April 25, 2018 News

Birthdays: April 25, James McCormick; April 26, Larry Higgins, Marge Moran; April 27, Paula Greenway, Allen Morgan, Brett Higgins, Kathleen Moran; April 28, Melissa Schuckman, Katelyn Engel, Erin Casey, Larry Eisenhour; April 29, Ryan Mills; April 30, Jessica Hinman, Cindy Rogers; May 1, Steve Sloan.

Anniversary: April 29, Clinton and Lisa Kershner

Correction from last week: On April 20 it was Dyan Axman's birthday.

Signe Barnes took a two day trip to Oklahoma last weekend. There were 33 ladies representing counties in southwest Kansas. They visited the area of the Osage Indians. Signe met Alice Cahoon of Jetmore who was a classmate of Carolyn Thompson on the trip.

Marie Brack has given the Jail/Museum obituary and wedding clippings along with an assortment of books. Some of the books are: Crazy Horse and Custer, The Sod-House Frontier by Everett Dick about everyday life in Kansas, Nebraska and Dakota from 1854 to 1890, The Capper Quick-Fact Book of Kansas, America's First Ladies, the Forts of Kansas, The Presidents of the United States, Implements and Tractors, Reflections on 100 Years of Farm Equipment by Robert K. Mills purchased by Wilbur Brack February 2, 1988 and a collection of pictures of tractors. The oldest tractor pictured was a Model 1907 IHC Mogul (Type B) owned by Lawrence Herrs, Washington, KS. There is a 1924 John Deere Model D that belonged to Mutt, Jack and Jake Delaney of Burdett.

I will put Kanas fun facts in the column from the book above. When Kansas was formed as a territory it had 126,283 square miles in l854. The original Kanas Territory included portions of what is now Colorado west to the Continental Divide. Pikes Peak was in Kansas at that time. Today the state encompasses 82,264 square miles.

The Kansas State flag was first displayed in 1927 at Fort Riley by Gen. Ben Paulsen in the presence of the troops from Fort Riley and the Kansas National Guard.

Austin Goddard and Paige Johnson were married on Saturday, April 21st at Salina. Attending were Denise and Norman Fuller, Larry Goddard (parents of the groom), Austin's grandmother, Shirley Bundy and friend John Coykendall. Kathleen Thomas, Lanette and David Kaster, Barry and LeAnn Knight, Jordan, Courtney, Molly and Eli, Celeste and Dale Davis, Dave and Carolyn Davenport, Travis, Tina, Katie, Tanner, and friend, Courtney, Tyrel and Quintin Elias, and Kelly Robinson Putman.

A Relay for Life Dinner was held Sunday, April 22 at the LaCrosse High School Cafeteria. The guest speaker was 12 year old Harlee Donovan, Russell. Harlee gave a talk about her mother having cancer. This horrible disease is with all of us, either we ourselves have it, have known love ones who had it, we have had loved ones dying. It is all around us. Please contribute to this worthy organization.

Our Kansas City friends and visitors this weekend were John Jennings, Clinton Swan, Chuck Hamm, John Upton and John Paulakovich. They motored to McCracken for some R&R.

Congratulations to Addie Kershner and Kale Monges for being chosen Prom Queen and King. Tony and Dyan Axman are in Ireland celebrating their honeymoon.

Ellen Kershner and Cheryl Werth took Bob House to Wichita where they visited with his brother, Dight and Leonore House and family. Dight is doing well after his hip replacement. Their daughter, Jennifer is the nurse in charge. Leonore and Dight have a beautiful home.

History Notes:

Dec. 1926: A post season game was matched between the local team and the undefeated Bazine team. However Bazine was fairly defeated and can boast no more. The game opened with each team unable to gain. Bazine punted to the Mc 15 yard line and Bob Lovitt fumbled. Bazine recovered and Mc held the visitors for downs. The whole McCracken team played fine and the light line always stopped the Bazine rushes. Jim Lovitt, Plotner and Walker played the best football they have displayed this year. Mc won 9- 0. Dec. 1928: The season’s basketball practice has already started and new suits have been ordered for both boys and girls. Players are Gertrude Wierman, Myrtle Sieling, Jane Marak, Mildred McKittrick and Marie McCormick. Boys: Leonard Dugan, Elven Showalter, Burr Steinshouer, Orvis Nowles, Wesley Stephens and Sylvester Scheideman.


