May 16, 2018 News

Birthdays: May 16, Lynette Buhr, Jessie Rubottom; May 17, Jeff Crawshaw, Randy Conrad, Olivia Baus, Bennen Steinert; May 18, John Irvin; May 19, Michelle Higgins; May 20, Lyna Lero, Terren Showalter, Olivia North; May 21, Shannon Schmidt; May 22, Brenda Irvin.

Anniversaries: May 17, Walter and Jeanette Rogers; May 18, Norman and Glenda Pfannenstiel; May 19, Bryan and Treva Bergquist, Ray and Laura Wierman.

Kansas Facts:

In 1878 Chiefs Dull Knife and Little Wolf of the Northern Cheyennes led their people in a flight from starvation on the reservation in Oklahoma to their home lands in Yellowstone. The trek climaxed on September 27, 1878, when 284 braves, women and children made their final stand on the bluffs of Ladder Creek, now Beaver Creek, just south of Scott County State Park. This encounter site --- Squaws Den Battleground - drew its name from the den in which the women and children were placed after helping dig the rifle pit for the warriors. Lieutenant Colonel William H. Lewis, Commander at Fort Dodge was dispatched to capture and return them. In the battle he was wounded and the Cheyenne escaped. The troops headed for Fort Wallace. Lewis died on the way becoming the last Kansas military casualty of the Indian Wars. The Dull Knife group was captured near Fort Robinson, Nebraska while Little Wolf's band hid in the sand hills for the winter and eventually made it to Montana. At Scott County Lake there is a Monument to commemorate this battle. It has been renamed Battle of Punished Women's Fork.

It is official, Bill Greenway reported 2.25 inches of rain Sunday evening. What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

Unofficial: There was hail damage in the McCracken area. Sean Peters, east of town had probably tennis ball size hail, damaged his home and cars, hail damage to Les Diehl’s car, I think it must be worse in the east part of town.

If you would like to visit the Boys of Summer baseball display in the McCracken Museum, you should do so before the middle of June. It will be taken down to show the new one that will be for the rodeo. If you have not made the effort, you should do so if you like baseball. There are pictures and articles about McCracken High School baseball; Brownell American Legion baseball; Hays Larks; McCracken Town team in the late 40’s; Foster Brothers softball team; State Farm Softball; K-18 Cookie League; a broadcast of the 1972 Cookie League game between McCracken and Plainville. There is also Paper Moon memorabilia. The Museum is not open every day, there are phone numbers posted on the door that you may call and someone will come and open the door.

Congratulations to all our graduates, Middle School 8th graders; High School grads and College.

The McGaughey family reunion will be Sunday, June 17th in McCracken. A special mass will be at 11:00 a.m. followed by a potluck dinner (bring your table service). Any questions please get with Shirley Brackney Gabel in Ness.

Libraries Rock! Is the summer reading program this summer. Join the fun starting May 22nd at 10:00 am at the McCracken Library. Children pre-k to 5th grade are welcome. Readers will be rocking fun stories, learning some dance moves, making instruments, snacking and playing. The reading program will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays May 22, 23, 24th and May 29, 30 and 31st from 10-11am. Special programming planned includes the Wetlands Education Center bringing live animals Tuesday, May 23rd. Priscilla Howe, professional storyteller, will be presenting a fun program Friday, June 1st at 3:00 at the community building. All ages are welcome to come!

Sarah Martin graduated from KSU School of Engineering with a degree in Computer Science. Joining her and her parents in Manhattan on Saturday were Arlyn and Jan North, Heath and Paula North and boys, Craig and Julie Stull, Mathew and Kara Stull and Kennedi.

Mylo & Ann Oyler, Stan & Terri Oyler, Cameron, Courtney, Elliott, John, Tammy, Kyra, Shirley, Chuck, Zach & Lindsey all attended graduation for Tanner Higgins held at Kansas State University, Saturday afternoon. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. There were approximately 650 graduating in engineering, the largest in history.

The McCracken Public Library is pleased to announce they will be hosting Priscilla Howe, professional storyteller and puppeteer June 1st, 3:00 in the community building. Priscilla Howe, a former children's librarian, has been a full-time storyteller and puppeteer since 1993. Priscilla has a gift for sizing up audiences and delivering a whopping good time. Priscilla is comfortable with preschoolers as she is with elders in retirement communities. She tells a mix of stories from books, folktales and her own stories, most with a dollop of humor. Priscilla lives in Lawrence, KS and travels the region, country and the world telling stories. All ages are welcome! This summer reading program activity is thanks to a grant from Dollar General!Congratulations to Tessa Jacobs and Andrew Taylor on their marriage Saturday, May 12 at St. Fidelis Catholic in Victoria.

The McCracken Public Library is thrilled to announce they are one of the Dollar General Grant recipients. The McCracken Public Library and libraries in Montezuma, Dodge City, Macksville, Copeland and Cimmaron were just a few of the libraries in Kansas receiving the $1,500 grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. The foundation supports the creation or expansion of summer reading

programs. The McCracken Library will be expanding their summer reading to include professional storyteller, Priscilla Howe, a program by the Wetlands Education Center, and special programs throughout the summer. New books for the summer reading will be purchased as well as prizes and awards for participants.

There will be Military Services at the cemeteries Memorial Day.

SUNDAY, MAY 27th At the McCracken Golf Course at 9:00 am Sons of the American Legion Memorial Weekend Tournament. 4 person scramble. All proceeds (after prizes) go to Sons of the American Legion. $100 per team.

Fr. Rene, Lakin, stopped by for a visit with Shirley on his way to LaCrosse Monday afternoon. He couldn’t find my house because the ‘bushes’ were gone.

