May 8, 2019 News

Birthdays: May 8, Hung Pham, Peggy Smith, Erin Pfeifer, Johanna Pfeifer, Allen McCloy, Lane Sekavec; May 9, Katie Wills, Shannon Keith, Abigail Moran; May 10, Jodie Higgins, Lynn Kochenower; May 11, Charlotte Peters, Joe Conner, Lucas Taylor; May 12, Elaine Littler, Aidan Martin, Madison Sparrow; May 13, Valerie Anderson, Kristian Gembala; May 14, Brooke Deines, L. Pat Casey, Drake Timson, Grant Timson.

Anniversaries: May 8, Robert and Mary Beth Higgins; May 10, Kelly and Sandy Biesner; May 12, Andrew and Tessa Taylor.

Mark your calendar for Mass at St. Mary's in McCracken on Saturday, May 25 at 4:30 p.m. with Father Eric Gyamfi..

The Faith Sharing group will say the rosary at St. Mary's Cemetery on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 at 10:00 a.m.

Our sympathy to the family of Gerald Crotinger, 80 who died May 1, 2019 in Hays. He was born January 14, 1939 in McCracken to Alfred and Lucille (Allen) Crotinger.He graduated from McCracken High School in 1957 and had a bachelor's degree in Art from Fort Hays State.He was a master in photography and also did oil and watercolor painting and ceramics. He is survived by two sons, James and Daniel and a daughter Theresa. His sister is Dorothy Graham . He will be buried in Locust Hill Cemetery in Rush Center on Monday. Gerald also did family history and compiled cemetery records for Rush County which are on-line. Memorials may be given to McCracken Public Library.

Shirley Bundy and Carolyn Davenport, Hutchinson celebrated Carolyn's birthday at the home of Kat and Paul Thomas, Parsons. On Saturday they went to Joplin to pick up some of Kat's pottery pieces that she had made. On the way back they stopped at Sandstone for lunch and to shop. This place is a must see. It was amazing to see how Joplin has recovered from the tornado. They returned home on Sunday.

The Cinco de Mayo dinner held at the Community Building, sponsored by the Library was wonderful. We appreciate the support the community shows us by attending our fundraisers, bringing yummy desserts, coming to our programs and of course reading! I wish they would have one just like this every Saturday. Delicious.

Jerry Higgins was an overnight guest of Shirley Saturday evening. He played in a golf tournament in Great Bend, a friend who was an official that died in a mowing accident about 3-4 years ago, they do this every year to honor him. Sunday he played golf in McCracken at their first tournament. We will have the results in the Mc news next week.

The High School book Golden Rule Days is being released soon. It is a book about the closing of high schools in Kansas by James Kenyon. McCracken, Utica, Bogue, Pawnee Rock were just some of the schools being featured, there are a total of 109.

A salad supper was held at UMW church Sunday evening with lots of lovely salads and lots of lovely ladies. An interesting program was given by Jan North on the sewing projects she and her crew of talented women are involved in. Ask her about it!

Congratulations to Bryant and Kyra Reese on the birth of a 5 lb 6 oz daughter, Madison Jo, born Saturday, May 4 at Hadley Hospital in Hays. Grandparents are Steve and Karen Reese, Logan, John and Tammy Horesky, Russell.

Some of those attending funeral services for Gerald “Jerry” Crotinger in Hays, Monday, May 6 were Gary Sam and Jennifer Oller, Eddie Schuckman, Babe and Arlene Gilbert, Priscella Jacobs, Mary McCormick and Shirley Higgins. Gerald was very helpful to Shirley with his computer knowledge of ‘finding graves’, The Hampton Cemetery website etc. He will be missed.

History Notes

June 1951: A severe hail, wind and rain storm struck this part of the county Thursday destroying much of the wheat over a strip several miles wide west and southwest of McCracken. In Mc many windows were broken, around 30 in the school buildings, the colored glass windows in the EUB Church were riddled on the west side and about 3 inches of rain fell Wednesday and Thursday; August MHS teachers, Oliver Pearson, Superintendent; World History Mathematics, General Science; Margaret Buxton; American History, Latin lI, English II, English III; Albert Rues; Constitution, Industrial Arts, Biology, Athletics, Physicial Educatio; Marie McCormick, Commerce, Mathematics, Spelling; C. Arlene Ingraham, Music, Literature I; MissArlene Ingraham and Miss Lorraine Lacey will occupy the Schaumburg apartment the coming school year;


McCracken Golf News.

