March 1, 2017 News

Will March come in like a Lion or a Lamb? We could use a nice warm rain.

Birthdays: March 1, Blake Herdman, Sharon Anderson, Victoria Unrein; March 2, Anita Pfannenstiel, Carole Herdman, Landon Janke, Amanda Showalter, Anita Butler, Barbara Casey; March 3, Kerri Morgan, Maureen George, Evan Dale, McKaylee Day, Taylor Biesner; March 4, Connie Stewart, Dallas Schneider; March 5, Dight House, Emma Casey, Justin Herdman, Roger Baldwin, Sandra Jacobs; March 6, Tom Chestnut, Sarena Higgins, Michael Greenway, Grayson Hampton; March 7, Ron Rein, Shirley Higgins.

Anniversaries: March 2, Doug and Kathleen Whitis; March 3, Reggie and Brenda Irvin; March 5, Shannon and Arlene Schmidt.

A donation in memory of Wilma Washaliski was given to the Jail/Museum.

The website is up-to-date. Todd Frazier is our webmaster. The McCracken Alumni pay to have this on the web and we appreciate all those who contribute to the Alumni to make this possible. It is just one of the many services and organizations in McCracken that is supported by the alumni members.

Evelyn Cosby treated Addie Mills to dinner at Tracy’s for her birthday.
Addie Mills was an overnight guest of her niece, Jennifer Dreiling, at Salina.  They enjoyed dinner at Jim’s Chicken Café.  Sarah Jo Dreiling joined them later for a visit.  Addie also saw grandson, Chris, Zimmerman, on Sunday afternoon.

Doris White, a friend, called last night and had been visiting some relatives. The brother-in-law of her son is an archeologist/minister who works with the Jewish people in Israel. They recently had him look for more of the containers of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He found six jars. One had a blank paper like those of the Dead Sea Scrolls and another had papyrus paper also blank. It is suspected that in the past another group might have stolen some of the scrolls and they are in the hands of private collectors.

Kelsey Plum, Washington State, broke the scoring record of Jackie Stiles Saturday night by scoring 57 points with a victory over Utah.

Good News!!! Ms. Dale Monroe is now in the LaCrosse Hospital Long Term Care.

Please stop by Second Chance thrift shop and look at the basement, Pat, Naomi and Fred have improved it SO much, added tables, lights and ‘shifted’ things around. You won’t recognize it.

GOLFERS! We will have our annual meeting for the 2017 McCracken Golf Club season, Saturday, March 11, at the McCracken Legion Clubhouse. Please plan to attend if you have ideas or input. We will go over our finances and planned purchases, 2017 tournament schedule, work day scheduling, improvements, dues, cart storage rental and any other issues that may come up. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks! Les Diehl 785-230-4433

1977 History Notes:

Robert Foster graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta having completed an Associate Degree in commercial art. Jerry Higgins was selected as the most inspirational player at Hutchinson Junior College by the baseball team. Kenneth Higdon was transferred to Hadley Hospital in Hays from Wichita. He is recovering from injuries he suffered in a car accident. The Brownell Legion defeated Garden City 8-5. Mark McCormick, Chuck Higgins and Les Rogers all delivered hits that won the game. Greg Buster received his degree in general science and history at KU. The class of 1952 held a 15 year reunion at the Hi-Way Café in Alexander. Those attending were Allan Thompson, LeRoy Gibert, Pat Keener, Richard Gordon Barbara Davis, Shirley Higgins, Charles Jacobs and Walter Rogers. Those who participated in the West Kansas Track Club championship were Mike Stull, Doug Elias, Eric Washaliski, Shannon McKinney, Fred Taylor and Craig Stull. Eli Boucher has resigned as Superintendent Mike Legleiter has received a teaching assistantship in the English Department at Fort Hays.

Patricia Petz wrote:

Monday morning was an exciting time to rekindle my friendship with the Mc Cracken ladies during our Bible Study.  It had been many weeks since I was able to rejoin this special group of ladies.  Visiting the bible passages and praying for the sick people in our community was our prime objective.   After our meeting was over, I decided to spend some time with my mother-in-law, Dolores Petz.  We had a fun time visiting and catching up on the news.

There isn't anything more heartbreaking than hearing the news that a loved one is very, very sick.  My grandson, Drake Timson, had been running a very high fever for over a week and was now being seen by the doctor.  Unfortunately, he was so dehydrated that his veins kept collapsing when they tried inserting IV's to get fluids and antibiotics into his system and to take some blood work. This had to be very scary for a six year old.  I decided that the next best medicine was for Grandma to come to the rescue!  So, Tuesday afternoon I packed my bags and  headed for McPherson.  One of the biggest obstacles to face throughout the week was getting a capsule swallowed three times a day, something that had not been done before by Drake.  With all of the medication (and Grandma's love) things were going much better by the end of the week.

Those of you that like finding new and delicious places to eat are in for a real treat if you don't mind traveling.  The restaurant called "The Barn" opened in Burrton, just three years ago after a fire destroyed the town's only restaurant.  Just opening the door of "The Barn" is unique, as the door handles are old farm tools.  Once you step inside, hanging from the ceiling is an upside down metal cow feeder with lights attached by "Ball" jars.  The decor includes a 100-year-old Butler grain bin that comes from the owner's family farm.  When you walk around the metal building you will discover that the bin has been turned into a bar, hidden from view and keeping half the restaurant family friendly.  High above in the rafters, is a red seed cleaner that comes from the area and another antique that was once used to treat the seeds.  Light shades are old farm buckets turned upside down.  Besides being intrigued with the decor, the food is outstanding.  The chicken fried steaks are almost bigger than the plates, and I don't know how people could get their mouths opened wide enough to take a bite.  You may have to wait awhile for your food, but it is certainly well worth it!

A lot of bribing had to be done to help Drake take his capsules, so we told him that if he took his medication and that if he was doing much better, that we would take hime to the new movie, "Lego Batman." The B & B Movie Theatre in Hutchinson is awesome.  They have recently remodeled the theatre with very comfortable, leather reclining seats.  It made you feel like you were right at home!  I've never been excited about the "Hero's" such as Batman, the Joker, Superman, etc., however the movie was enjoyed by the kids, and that's what was important.

I began Sunday morning by attending St. Joseph's Catholic Church services in McPherson.  As soon as mass was over, I met the Timson's at the First Covenant Church.  They always have such beautiful services with their music and power point presentations.  

After Angie prepared a delicious meal for lunch, Drake and I completed the rest of his homework that had been sent home.  Since Drake was feeling better, it was time for me to say good-bye to my little buddies and head home.  I stopped in to see my mom, Mary Steitz on my way home. She must have really missed me because the smile on her face was worth a bunch. After we shared many stories about the week, I decided that it was time for me to head home and prepare for a new week.  I hope you all have a blessed week!

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