March, 20, 2019 News

Birthdays: March 20, Nicole VonLehe, Carla McCarrell, Shari Funk, Dylan Derr, Roxane Dechant, Sonia Mae Conner; March 21, Robert Higgins, Hannah Enslow; March 22, Greg Hinman, Trisha North, Sr. Martina Stegman, Jenni Rogers, Kay Hardwick; March 23, Crystal Foust, Father Rene Labrador, Rev Lloyd; March 24, Willian Greenway, March 25, Ron Crawshaw; March 26, Teresa Lovitt, Michelle Swanson.

Anniversary: March 20, Jerry and Ann Schutte;

Jail/Museum news: Bruce and Sue Davis have put on loan to the museum Jim Schafer's Barber Shop Mirror. It was manufactured by Koken Barber's Supply Company of St. Louis, Missouri...

Several Centennial Items have been donated by Twila and Hoop Higgins: A Centennial Poster, 2 bumper stickers, a library bookmark with a street scene of Main Street. In 1987 the librarian was June Bible and assistants were Addie Mills and Mamie Crawshaw. Board members were Ruth Crawshaw, Carrie House, Janet Herdman, Shirley Higgins, Rosie Elmore, Bob House and John Stull. Also donated were pictures of the Centennial quilt on loan from the family of Grace Thompson. A generous donation has been received from “Your Cause” from Michael Harp

Our sympathy to the family of Ronald Butler, 59, of Salina who died March 13, 2019. He was the son of Robert and Linda Butler. He is the brother of Jeff Butler and his wife Anita of McCracken. The services were at Gypsum Methodist Church with burial in Belleville City Cemetery.

Our sympathy to the family of Dwayne Depperschmidt, 20 of Sylvia who was killed in an accident near Sylvia. He was a grandson of Viola Depperschmidt.

Please keep in your prayers, Lynnette Doornbos who is recovering from Meningitis.

Congratulations to Bruce Davis on his retirement.

The funeral for Louie Boley, age 90, of Salina, will be held Friday, March 22. Louie has been a friend since we met him, his wife Juanita and son Rex on a plane from Denver to Wichita. We were flying over the McCracken area and Floyd said I can see the ranch and the Pfaff place. Louie struck up a conversation saying my son-in-law is Bennie, son of John Pfaff. Rex was a teacher at Ellsworth and we said that Susan will be working there this Fall. We all became great friends as Louie and Juanita lived in the house just south of Mike and Susan's. Louie served for 26 years in the Army and Army National Guard. He was a patriot and put his flag up every day. He owned a Leather Repair Shop and repaired saddles and tack for ranchers and worked the annual Labor Day Rodeo in Ellsworth.

John, Tammy, Lucas and Nicole were Saturday overnight guests of Cameron, Courtney, and Elliott Horesky in Eudora.

Carolyn and I received a not for sale copy of Golden Rule Days, a History and Recollections of 109 Closed Kansas High Schools ..... James Kenyon, author. He is a retired veterinarian that came to LaCrosse where he met with Shirley and visited with the Rush County news. Those in our area are Pawnee Rock, Schoenchen, Bogue, Utica, Rozel, McCracken, Hanston etc. He just returned home from volunteering at the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Willow, Alaska, about 50 miles north of Anchorage. James went to school at Bogue and is now aa resident of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The Bingo Haus owners, Linus and Deb Pfannenstiel is closing their doors. In honor of two McCracken’s bingo players, Johnny Mac Showalter and Joy Hunter a get- to-gather was held in their honor, Friday, March 15. Those attending were Austin McGaughey, Sierra Hughes, Rose Cofer, Mary McCormick, Rianne, Jade, Tyson, Terran and Amanda Showalter, Miranda Vargas, Helena McGaughey, Cathie and Alex Casey, Richard Showalter, Angela Murray, Christie Kleweno, Jackson and Lillian McGaughey. Attendees came from ElDorado, Wichita, Brownell and Hays. Others attending Friday evening were Maurice and Debbie Haas, Bill and Lucy Herrman. Deb Pfannenstiel gave a nice tribute for Johnny Mac and they celebrated all the February and March birthdays.

History notes:

