April 18, 2018 News

Birthdays: April 18, Wade Hinman, Ben Rogers; April 19, Ray Wierman, Laura Bookstore; April 20, Dyan Suppes, Tyler Schwindt, Jami Albers, Scott Keener. April 21, Rob McGaughey, Amy Sramek; April 22, John Stull; April 23, Terri McPalmer; April 24, none.

Anniversaries: April 23, Zach and Katlyn Unruh; April 24, Marvin and Katie Wills.

Weekend guest to celebrate Roberta Wierman's birthday were Rita Brethowr, Marilyn and George Sommers and Ray Wierman. Saturday they motored to Hays for lunch and then enjoyed the movie,”I Can Only Imagine”.

T. J. Milam and Jackie Lester were married on Saturday, April 14 at Sylvan Rodriguez Park in Houston, Texas. T. J.'s grandparents are Al and Judy Hugh. They attended along with Judy's niece Deb Luft of Wichita.

Natalee North returned home from Wesley Children's Hospital after an emergency appendectomy.

From the school book “Early Days of Kansas”, James R. Mead, a hunting friend of Buffalo Bill Mathewson, came across Indians building a village a mile long, along the Little Arkansas River just north of where it flows into the Big Arkansas. (Near the present Keeper of the Plains statue). The Indians used grass to build their lodges. In 1863 the Wichita Indians were with Jesse Chisholm. Jesse's mother was an Indian but his father was white. Texas was fighting for the South and the Indians helped Union Soldiers get away when they were being attacked by the South. The South then burned all the wigwams of the Wichitas and the Delawares and drove them away. They came to Kansas. The Delawares built homes along the Walnut and the Wichitas along the Little Arkansas. Jesse had a log house near the village Mead had a store. Mead loaned the Indians supplies until they could repay him with buffalo robes the next season. They repaid him in full. In sign language of the Wichita Indians, the symbol for Wichita was laying four fingers across the left cheek. Wichita means Painted Face. They tattooed their faces with that symbol.


2018 McCracken Country Club Tournament Schedule

SUNDAY, APRIL 29th 8:30 am 2018 Kickoff Tournament. 4 Person Scramble. $100 per team

Congratulations to St. Michael’s Jackson McGaughey PSR 2nd grader on his First Holy Communion this Sunday. His parents are Aaron and Leslie McGaughey. Attending were Rob, Helena and Austin McGaughey; Johnny Mac Showalter; Angela Murray; Terry & Helen Showalter; grandparents Pat and Chuck Heidrick.

Kansas went from 93* on Thursday to 50-60 miles an hour wind with very cold temperatures on Friday and Saturday, just a little warmer on Sunday. Only in Kansas.

Jodi Higgins motored to Manhattan where she spent the weekend with Tanner Higgins as it was Mother’s week-end at K-State. Jenna Higgins, Lawrence, joined them.

Congratulations to Eric Hurd and Kristina OCampo on their marriage, April 7, 2018, at Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Church in LaJolla, California. Austin Hurd, brother to the groom, best man; Audra Hurd, sister to the groom, bridesmaid; Brad and Lori Lovitt, Brad was sponsor; Shelli Hurd, sister of Jeff, sponsor; Teresa Lovitt, Scott and Lora Faiman, Rae and Clay; Jeff and Kathy Lovitt parents.

LaCrosse High School held their prom Saturday evening in LaCrosse High School. Beautiful prom pictures that were taken inside the Courthouse were posted on face book. (The weather was too nasty for outside).

A nice article about Fr. Murphy was in Southwest Kansas Catholic, Sunday April 15. He was honored for 65 years of priestly ministry at the March 22 Chrism Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It tells how he, Fr. Andrew McGovern, Fr. Eugene Kenny, Fr. Kieran Murray was chosen for the Diocese of Dodge City.

An Early Reminder....Join the McCracken Public Library and help celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a delicious taco ? bar on Saturday, May 5th at the city building from 6 pm - 8 pm. All proceeds benefit the McCracken Public Library. For more information call Anita 785-452-8526.

Aaron and Leslie McGaughey hosted a luncheon for their son Jackson McGaughey after mass Sunday. Guests were Pat and Chuck Heidrick, Johnny Mac Showalter, Austin McGaughey, Rob and Helena McGaughey, Terry and Helen Showalter.

