March 27, 2019 News

Birthdays: March 27, Tammy Horesky, Lillian McGaughey, Suzanne Washington; March 28, Signe Barnes, Carolyn Sekavec, Leslie Rogers, Ethan Jones, Kizmin Wilson; March 29, Nathan Windholz, Robert Sloan; March 30, Gloria Blackwell, Hayden Buster, Molly Knight, Linde Ohmes; March 31, Tyrel Elias; April 1, Gage Elias, Erica Gilbert, Kristy Packard, Lesley McGaughey; April 2, Chris Irvin.

Anniversaries: March 29, Wilfrid and Twila Higgins (70); April 1, Dominic and Kayla Weskamp.

Congratulations to Wilfrid and Twila Higgins on their 70th wedding anniversary.

Our sympathy to the family of Marjorie Elias who died Saturday, March 23 at Hays Med. The funeral will be on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at St. Mary's Catholic Church, McCracken. The family will be at the viewing on Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. with Rosary at 7:00 p.m.

Fun Facts from Capper's Kansas

From 1854 to 1936 more newspapers were published in Kansas than any other state.

“The Wizard of Oz' premiered in Chicago in 1902. It opened on Broadway in 1903. The movie premiered in 1939.

Gypsum rock began to be mined in Blue Rapids around 1894. The mining company was the Georgia-Pacific Corporation.

Although Kansas is a dry State, it has five river systems and over 50,000 streams that are large enough to be named.

Our sympathy to Jodene Dawson Helmer whose husband Grant Alan Helmer died March 21, 2019. Funeral services were held March 22 at South Rock Christian Church, Derby. He is survived by his wife, a son Michael (Trisha) Helmer and several chosen family members.

Jerry Higgins was a Thursday – Tuesday guest at the home of his mother, Shirley Higgins.

History Notes:

1949: Nearly 1,300 youngsters are back in school in Rush County. LaCrosse has 194 high schoolers, 202 in the grade school; Otis has 87 in high school, up 17 with the closing of the Olmitz high school; McCracken has 108 enrolled in the grade school and 43 in high school; Bison has 46 high schoolers; Alexanders has 30 in the high school and 72 in the grade school; Scrimmage starts next week for the young charges of Coach Albert Rues who will take the McCracken high school colors into six-man competition on the gridiron this fall; this is just the second year of football for the school and there are only five lettermen back on this year’s squad; twenty three boys are reporting for the daily workouts; Ransom surged ahead in the fourth quarter to take a six-man football game at Ransom last Friday afternoon; Dick Horchem scored four touchdowns for Ransom.


Patricia Petz:

For those of you that wondered if I made it home last Monday evening, I was able to make it through my driveway successfully.  The sun and wind helped harden the road, however, I still have a lot of gravel that's needed to make it more stable! 

I subbed for two different teachers on Wednesday at the La Crosse Elementary Building.  It was a lot of fun to see and work with the different students. 

Friday was spent subbing at the second grade level.  The second grade room brought back some wonderful memories as I subbed in my old classroom.  

After school, I picked up my mom, Mary Steitz, and we headed to Hutchinson where I needed to set up for my show on Saturday and Sunday.  This was the first time in 3 months that she was able to go along with me due to her illness.  It was so nice to have her by my side once again!  After we sat up at the State Fairgrounds, we headed to McPherson to spend the night with my daughter and her family.  Drake, Grant, and Tyler were so happy to see Grandma Mary at their house since she hadn't been there for a long time! 

Saturday morning, mom and I headed out early for Hutchinson for the Vintage World Market. It was such a nice building for the show and I got to visit with a lot of new customers and met many new vendors.  After the show we headed to the Church of the Holy Cross for Saturday evening mass.  This was just a short drive from the fairgrounds, so it was easy to find.  This was a church with beautiful stained glass windows and an awesome organ that had 1,445 pipes. The church was completed in 1983. Mom told me that since this was the first time that we had entered this church that we were to make a wish.  I had never heard of this saying before, but we both made our wishes! I hope they come true. 

That evening mom and I decided to try a new restaurant and we ate at the "Pizza Ranch."  Oh my, was it delicious!  It was a complete buffet with lots of different pizzas to choose from, salads, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and vegetables, and a delicious dessert pizza bar, alongside an ice-cream machine.  We left for McPherson afterwards thinking that we should have been walking instead of driving.  Once we reached McPherson, we headed out to the Timson's new farm.  We got a grand tour and it was awesome.  However, mom and I both agreed that although it was a beautiful home, neither of us would want to have to clean it!  

We got to visit with the Timson's Sunday morning since we didn't need to be in Hutchinson as early.  At the end of our show we headed back to LaCrosse, however, we needed to refuel our bodies, so we made a stop at Great Bend at the Great Wall.  Mom and I have gotten to like this restaurant for the variety of their foods.  After we were filled once more to the brim, we headed on home to La Crosse where I left mom and then I proceeded home.  We had a great time together once again! 

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