helped with the clean up and putting things away, it was time for me once again to hit the road.  

I stopped in to see how Mom was doing before I headed home.  Fortunately she was doing much better and I was able to share pictures with her of the many things that we had done over the weekend.  I loved every minute of this past week, but I'm certainly glad that my week isn't as busy this coming week and that I can hopefully get some things done at home.

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