History Notes:

Dec 1920 Leslie Hunt, fullback, hits the line like a pile driver; great ability in receiving and breaking up forward passes; Wayne Brackney, guard, no man gets through him. Lacking in weight he uses his brains instead; James Lovitt; tackle and half back; very aggressive player; plays his position with his whole heart and soul. Typical football player; breaks up plays before they are started; Cleo Akers, half back. Does one good to watch him play. He is fast on his feet, a hard tackler and a good ground gainer.Capt. Harold Robertson, quarterback a “heady” player, piloted his team in a very snappy manner. He is a very good broken field runner and hard to stop. Orland Edgington, end, a very steady player. Extra good at “busting” the interference and tackling. He gets his man every time.

Bobby Lovitt; end, safety. The feature of his playing is returning punts. Saved the game many times by his hard tackling. Oliver Lawson, tackle guard. Learned the game fast; plays his position all the time; works hard and with a will.

Glenn Miller, half back. A consistent ground gainer. Hard tackler and hits the line hard. Edward Murray, center, very accurate passer, plays the game like a man and holds his man every time. Howard Connor, guard. Good at holding his man. Slow on his feet but hard to stop. Virgil Haas, end, half-back. Very fast player, good at receiving passes, keeps his eye on the ball. Lloyd Conner, guard. Good at opening a hole, works all the time. Aubry Grumbein, substitute. More experience and he will be a valuable man in any lineup. Takes interest in the game. Clair Haas, substitute. A willing worker. Gives the regulars a good player to scrimmage against. Paul Brenner, tackle. Only played one game, but with more experience he will be hard to hold. The football season has passed into history and the high school boys are resting after eleven weeks of hard work and practice. This was the first year any of the boys ever played the game with the exception of Capt. Robertson.


Patricia Petz:

April is definitely the month for my family to have birthdays.  My mom, Mary Steitz, had her birthday on Tuesday.  Of course, I am biased, but I think she's the best mother in the world! We waited to celebrate her special day until Wednesday.  We ate at Tracey's with a group of ladies from the Rosary Makers.  I made a cherry poke cake for everyone to enjoy when we were finished for the evening. 

Even though it was super cold on Thursday and Friday, I ventured out of the house to sub on both of those days.  La Crosse Elementary is practicing for their Spring Concert that will be held on Monday, April 16,  It looks like it will be lots of fun, so be sure to go and enjoy the entertainment.  

Did you all realize what this past Friday was? Friday, the thirteenth, traditionally has become a day of bad luck.  Although
it's uncertain when the negative superstition began, the number 13 has been around for centuries.  According to biblical tradition, 13 guests attended the Last Supper, including Jesus and his 12 apostles (one of whom, Judas, betrayed him).  The next day of course, was Good Friday, the day of Jesus' crucifixion.  Some have also suggested that different events happened on Fridays: such as Friday being the day Eve gave Adam, the fateful apple from the Tree of Knowledge, as well as the day Cain killed his brother Abel.  In 1307, officers of King Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar, a powerful religious and military order formed in the 12th century for the defense of the Holy Land.  They were imprisoned for various illegal behaviors and many Templars were later executed.  In case you had no bad luck this past Friday the 13th, beware because there will be another one in July.  An irrational fear of the day is known as "paraskevidekatriaphoi."

Friday, the 13th was my grandson, Tyler Timson's, 18th birthday. I was planning on going to Lindsborg after school and watch him run at the track meet for McPherson High School, but because of the bitter cold, wind, and snow, I decided not to chance the travel. So, I guess that that was my bad luck for the day and the weekend! 

On Saturday, my son-in-law, Trent Timson, had a surprise birthday party in the evening and a group of about 35 people met at "The Barn" in Burrton to help him celebrate.  Unfortunately, I was unable to make that event because of the bad weather. It seems like the spring weather is on hold and has made us cancel a lot of our events! 

Sunday, Mom and I went to church at St. Michael's.  Father Charles Mazouch celebrated mass and the congregation was able to wish Jackson McGaughey a "Happy First Communion." Jackson did the readings during mass and did an excellent job. He looked so handsome during this special time in his life. 

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