May 10, 2017 News

Birthdays: May 10, Jodie Higgins, Lynn Kochenower; May 11, Charlotte Peters, Joe Conner, Lucas Taylor; May 12, Elaine Littler, Madison Sparrow, Aidan Martin; May 13, Valerie Anderson, Kristian Gambala; May 14, Brooke Deines, Drake Timson, Grant Timson, L. Pat Casey; May 15, David Moran, Tran Pham, Kelly Weber; May 16, Lynette Buhr, Jessie Rubottom.

Anniversary: Kelly and Sandy Biesner

A generous memorial has been given in memory of Wilma Washaliski and Carol Weber to the McCracken Historical Museum by Judith Reynolds.

Correction: The couple that took over for the Klemas was Al and Arline Rues. They and their family lived in the apartment above the grocery store.

Judy Hugh sang with the Methodist Choir at Hays United Methodist Church on Sunday. Al Hugh, Debra Luft and Carolyn Thompson enjoyed the music which also included the Methodist Bell Choir.

Our sympathy to the family of Gladys Hinman and Gail Conner Keady.

The Faith Sharing group of St. Mary's will say the rosary at the St. Mary's Cemetery on Memorial Day at 10:00 a.m.

Lanette Kaster, Carolyn Davenport, Tina and Katie Elias spent four days in the Santa Monica Bay area celebrating milestone birthdays. They spent time on the Santa Monica Pier/Beach, Venice Beach, and took a five hour tour around the Los Angeles area seeing a lot of past and present movie stars homes and clubs where singing groups got their start. Of course, a lot of shopping and eating was done. They returned back to Kansas City on Friday.

Grandma Susie, Englewood, Colorado came to help Callie Weber for a few days. We had many laughs and tears but it was a wonderful time.

Jerilyn Stull, current President of the Kansas Land Title Association was in Washington, D.C., May 1-4 to attend the American Land Title Association Advocacy Summit, at the Watergate Hotel. One of the keynote speakers, was Secretary Ben Carson, of HUD. She also was able to visit with Congressman Jenkins, Congressman Yoder's staff, Congressman Marshall's staff, Senator Jerry Moran and Senator Pat Roberts about issues that affect the title industry, tax reform and the CFPB. So very interesting to visit with all of these people that affect our decision making in this country.

Sarah Emerson and Amelia, Hays, visited in McCracken Saturday with the grandparents, John and Melanie Zeller.

Tammy attended church in Gorham Sunday morning, Kevin Rourke was in attendance. They had a wonderful visit. He told her he has retired from Highway Patrol and loving it.

There will be a hamburger feed with French fries at the American Legion in McCracken, Friday, May 12 beginning at 6:00.

Ron and Cathy Casey, Topeka were here over the weekend, watched the Derby, worked in their yard and as Cathy said, ‘we need to go home so we can rest’.

A birthday get to gather was held for Bill Zeller at the home of Jana and Will Zeller and Brodhi in LaCrosse. Dan Zeller joined them for the festivities.

Les and Rose Diehl spent the weekend in McCracken working at the golf course. If someone wants to learn how to mow, pick up trash etc., please join in a weekend of work at the course!

The Derby is called “The Run for the Roses” because the winner is awarded a 40-pound blanket made of more that 400 roses.

The Derby is the longest-running sporting event in the US. (since 1875).

Only three horses raced in the 1892 Kentucky Derby, making it the smallest field ever.

The fastest winning Derby horse was Secretariat in 1973, clocking in at 1 minute 59.4 seconds.

The slowest winning horse was Kingman in 1891, with a time of 2 minutes and 52.75 seconds.


News .. Patricia Petz

As the school year comes to a close, many teachers are headed out with their students to various events such as music, art, golf, and track meets.  Many of these students have earned outstanding ratings and have set new records for this year.  They've done a fantastic job for LMS and LHS.  I was asked to sub for some of the teachers that needed to attend those events every day during this past week.  

    Thursday and Friday were fun days after I finished at school.  My mom and I set out to shop at the many garage sales throughout La Crosse.  We also visited the auditorium that housed many barbed wire exhibits and enjoyed seeing the various exhibits of the vendors.

After mass at St. Michael's on Sunday, the graduates were recognized.  Sabrina Woods was the only LHS senior.  The 8th graders were Mason Peters, Garrett Leiker, Audrey Irvin, and Kinley Mongeau.

After church, Mom, Viola Enslinger, and I headed to Hays for lunch.  We ate at the Golden Corral.  After lunch we enjoyed shopping at Wal-Mart and the Mall.  When we returned to LaCrosse, mom and I went to the Janousek Funeral Home and paid our respects to Gladys Hinman.  We were able to visit with her children, Lynn, Laura, Greg, Lynn, and Wade and their families.  May Gladys rest in peace.

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