April 4, 2018 News

Birthdays: April 4, None; April 5, Sarah Emerson, Melody Casey, Brian Fear, Nicholas Petz; April 6, Pat Petz, Chelsea Petz, Sarah Wills, Al Hugh, Norma McNair, Tyron Steinert; April 7, Randy Mills; April 8, Mitchell Pfannenstiel, Elaine Fulkerson, Kim Moran; April 9, Darwin Grumbein, Paul Trujillo, Les Diehl, Kelli Rourke, Secily Mills; April 10, Mary Steitz.

Anniversaries: April 4, Gerald and Signe Barnes; Sam and Dorothy Graham.

Brenda and Harley Clancy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada are spending Spring Break with Brenda’s parents, G. T. and Signe Barnes.

Eric Scriven will have a show of his art on Monday, April 9, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the 60 Plus building in LaCrosse. Refreshments will be served. All are welcome to attend.

John, Ellen and Josh Moran attended the Elite 8 tournament in Omaha in support of the University of Kansas basketball team. They came home and re-packed and left for San Antonio, Texas for the final four.

Marge and Michele Moran, Clark, Nicole and Maddie Kirk spent Spring Break in Branson.

Shirley Higgins treated Tammy Horesky to a birthday movie Tuesday afternoon at the AMC theater in Hays. They saw the movie, "I Can Only Imagine". They ran into Roy and Phyllis Conrad in the lobby. Carolyn Thompson recommended this film and it did not disappoint!

Shirley Higgins and Chuck Higgins traveled to Russell on Sunday to join John and Tammy Horesky, Cameron, Courtney, and Elliott Horesky for Easter dinner.

Roy and Phyllis Conrad enjoyed Easter dinner at the Ransom VFW on Sunday.

Rose Diehl and her mother, Arline Rues attended the Messiah in Lindsborg on Sunday. This has become a wonderful tradition for Rose and Arline for several years.

Easter guests of Wade and Leanne Russell on Saturday in Hudson were Layne and Kerri Morgan, Lance and Gloria Morgan, Melissa Bradshaw, Suzanne Sauer, Lanny Morgan and Brin, Lonnie and Teresa Morgan, Steven, Jolene, Taylor and Hunter Morgan, Allen, Bailey, Caden, Carter, Creed, and Cohen Morgan and Zach, Katlyn, Stella and Mila Unruh. The kids had a ball hunting Easter eggs and chasing chickens.

Pat Derr, Dave Derr and Jamie Basgall, Kevin, Valerie, Lexi, Zoe, Rylin, Quinn, Sadie and Piper Anderson, Ginger Evans, Ron Johnston, Jenny Rogers, Scott, Emily, Owen, Evelyn, and Quade Keener were treated to Easter dinner on Sunday at the home of Debi Rogers.

Bob and Marlene Funk hosted Easter for the family, quieter than Easters in the past but festive as always. Those enjoying the day, Shari Funk, Jeff and Anita Butler with Ursula, Verlene Wilson, Mike and Kelly Weber with Mike's mom Judy Helget, Levi White with girlfriend Regan, Bryan and Treva Bergquist.

History Notes: November 9: The LaCrosse high school football team played the McCracken High School team here last Friday afternoon. The game was played in the rain, and was quite warmly contested but resulted in favor of the McCracken lads, 10-0. Nov 16, 1906: It is claimed under the revised football rules players are prohibited from jumping upon a man except when he is down.

Nov 30, 1906: Thanksgiving Day a game of football was played between the married men and the single men. Line up for the married: Lander Davenport, John Lovitt, Carl Rose, Elmer and Hudson Starrett, Dan Hunt, Leonard Ryan and Roy Cutler. Single men: Paul Warden, Burt Neal, Frank Irvin, Claude and Ralph Starrett, Clark Reed, Willie Grumbein, Frank Hicks and Mark Cutler. The game was warmly contested but resulted in no real advantage for either side, as neither scored.

June 14, 1907: The baseball clubs have shown considerable enterprise and have erected a seating stand on the ball ground. The lads are furnishing about all the amusement that goes on here Saturday and should be more liberally supported. 6/28/1907 Wednesday afternoon the first game of what is termed the Wheat Belt League was played between the McCracken club and that of Claflin. The game was called at 3 o’clock and the visitors went to the bat. The rain the previous evening gave the ground a very uninviting appearance, but this did not deter the lads from lining and making the best of the situation. Warden and Metz were the battery forthe home team and Holmes and Casey for the visitors. Batting was generally poor on both sides but few balls passing the diamond lines. The fielding was fair and some brilliant catches were made. The game though was a battle of the batteries. Claflin won 5-4. The boys were a gentlemanly lot of young fellows who seem to have enjoyed their trip up in the short grass country. Teams in the League are Geneseo, Claflin, Bushton, Hoisington, Bison and McCracken. It is to be strictly an amateur affair; no salaried man is permitted on the team of any city except the pitcher. Admission price is 25 cents except in cases of ‘double headers’ when the price will be 35 cents.


Patricia Petz:

The weather definitely changed in Kansas once again!  It seems like we have to keep our various winter, spring, and summer coats close by each day to determine which one should be worn.  I would preferably like the spring jacket!  

Since last week ended the spring break vacation for students and teachers, I subbed at the La Crosse Elementary School for the first time on Tuesday.  I worked with the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. After school, I stopped by to see mom and she had decided to make us a delicious meal of potato and dumplings.  This is always one of my favorite dishes.  Why does it seem that no matter how hard you try, yours never tastes quite like your mom's?  

At noon on Wednesday mom and I attended the annual Ladies Salad Luncheon at the Catholic Parish Center. Many ladies attended the event that the United Methodist Church ladies hosted.  Special entertainment was provided by some of the La Crosse Locust Grove residents.  They played "Amazing Grace" and "How Great Thou Art" on their bells and did an excellent job.  Mary Lou Stang and Larry Schneider also entertained us with some beautiful music.  There were many different salads to enjoy while we visited with many friends and people who attended this event.  

Thursday was a special day at the Elementary School as they were anticipating their Easter parties that afternoon.  I was able to help get a little bit of studying finished before the fun began! 

That afternoon I was able to attend the visitation of John Rose at the Janousek Funeral Home in La Crosse.  John touched the lives of many people throughout his teaching career of 37 years in various school systems.  Along with his wife, Meredith, son Michael, and daughter Anne Marie, he will be missed by many.  May John rest in peace. 

Thursday evening, mom and I, along with many others attended the Holy Thursday mass at St. Michael's Church. Last week, a group of individuals brought back the oils from Dodge City that will be used throughout this coming year in our parishes.  Several representatives presented these during mass to Father Eric.  There were twelve of us who had our feet washing by our priest, Father Eric.  We were all blessed by being at this special mass. 

Sunday was indeed a special day as it was the beginning of a new month, April's Fool Day, and mostly because it was the Day of Easter. I began my morning at St. Michael's Church along with many other family members, friends, and visitors.  It was so nice to see everyone.  From church I went to my mother's house who hosted a beautiful meal for lunch and supper.  Those who attended were: Maynard Steitz, De. Wayne and Vicky Foos, Trent, Angie, Tyler, Drake, and Grant Timson, Kelly, Melanie, Nathan, Nicholas, Kallynn, and Kameron Petz, Kylee Fall, and myself.  It was so nice to have everyone together on this very special day.

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