April 10, 2019 News

April 10, Mary Steitz; April 11, Galen Oelkers; April 13, Rose Diehl, Dave Albers, Dominic Weskamp; April 13, Rachel Wills, Mike Legleiter, Tyler Chestnut, Tyler Timson; April 14, Trent Timson; April 15, Mary Higgins; April 16, Janey Rogers, Kelsi Tomlinson.

Anniversaries: April 12, Randy and Sheri Mills; April 13, Jared and Stacy Scheetz.

As a follow up on Linda Kenyon's “From Our Archives” in last week's paper for 75 years: The baby born to 2nd lieut. Mervin J. Combest, co-pilot on a B-24 army bomber in Austria is Signe Combest Barnes, wife of G. T. Barnes of McCracken. Mr. Combest's wife Twila, Ransom, was staying with his sister so she had Signe at St. Rose hospital in Great Bend. Sadly he lost his life on that mission. He was 21 years old.

Our sympathy to the family of Marjorie Davis Sloan, who died April 1, 2019 at Hays Medical Center. Services were held at McCracken United Methodist Church with her daughter Norma McNair, minister of the church, leading the services. She was aided by Jim Shaw as singer and organist. Marge's sister Carol Davis Brown told of the close relationship she had with her sister. The casket piece reflected Marge's passion for sewing. Burial was in the McCacken City Cemetery beside her husband, Emmitt.

A birthday dinner was held for Al Hugh at Hickock's in Hays on Saturday. Those attending were Deb Luft, Wichita, Mike and Susan Keith, Ellsworth, Judy Hugh, Hays and Carolyn Thompson, McCracken. After the dinner Deb Luft presented Al with a flaming candle display on an angel food cake.


Patrica Petz:

Apparently my household problems did not end last weekend.  They continued throughout the beginning of the week. More heating problems with the furnace!   Later, we discovered that the propane was down to 5% and it couldn't be delivered until Wednesday.  So needless to say two more nights of 57 degree nights in the house and no hot water.  We finally got the pilot lights relit on the furnace and the water heater and everything seemed to be going well by Wednesday evening.  I hope things start turning around and that I don't have any additional problems! 

Wednesday through Friday were spent at the Elementary Building.  I spent Wednesday with the Resource Room in the morning and third grade in the afternoon.  Thursday, I helped with the Resource room and Friday I helped with the fourth grade room.  I had a great time with these students and enjoyed working with them. 

Friday afternoon I picked up my mother and we headed for Colby.  I needed to set up my booth for the "Think Spring" Craft Fair to be held on Saturday.  After we were set up, we met up with some other vendors to eat supper at a Mexican Restaurant.  I was busy visiting with a friend when I was surprised with a gigantic zombrero popped on my head and whip cream spooned across my face! I had about twenty people shouting out the "Happy Birthday" song to me. What a nice evening to be had before my birthday. 

Happy Birthday wishes came across my phone all day Saturday.  We had a nice show at Colby, meeting and greeting many new customers.  I also came across Susan (Oborny) Deges, a former fourth grade student of mine from many years ago.  I met four of her boys and had a nice visit with her.  She had a very nice display and was selling Usborne books.  That evening mom and I stopped in at the JD's Chicken restaurant in Hays before traveling on home. 

Sunday ended a very busy week.  Mom and I went to church at St. Michael's and then had brunch at the I-Hop in Hays.  After a little bit of shopping we headed to Salina.  We had to shop quickly once we reached Salina as we were meeting my family at Red Lobster for supper.  We celebrated four different birthdays at once.  My birthday was on the 6th, mom's birthday will be on the 10th, Tyler's birthday (my grandson)  will be on the 13th, and Trent's birthday (my son-in-law) is on the 14th. Our birthday supper was at Red Lobster and our table was super long. All of my immediate family members were there except for Nicholas as he had to work.  If he would have been there, we would have celebrated five birthdays because his was on the 5th of April.  Those in attendance were: Kelly, Melanie, Kallynn, and Kameron Petz, Nathan and Easton Windholz, Trent, Angie, Tyler, Drake, and Grant Timson, Mary Steitz (my awesome mother), and myself.  It was a beautiful birthday evening!  The sun almost blinded us going home but we finally made it home safe and sound, but exhauted!  Thus, another fast week came to an end!

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