May 9, 2018 News

Birthdays: May 9, Katie Wills, Shannon Keith, Abigail Moran; May 10, Jodie Higgins, Lynn Kochenower; May 11, Charlotte Peters, Joe Conner, Lucas Taylor; May 12, Elaine Littler, Madison Sparrow, Aidan Martin; May 13, Valerie Anderson, Kristian Gembala; May 14, Brooke Deines, Drake Timson, L. Pat Casey, Grant Timson; May 15, David Moran, Tran Pham, Kelly Weber.

Anniversary: May 10, Kelly and Sandy Beisner.

Lynn Kochenower has been doing pre-planning for the 2018 Rodeo Trail Ride.  It will be held on Saturday, July 14 beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The starting point is the same as last year, Yawger Ranch at EE and 230 Roads.  There will be a noon barbecue.  Contact Lynn at 620-786-9764

Mike and Susan Keith and Carolyn Thompson attended the graduation ceremony at Independence Community College on Saturday morning. Brittany Dennis, Wichita, daughter of David and Cathy Dennis and granddaughter of Tom and Judy Jewers and Dave and Janet Dennis graduated with honors as a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

The Keiths and Carolyn on their trip ate at the Hoof and Horn at Sedgwick on Friday evening. Sedgwick is the town where the Lovitts moved to from McCracken. On Saturday afternoon they stopped at Beaumont to see the Historic Beaumont Hotel, airplane and the Frisco railroad water tower. It is built of wood. 400 Highway from Wichita to Independence is scenic.

Kansas Fun Facts

The Smoky Hill Trail was the quickest route to the Denver goldfields discovered in 1859. The trail paralled the Smoky Hill River. David Butterfield's stage line, the Butterfield Overland Dispatch, traveled the route during the line's existence.

In 1821 the Santa Fe Trail was established to haul freight from Kansas City to Santa Fe.

In 1860 the Pony Express was inaugurated in Kansas.

Kansas State University in Manhattan was established as the nation's original land grant university in 1863.

In 1874 Mennonites from Russia introduced Tur key Red Wheat to Kansas.

Saturday afternoon Shirley accompanied Chuck to Hays where they watched Hoisington 7th graders play baseball in Hays at Bickel – Schmidt sports complex. (This is the first time I’ve seen it and it is wonderful). We first went to church in Antonio where Galen Schmidtberger was the musician for Mass. As usual, he was awesome. We visited a little while after and he said he is doing well. The Hoisington team lost both games. Zach Higgins and Danton Reidel are coaches for the team.

Listened on face book to Katelyn Engel’s singing. She has a great voice, very talented young lady. Shirley has been working on some genealogy books for the Elias boys, Dale, Doug, Travis and Tyrel.

Read on Facebook where Brian Legleiter graduated from Ft. Hays, Emma Rues, Addie Kershner and Lexie Anderson from LaCrosse High School. Congratulations.

McCracken Public Library would like to thank everyone for supporting our Cinco de Maya Taco Bar. We had a great turnout and a lot of fun. A big thank you to all who brought those delicious desserts and to Phyllis for her help in setting up and cleaning up! The support McCracken gives us in the way of volunteers and monetary support helps us immensely in our continued programming, purchases and day to day expenses. Thanks again!

History Notes

1929: We, the following business men of Mc agree to close our places of business during the four home football games in order that ourselves and help can see the games. Norlin’s Store, Summer Garden, Gem Café, Hotel Nash, L.L. Moore Merc. Co., E.A. Twiselton, Caleb Nowles, Geo Tittel, Fairmont Cream Station, Ryan Motor Co., Al Showalter, John I. Edwards, E.H. Sieling, Shaefer Motor Co., Citizens State Bank, J.P. Moran, W.F. Ramsey, D.D. Hunt, McCracken Motor & Machine Co., Geo. Havlovitz, J.P. Warden, Dr. Keough, Stein Tailor Shop, Mary Glaspy, K.T. Oil Corp., Armour’s Creamery, Mrs. Frances Kline, McCracken Ice & Storage Co., Farmer’s Union.

October 1929: At the weekly luncheon of the Lions Club Monday it was decided to organize a town football team here for the coming season with Dr. J.J. Moellere acting manager. Pat McKittrick and Robert Lovitt were guests at the luncheon and were asked to choose members of the team. All the old time players will be given a try-out and a new man will add much strength to the squad, he is Bob Whitfield, a former Ness City and Bazine player who now lives on a farm northwest of Mc. Games have been secured with Wakeeney, Hoisington and Bazine.