REN music festival will be held at Otis with school represented: Alexander, McCracken, Schoenchen, Bison and Otis; Mc soloists included Alberta Moses, Lynnette Pearson, LuAnne Scheideman, Ray Ohlemeier, Richard Gordon and William Spomer; Miss Scheideman and Miss Pearson will present piano solos; the glee club under the direction of Miss Arlene Ingraham is representing the school in glee club; All five team of the REN league will match batters, pitchers and name a tourney champion at the league’s annual baseball tournament scheduled to be held at Schoenchen tomorrow and Saturday; 116 on county graduation rolls: TIMKEN – Norman Moore, Leonard Vsetecka; NEKOMA – Donald Jennison, Raymond O’Brien, Robert Wilson; ALEXANDER – Eleanor Young, Joan Jones, Charles Auston, Marsha Janke, Loren Wright, Wilma Baus, Joan Blocker, Edna Thomas; LORETTO – Alvina Basgall, Harold Stegman, Marcella Stegman, Rueben Urban, Lawrence Von Feldt; OTIS – Ruth Freidenberger, Lowell Chaney, Mary Ann Kerbs, Katherine Lebsack, Ralph Mauler, Fern Ochs, Glenna Ochs, Kenneth Wagner; LIEBENTHAL – Gerals Pfeiffer, Paul and Gerald Schaffer, Joseph Schaffer, Edward Suppes, Cornelius Enslinger, Wendelin Herrman, Willard Moeder, William and Leon Dreher, Leona Herrman, Lucy and Edith Schuckman, Alfvna Herrman; LaCROSSE ST. MICHAEL’S – Bernadetta and Elvira Basgall, Lucille Burgardt, Daniel Jacobs, Elmo Kuhn, Delores and Viola Jacobs, Shirley Kline, Mary Legleiter, Mildred Legleiter, Marguerite Maneth, Elvira Pfannenstiel, Gerrald Unrein, Edna Urban, Justin Urban; BISON – Delano John Brack, Alvin Crotinger, Betty Gisick, Dennis Koci, Everett Miller, Billie Jo Schuetz, Gary Schwartzkopf; McCRACKEN – Roberta Anderson, Bill Bridges, Betty Davis, Kay Fear, Joe Jennings, Yvonne McFarren, Tommy O’Loughlin, LeeRoy Schuckman; COUNTY SCHOOLS Dale Ater, Giles Lang, Joyce Schugart, Robert Folkeerts, Shirley Bott, RaeMona and Shirley Groff, Richard Bartel, Wanda Mausolf, Charlene Oetken, Charles Tammen, Daylon Wagner, Charles Schuckman, Norman Appel, Mary Ann Button, Ray Keener, Gary Scheuerman, Edwin Stejskal, Carol Riedl; the REN league tournament winner was Otis Eagles slamming their way to a 20-4 victory over the Schoenchen Bluejays to take the baseball championship.

November 1948: Otis Crimson and Gray eleven, under the capable direction of Coach Paul Andree, suffered its first loss in 25 starts early in the season to a strong Bazine steamroller; the LaCrosse Leopards were the unwilling doormat for eight opponents in nine games this season, they waited until the final game, defeating Otis for their only win. Mc resumed its grid activities after a wartime lapse, they fielded a “green” squad which showed up well. Under the tutelage of Coach Al Rues they nearly succeeded in matching the total points scored against them in the games they lost. They turned back Utica 39-0; lost to Bison 26-12, lost to Ransom31-12; in six-man play, coach Reuben Romeiser’s Bison Buffaloes paced the way with a record of three wins.


Patricia Petz:

Sometimes your weeks don't go as planned, and this was one of them! Since it was Spring Break, both of my grandsons, Drake and Grant Timson, were planning on spending three days each with me at the farm. Unfortunately, Drake didn't make it out to the farm and Grant got to spend the whole six days with me. Grant was excited and Drake was heartbroken!

Tuesday was a lot of fun for two cousins, Grant Timson and Rennick Dalton. We met at the Sternberg Museum where the boys got to see the new “Megalodon” shark exhibit. They had a good time seeing the size of the shark, its jaws, and its humongous teeth.

Grandma Vicky Foos and I took the boys to I-Hop for lunch. They had an order of pancakes with a side order of macaroni and cheese. Something that I would never have ordered, but they enjoyed it, and that's all that mattered!

After lunch, we decided to take the boys to see “The Lego Movie: The Second Part.” Of course, a movie has to have all the trimmings and so their popcorn boxes were ordered. The movie was enjoyed by the boys, however, I don't think it was the best movie that I had ever seen, but I'm really not into Legos!

Because of the cold, wind, and rain the next three days were spent inside my house. My driveway was completely undriveable. Kelly spent the whole day on Friday putting in a culvert so that the water could drain. Two truckloads of gravel and sand were put across the driveway to hopefully make it possible for me to get across. On Saturday morning, while the ground was still partially frozen, Kelly got my car across the mushy mess and he was able to get the semis out so that he could haul hay for farmers who were needing to get it to their cows. Grant and I stopped by to see Grandma Mary once we reached La Crosse.

Angie and Trent have purchased a new home just east of McPherson. It is a beautiful home with a lot of spacious rooms, a pool, and a few acres for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. Angie and her friend Jami were in the process of getting ready to paint some of the rooms and I decided that it was better not to have four children running around, so I took them to the movies. We got to see the new movie “Wonder Park.” It was a really cute movie.

Sunday afternoon we were off to Park City to the Hartman Arena to see the “2019 Carden Super Spectacular Circus!” I don't think there is anything better than seeing a zoo or a circus, and we had a great time!

Well, since Spring Break is officially over, the boys have to go back to school and I have to head home. I just hope that I'm able to make it back to my house without having to carry everything from the end of my driveway. Wish me luck!

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