History Notes

May 1905: The Fairview nine played the McCracken nine here Tuesday. The game was well contested by both considering the clubs were composed of young fellows, many of whom were under 18. The lineup for McCracken was Wilbur Coffman, C. Stevens, S. Yawger, M.Juvenal, P. Stevens, O. Coffman, E.Prior, R.McKnight, B.VanWinkle. Fairview was Fred Freeman, George Ree, Oscar Elias, Billy Metz, Clare Brewer, Cal & Ral West, Henry Ree, C.Albright. The game stood 8 to 11 for McCracken. The Juvenile nines of Mc and Hampton crossed paths Tuesday. The Mc nines were composed of George Hicks, Leonard Metz, Grover Neal, Tom Metz, Harold Coffman, Owen McKittrick, Ora Howard, Len Lovitt, Ralph Elmore. Nine for Hampton were Harry Seiling, Louis Murphy, Ray Irvin, Fred Metz, Henry Ream.

July 1907: Twelve of the girls here have organized a basketball team and will play the Walnut Grove team here next Saturday week. August 2, 1907: A game of basketball was played here Saturday between Locust Grove and Mc teams in which the former was victorious 20 to 4. The players for Locust were Minnie Rodeman, Lena & Hazel Hanel, Mabel Ernst, Ruth and Lillian Curtis. The Mc players were Katie & Beulah Wharton, Hazel Robertson, Mattie Dutton, Hattie Hicks and Dot Thomas. Quite a crowd was present and the game was interesting but a little one-sided.Our town girls will do a little better with a little more practice.


Patricia Petz:

WOW!  What a busy and amazing past week this has been.  Mom and I started the week out by attending my granddaughter's Academic and Athletic Honor's Award Night at Hays High School.  Kallynn, daughter of Kelly and Melanie Petz, is a Sophomore and received recognition for being on the Honor Roll and received recognition at the Art Show at FHSU in April.  Many of her projects were on display in the gymnasium for people to view. After the recognition, we all met at Jalisco's and had supper together.  

My last day to substitute at the Elementary was on Tuesday.  It was such a fun day as each of the third and fourth graders had provided a live history of a famous person that they had researched.  Their presentations were held at the High School for parents and friends to see and listen to their "Live Wax Museum."  Their presentations were amazing as they had memorized their speeches and dressed up as their characters.  A Super Job third and Fourth Graders!

A quick trip was made to Hays on Wednesday, as I was called and told that my new glasses had arrived.  Oh my, the price has really gone up on glasses, but I believe that the prescription was much better this time.  Plus, they no longer have the scratches that my other pair had!  I can see once again!

Thursday afternoon, mom and I headed for McPherson to attend the awards for the Track and Field Events for the Seniors that was held during the McPherson Soccer game.  My grandson, Tyler, Trent and Angie Timson's son, had participated in Cross Country and Track events throughout his High School years.

Friday was a full day of events.  Mom and I along with Trent, Angie, Drake, and Grant, attended the 105th McPherson County All Schools Day Celebration.  An estimated 20,000 people attended the parade on Main Street that lasted more than an hour and a half.  Each school in McPherson County selects a Senior King and Queen to represent their school on a float.  This year's theme was "Fun in the Sun."  My daughter, Angie, All Schools Day Treasurer, presented this year's winner of the All Schools Day button design to Karen Young who was awarded $200 for her design.  Karen rode  in the parade in a car driven by Trent and the boys Drake and Grant.  After the awesome parade, we enjoyed the "Sandsational" Sand Sculpture by Jill Harris and Thomas Koet from Melbourne, Florida.  It took eight days to sculpt the design and they used 50 tons of wet sand.  Later that afternoon, the boys enjoyed may inflatables in the park, pony rides at Midway Motors along with the Petting Zoo.  That evening, we headed to the Buhler High School Track Field to watch Tyler run his last two events of his Senior year.  He ran his heart out, but was unable to place in the running events.  We made it back to McPherson just in time to watch the annual Firework display which brought about a delightful way to end the day!  

Saturday morning, mom and I headed back to La Crosse so that we could attend the La Crosse High School Graduation.  This was the first time in 8 years that I had been able to attend this event, as I was always at my grandson's birthday parties in McPherson.  I was so excited to be at the Graduation and this year's Senior class made me the PROUDEST teacher in Rush County, as they selected me to be the 2018 recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award.  Sierra Burk, Senior Class President, presented me with a beautiful Crystal Apple.  It was such an honor to receive this award.  Thank you Seniors!  After Graduation, mom and I attended many of the receptions that the seniors had invited me to.  We visited and congratulated the following seniors:  Alexandra Anderson, Sierra Burk, Brett Herrman, Addie Kershner, Kacee Klozenbucher, Kale Mongeau, Zachery Peach, and Cole Pierce. 

Mother's Day was on Sunday, and mom and I attended mass at St. Michael's where we celebrated the return of a safe arrival of Father Eric who had been in Africa visiting his family.  After mass, we had lunch at Jct. 4 and then I headed to Hays to attend another graduation of a former student, Gabby Taliaferro.  I attended her Graduation at FHSU and then enjoyed her reception afterwards.  

After the reception, I decided to stop off in Ellis and visit my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.  We've all been praying for rain and we finally got some on my way home.  I was unable to unload my car because it was raining so hard, but I decided the stuff that I had in the car could wait to come out the next day.  That rain is really going to get our grass growing, which means lawn mowers will once again be heard around the area.  Hopefully the rain will help the many crops, yards, and gardens!  

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