April 3, 2019 News

Birthdays: April 3, Karen Borger, Gunner Wilson; April 4, none; April 5, Sarah Emerson, Melodie Casey, Brian Fear, Nicholas Petz; April 6, Pat Petz, Chelsea Petz, Sarah Wills, Al Hugh, Norman McNair, Tyron Steinert; April 7, Randy Mills; April 8, Mitchell Pfannenstiel, Elaine Fulkerson; Kim Moran; April 9, Darwin Grumbein, Paul Trujillo, Les Diehl, Kellie Rourke, Secily Mills.

Anniversaries April 4, Gerald and Signe Barnes, Sam and Dorothy Graham

Jerry and Karen Casey led the rosary for Marge Elias parish Vigil on Wednesday evening at St. Mary's. At the funeral Mass Jerilyn Stull was the organist and Cantor Jerry Casey was the lector, servers were Lillian and Jack McGaughey. Doug Elias gave a eulogy. The active casket bearers were Travis Elias, Mike Stull, Tyrel Elias, Les Rogers, Tanner Elias and Edgar Schedel. Honorary Casket Bearers were Thomas Chase Gomez, Katrina Elias, Hayden Bracken, Nathial Gage Elias, Magdalene Rose Johnson and Quintin Elias. She was laid to rest at McCracken City Cemetery beside her husband, Claude, and son, Dennis.

Jan North brought some items given to the Jail/Museum by Dwight Eisenhour from their dad, Glenn Eisenhour. One was his license for 1964, 1965,1966 No. 52909 as the Agent - Telegrapher of the Missouri Pacific Railroad at McCracken. Others included his membership in the McCracken Lodge No. 58, AF & AM issued on July 20, 1975 and signed by Secretary, Carl A. Bible; A certificate acknowledging Glenn as a participating member of The Walking Blood Bank. His Blood Type was AB Negative (the practive prior to Blood Drives was for the donor to lie near the patient and give their blood directly); fishing licenses for he and his wife Icis.

Our thanks to the Legion for putting on a Fish Fry on Friday evening at their Legion/Golf Hall. A nice crowd enjoyed all the fish and fixings. It was nice to have out of towners present.

The 70th wedding anniversary was celebrated at the mass in Liebenthal on Saturday evening with family and friends of Wilfrid and Twila Higgins. Their family witnessed the prayers offered by Father Eric Gyamfi to the couple They had a dinner at Thirsty's in Hays following the mass.

Tammy Horesky was working out at Russell Recreation Center last week. She was asked if the Jack Wilson Arena was located in McCracken, another lady walking on the treadmill asked her if she was from McCracken, asked what her maiden name was, and who her parents were. That lady was LuAnn Lohnes Penka. She told Tammy that she attended MHS her senior year and graduated from McCracken. She also said that attending MHS that one year was by far her most memorable year of school. She mentioned several classmates and spoke very highly of Mrs. Arlene Gilbert being one of her favorite teachers. She is planning a trip to McCracken this summer. LuAnn lives in Russell and is a retired 5th grade teacher having taught in Russell for several years.

I want to thank Dr. Ladd and the nursing staff at Rush County Hospital for the care I received after tripping over a foot stool, falling against the corner of a book shelf and splitting open the side/back of my head. Also thanks to Bill Greenway for coming to have a ‘look see’ and calling ahead to the emergency room. Cards and phone calls were also appreciated.

A birthday celebration was held for Jenna Jacobs at Gella’s in Hays Saturday evening. Those attending were Jenna and Jaden Jacobs, Hadley, Hudson and Hesston Jacobs, Neal and Amy Jacobs, Tessa Johnson, Mitchell, Priscilla and Sandra Jacobs.

The NCAA basketball games were fun to watch this weekend, close games and the #1’s weren’t always the winners.

