May 3, 2017 News

Birthdays: May 3, Lauren Sewell; May 4, Carolyn Davenport, Edgar Schadel, Susan Walker, Quade Keener, Reese Higgins; May 5, Michelle Yohe, Brandi LaFond, Janice McCloy, Kate Rues; May 6, Rianne Showalter; May 7, Reed Blackwell, Bill Zeller, Maggie Showalter; May 8, Hung Pham, Peggy Smith, Erin Pfeifer, Johanna Pfeifer, Allen McCloy, Lane Sekavec; May 9, Katie Wills, Gladys Hinman, Shannon Keith, Abigail Moran.

Anniversary: May 8, Robert and Mary Beth Higgins.

Mark your calendar for Mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Memorial Weekend, Saturday, May 27, at 4:00 p.m.

The McCracken Rodeo weekend this year is the second full weekend (the third) - July 13, 14, 15. Please mark your calendars for this wonderful event.

Jesse and Jolene Showalter spent the week with Arlyn and Jan North, while here to visit Eunice North in Ellis. They also had an afternoon visit with Jesse's Aunt Inez Showalter.

Dalton North placed first in the Famous Figures speech contest for the fifth grade at Washington Elementary and now gets to compete at the Ellis County level. Dalton portrayed J. I. Case who invented the first thrashing machine.

A birthday celebration for Larry Eisenhour was held Friday evening at Pretty Boy Floyd's in Ellsworth. What a fun place!! Joining Larry and Joyce were Jesse and Jolene Showalter, Dwight and Sherri Eisenhour, Melissa McDowell, Frank and Elaine Littler and Arlyn and Jan North. Trivia fact: Every couple there has celebrated at least 50 years of marriage.

Frank and Elaine Littler and Arlyn and Jan North met Dwight and Sherri Eisenhour for dinner at Dodge City Saturday night prior to attending the Kenny Rogers concert.

Lynn Kochenower has been pre-planning for the Rodeo Trail Ride that is on Saturday morning, July 15. More information will be listed later.

Ruthetta Hansen and Carolyn Thompson were in Hays on Sunday evening. They toured the “Tiny House” built by the shop class at Ness City High School. It would have loft bedroom space for four and a couch on the main floor. It has all the amenities It will be sold. Ruthetta and Carolyn attended the initial meeting regarding the re-introduction of their sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha on the campus of Fort Hays State University in the Fall of 2017.

Ruthetta Hansen gave some memorial cards to the Jail/Museum. We have a book of memorial cards.

Congratulations to Clinton and Lisa Kershner on their wedding on Saturday, April 29 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Liebenthal.

Our sympathy to the familes of Marvin Holopirek, Earl Brenner and Tom Betz. Their obituaries were in the RCN.

Linda Shirk and Nancy Hanel Moe did some research at the McCracken Library when they were here to visit Addie Mills. They are looking for descendants of Charles and Luella Hanel and Charles and Minnie Hanel Temple. Let us know if you would like phone numbers for these ladies or their addresses. They purchased all four of the McCracken History Books.


News - Pat Petz - May 1, 2017

Tuesday was a very busy, but exciting day. After subbing at both the High School and the Elementary School, I needed to prepare for my speech that I was to give that evening. Tuesday evening, was one of the last performances for many of the High School band and vocal students. It was also a time for many awards to be presented to the students to show their outstanding achievements for the year. I was very proud to present the 2017 Danny J. Petz FFA Memorial Scholarship to Olivia Baus. This was the fourth scholarship presented to a senior at LHS. Olivia is the daughter of Mark and Ann Baus of LaCrosse and the granddaughter of William and Barbara Baus of Mc Cracken.

Thursday was spent subbing a half-day at the High School and then taking mom to Hays for a doctor's appointment. Later we had fun shopping and eating at the Golden Corral.

Since Friday had a track meet there were many subs at the LaCrosse High School. I helped as one of those subs and then was invited to have supper at my mom's.

Although Saturday was not a very good day as far as the weather, it was an amazing day for two young people who are about to start their lives together. Clinton Kershner and Lisa Angell celebrated their marriage at the Liebenthal Catholic Church and then had a beautiful reception, supper and dance at the Parish Center in La Crosse. Clinton is the son of Bruce and Ellen Kershner and the grandson of Bob House.

The rain and snow continued on Sunday. Dan would have been 68 years old on April 30th. There was a mass being said at St. Michael's Catholic Church for my husband, Danny. He is greatly missed by family members and many friends. May he rest in peace.

After mass, I ate lunch at Tracy's and enjoyed visiting with Bob and Lynn Litson. The rest of the day was spent at home watching the rain and snow as it continued to fall upon our many fields. Hopefully, the snow did not ruin our beautiful wheat crop for this year!

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