The McCracken golf tournament season got off with a bang on Sunday, May 5th with a 3 person scramble tournament. Everyone agreed that Smokey and his gang picked another perfect day weather wise to kick off the season. Thanks to Smokey and Butch Harp for running the tournament and to Lance McCormick for all things related to the spectacular condition of the course.

This was also the inaugural run for our new bridge on hole # 3. The bridge is now complete and is spectacular! It is also special because we now have water in the creek and needed the bridge to play the tournament. Thanks to everyone that helped on the bridge. That bridge will outlast most of us and is beautiful! Discussions regarding a new second bridge on the course are already underway.

Back to the tournament, the deserving winners were: Championship flight 1st Place: Corey Webber, Jeff Wallgren, and Collin Herald with a score of 58 (WOW!)

2nd Place: Butch Harp, Sean Peters, and Mike Felder with a score of 59. (Ask Sean Peters about the 7 mulligans they burned on # 5 and couldn’t sink the putt. He predicted at the time that that earned them 2nd place and he was right! Otherwise, they played “other worldly”!).

First flight

1st Place: Lane Pfanenstihl (sorry Lane, spell check tells me I have never spelled your name right), Larry Kraft and Chad Oberhelman (Chad is McCracken’s newest resident with his family. Welcome Chad, Kris and kids!) Score of 65.

2nd place: Jeff Werth, and Denny Brungardt . A nice effort by a 2 member team! Pretty nice guys, too!

Kris cooked up some really fancy ham and cheese sliders and some great potato salad that were devoured by a group of hungry golfers. The meal was excellent! Thanks Kris for all the hard work shopping, preparing, serving and cleaning up! It was really appreciated!

Next tournament is Sunday, May 26th at 9 AM. It is the Sons of the American Legion tournament. It is a 3 person scramble. $75 per team . This is the Sunday of the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The tournament is a nice tribute to all veterans so try to work this event into your holiday plans!


Patricia Petz:

As the school year comes to an end, I was very busy during the week subbing at the La Crosse Middle and High School.  Throughout the day I was working with students in the Government classes. 

Monday evening, mom entertained Sharon and Jeff Hutchison, Maynard Steitz, Vicky Foos, and myself with a supper of homemade chicken noodle soup (which everyone loves), homemade bread, and a desert.  Sharon and Jeff were here from Texas to attend a cousin's wedding in Ness City.  We had a nice evening of visiting. 

Tuesday morning, I was able to help again at the High School.  In the afternoon, I was surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent by my daughter and her family.  Today would have been my husband Danny's 70th birthday.  It was so sweet of her to think of me as we have missed six of his birthdays.

Mom and I made a trip to Hays on Wednesday to visit Toyota, Wolfe's Furniture, and Wal-Mart. We had fun taking care of business and shopping. Since we got back to La Crosse fairly late, I decided to spend the night with mom. 

I was getting ready to leave mom's house on Thursday morning when I got a call to sub at the High School. So, I put my plans on hold for the day and helped with PE.  After school mom and I decided to check out a couple of garage sales and then I headed home. 

Friday was a fun day with some interesting twists.  I subbed for the Middle School Science department.  After school, I was planning on setting up my items for a garage sale on Saturday.  However, as I began to set up, I decided that I might as well open up for business.  So, we were open from 4 until around 8. There was a nice crowd of shoppers and then we pulled everything inside the garage for overnight.  

Saturday proved to be a very successful day for our garage sale.  It was a beautiful day (no rain, no wind, and it was nice and warm.)  We
couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  Again there was a steady flow of shoppers for the Barbed Wire weekend. When we were packing up what was left, my Uncle John and Aunt Rita stopped by and helped me load my car.  I sure appreciated the help. 

Sunday, mom and I attended mass at St. Michael's and then we had lunch at Jct. 4.  We were really full by the time we finished our meal.  Mom had some furniture picked up from the garage sale, her grass got mowed, and then La Crosse was hit with a terrible rain and hail storm.  I'm sure glad that I made it home and didn't get in on the storm! 

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