April 17, 2019 News

Birthdays: April 17, Jan North, Roberta Wierman, Diana Wheat, Callen Nederland; April 18, Wade Hinman, Ben Rogers; April 19, Ray Wierman, Laura Bookstone; April 20, Dyan Axman, Tyler Schwindt, Jami Albers, Scott Keener; April 21, Rob McGaughey, Amy Sramek; April 22, none; April 23, Terri McPalmer.

Anniversary: April 23, Zach and Katlyn Unruh.

Addie Mills was a Friday visitor of Lee and Donna Simpson and children, Sloan and Addie. She also visited with Norbert and Teresa Karlin that afternoon . Addie was a Saturday overnight guest of Jay Klee at Council Grove City Lake. She had lunch with Chris Zimmerman on Sunday enroute home.

Marilyn Sommers donated a box of notebooks to the Jail/Museum. They are used for pictures and genealogy.

The fish fry Friday night at the Legion was again, AWESOME. A very nice crowd and the food were excellent. The conversations were A-OK too.

Roy Langdon, Clarence Morris, John Brown, and Jacob ?, Roy’s daughter’s Great Dane Kilo, were here over the week-end. Always nice when they come.

We wish all our readers a very blessed and happy Easter. Again, no news. Everyone is busy with outdoor activities.

History Notes:

November 1950: Voters of the LaCrosse Rural High School District No.1 again turned thumbs down on a $250,000 bond issue for the high school. The vote was 518 against and 410 for; the 1950 MHS football squad ended its season play without a defeat. December 1950: Eight lettermen returned from last year’s squad who journeyed to Russell Saturday to put on an exhibition game at the clinic sponsored by the Kansas Athletic Association. The Rush County squad lost a close one 43-42 to Natoma. The McCracken five trailed far behind until the 3rd quarter then three shar-shooters found themselves on the large Russell court. Fear, Higgins and Thompson tossed enough baskets to put the team back in the running and make the game a thriller. At the clinic the team also hit 46% of their free throws; an overtime, plus four quarters of hard basketball brought MHS a 31-30 victory over Arnold at Arnold Tuesday night. Players were B.Fear, C.Jacobs, R.Gordon, H.Juvenal, R.Buxton and V.Higgins. Arnold: J.Flax, Froelich, Brown, Lewis, bauer, Kristalter.


Patricia Petz:

Monday was a very busy day.  I subbed at the Elementary building and worked with many of the students.  After school, I had to hurry over to Hays Toyota to have some work done on my car.  Apparently after all of the "mud dipping" that I had been going through, my wheels needed to be cleaned out and I needed to have the tires balanced.  What a mess!

I headed back to Hays with my business vehicle on Tuesday since my van was way past its due date for an oil change.  I knew that I would be putting on several miles this weekend, so it needed to be done.  Later that afternoon, I headed to La Crosse to have my taxes looked at.  It was that time of year that everyone dreads!

Although I had had several things on my agenda for Wednesday, I had to give many of them up. My mom's birthday was on Wednesday and I hear that she had a delicious evening meal and a nice visit with my brother, De. Wayne and his wife, Vicky Foos. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend because I needed to work on the church calendar for the next several months.  

An awesome day was spent in Dodge City on Thursday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Members from the three parishes of Timken, Liebenthal, and La Crosse met with many other parishes to witness the blessings of oils and the consecration of  the sacred Chrism.  Once a year we gather as a diocesan Church in preparation for Easter.  Those attending from Timken were: John and Rita Oborny, and Larry and Betty Stejskal; Liebenthal members were Perry Dale and Ludmilla Kreutzer, Carolyn Thompson, Elaine Urban, and Lucy Dechant; and from the La Crosse parish was John and Rita Liggett, Mary Steitz, myself, Benny Viegra and Father Eric Gyamfi.  The Chrism Mass gives attention to the ministerial priesthood of the ordained who renew their priestly promises within the liturgy. Many priests that mom and I and other members visited with were: Bishop John Brungardt, Father Reggie Urban, Father Jim Dieker, Father Chuck and Father Eric. What a blessed day for everyone who attended.

I subbed at the La Crosse High School on Friday and after school mom and I headed out to Ulysses.  I needed to set up Friday evening for the weekend "Spring Fling." The show was held on Saturday and Sunday.  We visited with many former friends and met many new customers and friends. This show is always one of the nicest shows of the year, as the Civic Center is a beautiful building, the hosts are so pleasant and help you unload and load your vehicle, and provide you with a breakfast and supper on Saturday evening.  On our way home Sunday evening we stopped at Dodge City to eat at the Bella Italia Restaurant which is located on Wyatt Earp Blvd.  They serve a delicious Italian meals.  
It's always fun to get away, but it's always great to get back home.  Mom invited me to spend the night with her since I had to sub on Monday.  I took her up on the invitation so I could get an extra hour of sleep!

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