History Notes:

1950 MHS Mustangs are winners in the Class B District tournament played in Ness City. They defeated Utica 55-31. They are playing in the Great Bend Class B regional tourney next week. Players are: Bill Spomer, Wayne Irvin, Vic Higgins, Tony Schlitter, Joe Unrein Floyd Thompson, Bob Fear, Cal Wilson, Richard Gordon, Bobby Cheney, Curley Juvenal, Dick Buxton, Coach, Al Rues, K-State. Teams in the GBend tournament in MHS bracket were Windom, Burdett, Lorraine, and Garfield; MHS was defeated in the first game by Windom, 32-30; we have recently added on an outside dance floor for dancing every night except Sunday, plenty of booths, no cover charge, beer, billiards, sandwiches and shuffleboard, Al’s Place, Highway 96, Timken; announcement was made this week of the consolidation of Rush County school districts 15 and 19 near Timken; LaCrosse’s junior baseballers capitalized on nine hits to edge McCracken “B” 8-6 in an exhibition contest Sunday. Herrman and Suppes went the distance for LaCrosse while Cal Wilson and Tony Schlitter worked the mound and plate respectively for the McCracken aggregation. Mc players, Wm. Spomer, Richard Gordon, Floyd Thompson, Bob Fear, Tom McCormick, Bill Moran, Morgan, Stanley Wahl and Sylvester McCormick.


Patricia Petz:

The La Crosse Elementary Building had me busy subbing Wednesday through Friday this past week.  I helped with the second grade class on Thursday and Friday which brought about sheer delight as this was the grade level that I had taught before I had retired.  We were kept very busy while I was in their classroom. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase "When it rains, it pours?"  Well, that's what it felt like on Thursday. I've been having a lot of issues with the water in my driveway and some in my basement.  However, Thursday morning I woke up to find about 6-8" of water in my basement.  Since I had to sub that morning I had to find a plumber bright and early.  Luckily, I found someone to help me out and when he called me, he thought he got most of the water drained and had to put in a new sump pump.  The older one had been pumping almost constantly since October and I worried that its days might be numbered! 

When I got home Thursday evening, I found that my heater was not working at all.  The water level must have ruined something in the blower.  I called the plumber back on Friday and explained the situation and he said that he'd be back to look at the problem.  Guess what?  The water level got so high that it ruined the squirrel cage so a new one has to be ordered. Problem number 2:  Since the plumber was at my house, I wanted him to fix a couple of leaking faucets in my bathroom.  I thought it would just take a couple of new seals.  Nope, the plumber called me late that afternoon and told me that the faucets had to be replaced since they were so rusty, they could not be repaired. 

It got rather chilly on Thursday evening, but it was bearable.  After school on Friday, I picked up mom and we headed to Hays to have supper at the VFW.  They were having their Lenton special: Noodles and beans, shrimp, fish, hush puppies, and grebble.  The meal was delicious!   Then we headed to Norton to set up for the Eagles Craft Fair.  We didn't run into any bad weather as we drove, however, by the time we reached the motel it was beginning to rain with some freezing drizzle.  

The Eagles Craft Fair ended earlier than I was thinking, so I thought we could make it in time for supper and then go to mass in Hays before going home.  We stopped in at Whiskey Creek and had a delicious meal.  When I checked the mass schedules for Hays, I had discovered that we would be late for two of the churches as they began at 5:30.  That meant that we could make it to St. Joseph's at 6:15 and still have time to eat our meal.  Well, unfortunately when we reached St. Joseph's everyone was coming out of church and we learned that their mass was at 5:30 as well. They just had not changed their schedule on the internet. Needless to say, we headed home.  Then I received a call from my son who told me that I might want to spend the night with my mom since it was around 50 degrees in my house.  

Sunday morning, mom and I went to church at St. Michael's and witnessed four second graders make their First Holy Communion.  They all looked so special and each of them did a nice job throughout mass.  Later, mom and I ate lunch at Junction Four and then I decided that I needed to get home to get some things taken care of.  Oh my, was I surprised by the cold when I entered my house.  I really think it was warmer outside!  I bundled up and prepared for a very long and cold night at the house.  Hopefully, parts come in and things will get back to normal on Monday.  In the meantime, I anxiously await for a brighter better week!

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