April 19, 2017 News

Birthdays: April 19, Ray Wierman, Laura Bookstore; April 20, Dyan Suppes, Tyler Schwindt, Jami Albers, Scott Keener; April 21, Rob McGaughey (60), Amy Sramek; April 22, John Stull; April 23, Terri McPalmer, Bishop Emeritis Ronald Gilmore; April 25, James McCormick.

Anniversaries: April 23, Zach and Katlyn Unruh; April 24, Marvin and Katie Wills.

The racehorse, McCracken, remains atop the National Thoroughbred Racing Association top three-year-old pole out of 10 top horses. Keep in mind that McCracken should be a contender for the Kentucky Derby.

The book “The Horse and Buggy Doctor” by Arthur E. Hertzler, M.D. has been donated to the Jail/Museum.

Carolyn Thompson spent Easter weekend with Mike, Susan and Shannon Keith.

Chuck, Tammy and John were Easter guests of Shirley. Lindsey came after she was off work. They all cleaned my yard which was wonderful.

I visited with Julie Nuttle this past week and she told me how the Brownell patrons of their library appreciate the books that have been donated. They will take more if anyone wants to get rid of books.

Pat and Angela Murray motored to Ulysses where they enjoyed Easter with Jim and Donna Schafer, Tim, Trish and Seth Dieter.

1995 History notes

The McCracken UMC Bell Choir is featured in the latest issue of KANSAS magazine; Buelah Ramsey was 101 years young this January; Mike and Susan Keith treated her parents, Floyd and Carolyn Thompson to dinner and movie for their 32nd wedding anniversary; A surprise 4th birthday party was held for Clinton Kershner at the home of his parents; Joyce Hunter and Scott Mays spent Christmas in Long Beach, California; Bob House, Cheryl, Lisa, Matt and Kerri Groff spent Christmas in Headland, Alabama with Tom and Nettie Chestnut and Tyler; McCracken’s Doolin’s Café opened in McCracken with Kenny and Angie Elmore as owners; Sharon “Dee” Anderson received her BSN from FHSU; Amy Moran graduated summa cum laude from KSU; Mark Anders and Christi Conner were crowned LaCrosse High School Snowball King and Queen Friday night; Jay and Maureen Georg are shown accepting a Bankers Conservation Award Saturday during the Rush County Conservation District’s annual meeting.


News - Patricia Petz

Hope you had a nice Easter everyone!

Just as we have received many nice April showers, I've been busy with April birthdays. Monday, April 10th was my mother's birthday (Mary Steitz).  We celebrated by having a pizza party for her.  Those who helped her celebrate were John and Rita Liggett, De.Wayne and Vicky Foos, and myself.  

After a fun day at the High School subbing on Thursday, Mom and I headed for McPherson.  Drake Timson along with other first and second graders of the Lincoln Elementary School presented their spring concert.  It was a very cute program entitled "Arf." Needless to say there were many "dog" songs throughout the presentation.

Since Angie and Trent had to work on Friday, Mom and I were in charge of the boys, We had a lot of fun playing outside and going to the parks.  That evening we went to the Olive Garden in Hutchinson to celebrate some more birthdays.Tyler turned 17 on Thursday and Trent's birthday was on Friday.  The meal was delicious and we were still stuffed by the time we made it home!

Saturday was a fun time for everyone.  Drake and Grant attended the Easter Egg Hunt at the Grant Complex in McPherson.  In less than a half of an hour both boys had enough candy to fill their baskets.  I'm sure that they had enough to last them until next year! They were so excited.  That afternoon was filled with many more egg hunts as Trent, Angie, and mom helped clean up the debris in the backyard.  It sure looked nice when they were done!

Mom and I attended mass on Easter Sunday at St. Joseph's Church and when it was over, we went with the Timson family to the Countryside Covenant Church. I am always impressed to hear their music and to watch their power point presentations. Angie prepared a delicious ham dinner with all of the trimmings.  That afternoon, we had fun flying kites, watching movies, and more Easter Egg hunts. 

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter with your family and friends.  We are all truly blessed.

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