December 30 1904: A game of football was played Wednesday afternoon between Mc and Red Wing at H.D. Starrett’s farm northwest of town. Red Wing, our reporter states, was defeated 40-0. Fifteen minute halves were played and the feature of the game was the playing of the Lindbloom brothers for Red Wing and the star playing of quarterback D.Hunt for McCracken.

February 1905: A practice game of football will be played at Walnut Grove Saturday afternoon. Nothing is ever out of season in Kansas unless it is the weather.


Patricia Petz:

As the school year is coming to an end for the students, teachers and staff so is my subbing at the school for the next few months.  I will truly miss seeing the students but I wish them congratulations for another terrific year!  I helped out on Monday for Mr. Shepker in the Woods Department.  The students were trying to complete their projects for the year.  Many of them were still cutting out parts and sanding, while others were staining.  The shop classes were busy, busy, busy! 

Monday evening, mom and I traveled to Otis-Bison with De. Wayne and Vicky Foos where we enjoyed the singing and band performances of the K-12 students.  Gratton and Rennick Dalton, sons of Bob and Jendee Dalton, were among the student singers as they performed several of the patriotic songs directed by Jenny Kling.  Dalton Janousek (a former student of mine) received the Arion Award for his music performances throughout the year.  He played his solo that he had received a I rating on to the audience and did an awesome job.  Congratulations, Dalton! 

Gambino's at Hays was an awesome place to receive a very nice noon buffet meal on Tuesday.  Later, Mom and I both had eye appointments which took up much of the afternoon.  We completed our afternoon with some shopping and then returned home. 

Mom and I were planning to go to our last rosary makers evening, but because of the bad-looking weather, we decided to stay at home.  I've enjoyed meeting with these group of ladies during the past year.  It's always fun to make the rosaries and visit with the ladies.  During the evenings (when I'm at home), I enjoy making the rosaries and I usually make about 150 rosaries a month. We will start our get-togethers again in September.  Please consider joining us for a fun time! 

Friday afternoon was very special to me as I took the seniors their graduation gifts from me.  My former second grade students were surprised with a former letter that they had written to me at the end of their second grade year. They also received some of the class booklets that we had made. It was a fun time to spend a few minutes with them and to congratulate them on all of their successes!  My former second grade students were:  Brett Herrman, Addie Kershner, Cole Pierce, Alexandra Anderson, Sierra Burk, Zachery Peach, Jacob Urban, James Borassa, Emma Garcia, and Madison Mitchell.  I had three other students that were no longer with this class, but are graduating from other High Schools.  They are Gabby Taliaferro, Keith Klassen, and Anna Depperschmidt.  

Later,Friday afternoon, Mom and I enjoyed the city wide garage sales taking place throughout the town of La Crosse.  We didn't buy a whole lot, but we certainly had fun searching for those "treasures" that someone else was willing to part with!

After we had hit every sale, I headed for Hays to set up for the Big Creek Crossing Mall.  Their Spring Craft Fair was held on Saturday.  I set up my Magnetic Jewelry display.  Mom came over and helped me at the booth for a few hours.  This was just a one day event, so I was able to load everything back up that evening.  

Father Reggie Urban was our pastor at St. Michael's on Sunday.  He gave the graduates an extra blessing for their next journey in life and I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed the messages and stories that he told us.  Mom had a delicious lunch ready for us after church. Then I told mom about the Art in the Park Event that was going on in Victoria so we decided to check it out.  There were many different displays of metal, wood, ceramic, shirt lettering, jellies, and soaps and oils.  Afterwards, we were delighted to spot Fred & Kim Taylor, so we were able to visit with them before they planted their new flowers in their back yard.  

I really enjoy visiting different churches and seeing the beautiful architecture.  I have always wanted to see several of the "German" churches in the area.  It seems like sometimes we have such beauty in our backyards and don't take advantage of it.  Although not all of the churches were open, we saw the Basilica of St. Fidelis commonly known an the "Cathedral of the Plains" (dedicated in 1911) in Victoria, the Saint Boniface Church in Vincent (dedicated in 1907), The Holy Cross Church (also known as "The Cross in the Valley") in Pfeifer (dedicated in 1918), and we ended at the St. Mary's Help of Christians Catholic Church in Loretta.  It was dedicated in 1913.  I am always amazed at the beauty that our ancestors provided for us.  What a wonderful blessed way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon! 

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