Patricia Petz:

April always seems to be one of the busiest months of the year.  There's always a lot of different sports events, concerts, special "shows", Jr .& Sr. Proms, weddings, and birthdays, just to name a few.  It is a time for enjoying the hard work of the teachers and students as they prepare for the ending of another school year. 

Monday was a fun day for me as I helped in the office at the La Crosse Elementary School.  I'm constantly catching people off guard when I answer the phone, as it is not who they are expecting to be talking to.  Monday evening, mom and I attended the Spring Concert for the K - 6 students.  The Kindergarten, First, and Second Graders presented "It's a Hit" and the Third through Sixth graders presented "Jukebox Time Machine" which took you back through many years of awesome songs.  It was a delightful performance directed by Mrs. Sally Jacobs.  

This week began the spring testing for the K-2 students.  A substitute teacher is needed as the classroom teachers test the individual performances of their students.  I had forgotten how "active" Kindergarten students are.  They had me "on my toes" throughout the day.  They did have surprise visitors in the afternoon which delighted them thoroughly. Mariah Werth, a fifth grade student at LES, and her father, Harland Werth, brought in eggs that the class plans to incubate and hatch in their classroom.  21 days was the magic number that they needed to remember and that in order for them to hatch, the class needed to be very, very quiet in the classroom!  After talking about the hatching process, Harland, brought in several baby chicks for the class to hold.  The class was so excited!  

On Wednesday, I attended the 44th Annual High School Art Exhibition at Fort Hays State University.  This was the first time that I had attended the event and it was amazing to see all of the different exhibits from the high school students.  My granddaughter, Kallynn Petz, was able to exhibit a cardboard design of a giraffe and a design of the moon phases. She also participated with the sidewalk chalk drawings in front of Rarick Hall with three other Hays High students.  The chalk drawing was of the twin towers, an American Eagle, the American Flag, and the Washington Monument.  It was an awesome drawing.   I was also so proud of the LHS students and their exhibits.  Many received awards on their beautiful art work.

At noon, I took my grandson, Nathan Windholz, out for lunch. We devoured the chips and salsa and the Mexican food was great at Guiterrez's.  After doing a little bit of shopping, I visited with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz and I even got to see my sister-in-law Sherry and visited with her before she took off.

Thursday, I was back at the Elementary Building helping out the second graders while their teacher was doing the assessments.  It was a very nice afternoon, so the students received a little extra time out for recess!  Mom and I ate together Thursday evening.  I had made some chicken and noodle soup earlier in the week and mom had made a delicious lemon cake.  Everything was yummy! 

I enjoyed the day off on Friday.  I was planning on getting a lot done, but I guess I was too tired from the week, to do my own work.  I did manage to get some washing taken care of, a little cleaning done,  and made several rosaries throughout the day.  

Saturday seemed to be a blessing for many as we received a little rainfall.  I was also able to attend the wedding of Aaron and Sarah (Wagner) Riedel at St. Michael's Church in La Crosse.  It was an awesome celebration of these two former second graders.  Along with seeing their wedding, I was able to visit with many other former students.  It was such a joyous day.  Congratulations to the two newlyweds! 

Sunday, started out a wee bit scary as our road had received a nice rainfall.  I was able to stay on the road, but it took me ten minutes to go four miles!  Once I reached La Crosse, I attended mass at St. Michael's Church and Father Reggie Urban was our substitute priest.  He made mass very interesting and everyone went away smiling from his blessings.  Mom and I then attended the auction of Pat Bott's at the City Auditorium.  We purchased a few things and then after a quick sandwich with mom, I had to head for home as I had many things to get ready for for the next week.  I hope the rain put a smile on your face and that you have a great week!  

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